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My Personal Testimony-Credentials My Personal Testimony-Credentials


Personal Testimony Of Evangelist/Chaplain Jimmie Wayne Warren DD

by the " Grace of God Go I "


To begin,I was born on March 17th 1947  in the city of St. Louis, Mo Now I am an Evangelist for our God (ELOHIM) The Almighty YAHWAH and his only begotten son, " YESHUA MESSIAH " or JESUS the CHRIST.

 I am a humble Servant and have the title of President and Founder of Simple Salvation Church of God, which started and is inspired by MY PARTNER & MASTER ,THE HOLY SPIRIT on February 1994 to present day:

I was lead to do church work on the Internet BY A CLOSE FRIEND Brother Mike Webb (who has gone ahead to be with the Lord) and his son Michael Webb to preach by Inter- Net back in 1994. I had started doing a public TV. Show which I named Simple Salvation, by the way the name of our church came to me while I was in prayer. Mike Webb's brother Jerry Webb( Jerry is alos with the Lord) he is the one who told me about public television, Cox Cable Public TV. Now it is Comcast Cable TV. I had finished 5 shows then quit doing the show. After waiting and doing nothing I started asking God what he wanted me to do with all the training I had been taught?  Because I was not ordained by any church at that time?

It took me five years later to became ordained as a ordained minister,then on October 1999 and it was another five years to become a fully chartered church.  The Lord Yeshua put on my mind to help others like me who wanted to open a church so I started ordaining other men and women to go forth with the Good News, that Jesus or Yeshua Messiah is coming back soon! Then the Lord lead me to name his church : "Simple Salvation Church of God" which was chartered as a full service church on the Internet on  Feb.12th 2006 to Present Day and as long as God permits us to keep going around the world we will do what he commands and wills us to do in His work.

Here are some of My Past sins, which I believe lead me to serve and Praise Our God Elohim " YAHWAY"!

I was raised by God fearing parents with my mothers Mom who being a Pentecostal minister taught the Good News of the coming kingdom of God being here on earth! I went to Sunday services every time I spent the night with my grandmother and my youngest aunt Wanda, who was just 5 years older than me. We grew up in church together until teenage hit, then like other teens, we started listening good old American Bandstand and a guy named ELVIS, we started smoking like all the rest of the teens, we went wild-eyed into "rock and roll." Aunt Wanda had boy friends for her age while I was to young to know about the other sex, I discovered girls however, in the early 1960's where the Moto was"drugs, sex, and rock n roll."

Back then the girls became just as wild as the boys thanks to birth control pills, I was with lots of free loving girls about 16-18 or what we thought love was until some found out the hard way it wasn't love but it was lust! Of course we both wondered off from God and forgot our teaching of Jesus but, God thru his love and Grace never gives up on people, never ever when you have been called ! All thanks and PRAISE to Him for his loving GRACE and FORGIVENESS ! Amen.

My dad Lonnie W. Warren and my mom Mary S.B. Warren along with my little brother Nick W. Warren we moved from ST. LOUIS,Missouri in the spring of 1962 to a small town named  Livermore, California which is about 30 miles near the San Francisco Bay Area. My Dad had been hired to work on the new pipeline up in Alaska.On the way we stopped to see My mothers cousin. His name was Walter Garrette and  wife Maria they had three children which were my cousins by marriage. We decided to lived in Livermore which was along the way so,we stayed for 3 1/2 years never making it to Alaska .

I do not know what all my aunt Wanda went into but, trouble and I soon followed especially being near Height Asbury, and Berkeley and San Francisco in the mid 1960's, I just went with the flow and had what I thought was fun and wild times. I ran into trouble with drinking and spending a night in the local jail for drinking under age which did not seem to phase my hard head. My Dad came to get me out of jail later that day,I will never forget what he said while looking through the bars " I would rather see you in the Hospital or the Morgue than here in this jail cell! You have broken your mother and my hearts. The way your going ,your going to end up hurting someone.or worse yet kill someone with your car. I was sad but, I didn't want to change my ways yet, I was having too much fun well so called fun--Satan's kind of fun, you know what I mean? When I got home I was so sick from booze and my head was pounding like a hammer hitting it but, the worse pain was seeing my poor mom crying because I went to jail by sinning,she had warn me "God was going to punish me if I kept sinning the way I was",she was right I just didn't see it then because I had signed up for the ARMY  to fight in  Vietnam and probably be killed ,that's why I drank and drove my car fast I did not care if I got killed.The President of the United States was killed right in fount of us on TV and thousands of young men were coming home in body bags,I wanted to get in my fun in life.

 I would not listen to my parents they already lived their lives ,I could do it my way and better after all, because I knew everything about life now, I was all grown up at 18 years old, having sex, drinking, and even trying a little weed, I was having a great time right? After all it was the sixties and everybody was doing what I was doing so, I thought!

Well my girl friend of 3 years left me because her Mother and my parents were of different religions, her's being Catholic and wanting any children we had to be raised as Catholics but, with my parents being Pentecostal,They taught me that all Catholic were going to be with the Anti-Christ and destroy the world!

My girl friend and I just wanted to get married and didn't care about religion that was our parents problem. But stupid religion split us apart anyway and I was hurt so bad I didn't care anymore about anything. I blamed both our parents for taking the love of my life away from me,and she went right along with her Mother of course. We talked once more after it all ended and I thought we would get together and run away but her mom got the news and took my girl friend out of state where I didn't know?

Now after a few months I decided to join the Army they were going to draft me sooner or later anyhow because they need more children for Vietnam right? It was now late fall and the Army was waiting to see when I was to go to boot camp because a sickness hit and many new guys died so they said they would wait to send me to camp so I enjoy the holidays of Christmas come January I was in boot camp and off to fight for our country.

I was to be sent out in the December of 1965 but, people were getting sick at my boot camp so they let me stay home thru the holidays before being shipped out . I started back drinking even more and hot rodding fast cars, doing stupid things, like hanging out of car doors while doing over 100 miles an hour, drag racing during the night by a full moon on back old country roads, and not caring if I died or not while thinking what difference did it make anyhow pretty soon I would be at war in some jungle with a bullet waiting with my name on it,this is all I could think about.

About a month earlier in November 1965 I got kidney stones which hurt so bad I would almost passed out from the pain.

It was the first time in the hospital, my faithful mother would come to the hospital everyday after working all day to sit and pray for me, and pray for the pain to go away, the stones and pain somehow disappeared, maybe her prayers worked, anyhow 3 days later I was back to my usual life of sin driving and drinking and so on.

Three weeks later, guess what happened? Your right, the stones were back, and I went into the hospital again only this time for a week, they found the stones this time in the tube between my kidney and my bladder. They went in to get it out with what they called a wire basket through the penis lots of pain when I woke up there was my good loving mom. She came up everyday saying again and again "Jimmie, God wants you to quit living the way your doing wrong, you need to change from sinning for your own good or something worse could happen."

I got out a day or two after Thanksgiving day and like the fool I was I went right back to drinking and partying every night I could sneak out. Then on December 20th I was home from school with a bad tooth ache and when mom came home from working she called a dentist who had an opening before closing time that day. Mom took me to the dentist who had a opening around 4:30 PM ,we took a cab to the dentist I was in misery the pain was so bad the dentist could pull my brain out I would not care.. He took out two teeth on the back top right and one on the left top . Needless to say I was hurting and the pain I was in when he was done pulling my teeth was hurting pretty bad, all I wanted was to get home and fast. I did not want to wait for a Taxi cab, which they said would be at least half an hour,so I asked my mom "lets walk home before dark it will be alright I said. She said are you sure yeah we can cut across the high school football field? It is almost dark and the cold air will hurt your open gums if we walk but, I didn't want to wait any longer I had been hurting all day already so , what was a little cold air, lets just hurry and get back home so I could just lay down and rest from this pain. (little did I know what pain was coming which would be a lot more and worse than anyone can know unless they have lost someone they love)

As we walked mom was right. My gums were hurting like heck, as we neared LIVERMORE high school ,I said "lets cross the street here and cut across the football field to get home faster." I then step out into the street and said, it is clear, come on mom and took her hand, she said to me " be careful like always then said its almost dark and we could get hit." But I pulled her by her hand into the street behind me when I was at the double yellow line in the middle of a four lane street everything went black?  We had been hit by a car speeding in the school zone! I did not see a white car which was going they say, about 40 miles per hour. I was hit from the left side right in the middle of this 1955 white Pontiac car.

 After I hit the hood of the car, I crack the windshield with my head, then hit my head again on the street. I had been knocked out had a broken shoulder and a broken left knee which was the size of an elephant but , my mom was hurt a lot worse which I didn't know until later.She had been thrown down the street about 100-125 yards from where we were hit and had most of her bones broken and internal injuries,the cops didn't even know she was with me until I was asking about how she was? I heard one of the policemen yell look for a lady somewhere down the street then they found her.

I keep asking how is my mom and someone kept saying she is alright just lay still, we will have you both to the hospital in a short time. I remember being loaded into the ambulance asking again how is my mom was doing and a mans voice said she is alright just keep still mom was laid next to me on the floor of the ambulance because they didn't have two ambulances at the seen? I looked down to see her through a mist like cloud around us, she looked good and at peace with just a drop of blood on her forehand her face was peaceful with almost a smile. They thought I was worse because the stitches in my mouth broke open and I was spitting up blood which made them pay me all the attention, after a short time at the hospital my mom died from internal injuries, she was only 39 and I was 18 almost 19 needless to say I was so mad at God for letting the best person in our family die. Why I screamed I deserve to die not my mom you are a awful God I hate you and want nothing to do with you,go ahead and kill me and send me to hell I don't care I want to die?

Some ministers tried to talk to me but, I said " take your God and go to hell", I was really angry God and religion took my only love and girl friend, gave me kidney stones and now, my Mother was killed,and I was still alive so I could just come out healed and maybe go to Vietnam War to fight for a war I did not even believe in, For What I thought? Then I remembered what my mom had said only a month or two ago "Jimmie you have got to change your life or God may do something to get you back to him. Oh man did those words hit hard later while healing in the hospital where this time I spent two weeks and had to wear a leg cast from my hip to my foot which I wore until April 1966 four long months,a life time of woe and misery ! It took more to finally get me to the bottom where I ask God to show me the way he wanted me to go or just put me out of this life forever,I was born again on September third 1967 and the accident saved me from going to war thank God.

This work is for all those who have had it with old time religion, If you are tired of FALSE TEACHING and Non-Biblical truth’s; If you really want to be free in the LORD JESUS CHRIST, then this is one of the many places to come ,you can come to learn about the real Jesus and what he taught in the Bible through articles written here for anyone to read. Read our beliefs statement to see we follow the Bible and not a church doctrine.

I have been with many diverse churches along my path of searching for truth. I was first baptized at a very young age through my dear grandmother’s Pentecostal church in Saint Louis, MO. in 1960, at age 13. Later In Oct.1962 I was baptized again, this time at the age of 15, in the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST in Livermore, California. Then FINALLY on Sept.03 1967 at Age 20, I asked the Lord back in my life for real ! After many years of being in with the wrong crowd of booze, drugs, and Free Love. The Lord let me hit bottom, until I was sick of my life of drinking and running around ,Then I repented, The Lord lead me into the WORLD-WIDE CHURCH OF GOD in Oakland, California. Later on moving to southern Cal. where their Head Quarter's Ambassador College in Pasadena, CA. I thought I had finally found the so called true church of God!


Through the help of the Holy Spirit I receive most of my biblical training and spokesman skills with the WORLD-WIDE CHURCH OF GOD from the years 1966-1976. After ten years with this church, I found a new calling in the search for GOD'S true WORD. I started visiting many other churches seeking bible knowledge to further gain wisdom in helping others find their way to more truth. The real TRUE CHURCH OF GOD IS SPIRITUAL -


You see you can not put God in a box with a high steeple then say he is here and we have the only truth and the rest of the Christian churches are all wrong?


In 1976 with my good friend Minister Mike Webb we started studying our bibles every week. It was then I becoming a visiting minister to those who had left their different churches, or who had lost their contact to God, all because of Religious ideological differences. Again a lot of these people where asked to leave their own church, just because they dared to ask questions from God's Holy Bible. They where told to follow their so called Leader of their churches until their leaders changed to what the Bible showed something they failed to be doing. Now I ask is that a loving church of God or a mans church with righteous men who want to be dictator's,you decide. Check out your church and ask questions, questions from your Bible, see if your church is doing what is right , IF NOT FIND A NEW CHURCH!

Later I began holding Bible studies in homes of those who wanted to meet and learn more of God’
s freedom. I was lead by The Holy Ghost to help those who felt Lost and abandoned after leaving or being kicked out of their churches.The one I had left taught "They where the only true church of God, because they kept the Old Testament Laws they taught about Holy Days (but,not all) the kept the 7th Day Sabbath which most cannot prove is on a Saturday, simply because they don't know when the first day of Creation was? So, how to have Saturday be the 7th day is a mystery to me? Read and study my article here on our site titled "LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU"


Many who wanted to get back on the road to God and seek comfort in the Holy Spirit have asked me to have church services. Those who felt completely lost and who are seeking Bible truths will find it at our church site! If you have a open mind and ask Jesus to show you the real truth of His word, it is there for all to read in the bible, forget what you where told and read the your Bible for yourself and prove it for yourself. Amen
Between the years 1976 - 1994 I really disliked that many so called Christian churches still taught the old HELL-FIRE AND DAMNATION which is not even in the bible but the Catholic teaching has seeped into religion and man made doctrines are pulling our churches apart,even God hate religion it is FAITH and GRACE that saves you!

You see churches keep preaching HELL-FIRE because this is the only way they know of to keep people in line. (This doctrine is not even in your Bible as you will discover when you study with an open mind yourself ! ) I want others to share in the truth of the Bible to show that God really does love us and that God's salvation plan is simple and that our Father YAHWAY WILL SAVE ALL MANKIND WHEN YESHUA COMES BACK, THESE ORGANIZED CHURCHES cannot stand this real truth, God wants all mankind to be saved. The Holy Spirit showed me that I was called and ordained by God in John 15:16 when he put me back when I surrendered my life to do what he wanted me to do.

I except this truth in 1994, I was then ordained by man through the Universal Life Church of Modesto, Ca. on October 4 th 1999. I was given the title Evangelist in Nov. 2000. Some people or officials have to have Proff with a piece of paper from some church to see your a minister to do work like prison work or rent a building to open a church or get a loan from someone who needs Prove to let you in and do the work of the Lord. OUR MAIN CALLING IS TO ORDAIN MEN AND WOMEN AND GIVE THEM THE PAPER THIS WORLD NEEDS YOU TO HAVE. 

Later I had to Resigned from The ULC Church on Feb. 2005, I felt I had to quit the ULC because they recognize Pagans and Satan ministers as the same as Christian ministers.

I then became really ordained ,Through Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Church plus two other Christian churches to replace the ULC as of Nov. 2005. (see my credentials below)

With the help of my friends (Mike Webb now is gone on to the kingdom with our Father) & his son Michael Webb, and because of their know how on computers, worked and by the power of the Holy Ghost, they helped us greatly to start on doing our Inter Net Church which you are now reading and we hope learning some new word.

We started the web site church called on Feb.1994. This site is for those who wish to express their views without condemnation from their own churches and for their freedom of their religion.
Many other women and men ministers, have joined in writing articles to share the love of Jesus to all peoples. We are now in many other countries reaching out to a lost world in Jesus' name and for him alone , not of ourselves but, by Yeshua Messiah our KING!

We invite everyone from all walks of life to come and enjoy the many poems and written articles that our site's have to offer you and your loved one's. There are very different churches connected to us and we can agree on one thing for sure ,Jesus Christ is our Lord and is coming back soon! We now have 83 Independent ordained minister of Simple Salvation Church of God. We are all around this country with 5 other independent chartered churches,witch we chartered and have added as churches of God as they share this calling too.


There may be many views on this site that you may not like but, we feel everyone called by the Holy Spirit has been called and sees things in many different ways, and as long as they use the Bible to prove their point of views, then we can agree in most all things. We can also agree to disagree as long as it is ALL about Jesus/YESHUA MESSIAH!

I has been preaching for many years now on how simple it really is to be saved through JESUS CHRIST. We seek new truths ALL the time that can be proved by the holy Bible and we are searching for new ways to serve our fellow believer as the spirit moves. We have open hearts and minds as we look for the truth for it is by God who shows all truth and by his son only can we be saved in the sweet name of JESUS /YESHUA MESSIAH.

I was ordained also as a minister for Saint Luke's then also two other Christian churches to improve MY walk with God as I strive to be a good and faithful servant for the Lord. As an Evangelist/Bishop, I try to show continual service to Jesus Christ . These are all titles of men bestowed on me but, I prefer to be called simply a humble servant of God as brother Warren. I also became a Chaplain with the United States Corps of Chaplains on Nov.22 2005 to better serve my fellow man. I was given the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Washington BGD 5TH DIVISION , and made Spokane Team Leader.

After my first year I was promoted to 1st Lieutenant on October 10th 2006 and most recently after three years of service I was promoted to the rank of Captain on Feb 2008, then promoted and made Acting Commanding Officer for the WA BDE 5TH DIV USCOC. As of Sept 2008 I was raised in rank to Major and Commanding Officer for the 5TH DIV (in 2009) I retired and am doing More work for our Lord Yeshua through our Internet church by ordaining other men and women to go forth as our God said to do for the world to hear about SALVATION FOR ALL !

As Evangelist/Pastor/Chaplain/Bishop-(all titles given of men) I humbly teach that to "BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST then, repenting of your sins, confess with your mouth OUT LOUD that JESUS is your LORD and MASTER ,KING OF KINGS , " YOU ARE SAVED BY GRACE by Father God ELOHIM /Yahweh!
(THIS is a sign of your new life in Christ Jesus and by Living by the Bible and acting like Christ ,YOU WILL BE FILLED by the Holy Spirit .This is being saved! Yes, You are saved when you except Jesus by change your ways of living a life of sin! This is all you need, the rest is pure religion folks.

I wondered around for almost ten years after leaving the Word-Wide Church of God because I lost faith in men for we all fail and fall way short of the mark! I am sad that I went back to drinking which lets your guard down and it is easier to sin, I know many of you know what I am talking about. Remember what 1 John says If you say your not a sinner, your a lier".  Don't be mad at me, that is what it says! I am just up dating some of what I left out not telling all my sins but, I did a few that I had to go on my knees and repent of. Oh! We have to be so careful because Satan is just waiting for us to fail,remember he knows our every weakness. Be onguard for time is short if your reading this it is time to repent and ask Yahweh for forgivness by the blood of his son Yeshua Messiah or Jesus the Christ!

On September 17th 2017 my son Victor Warren killed himself at age 42 years old,Victor help start this work with me when he was in high school as we did all the production work for Simple Salvation.Victor was my camery man he did all the work behind the work we did to do Public Teleavision he is greatly missed and I can't wait to be in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus where we will all be reunited with our loved one.Amen!

Reading YOUR BIBLE for what it really says YOURSELF, This IS YOUR WAY TO GET CLOSER TO GOD.

The word of God will show you the truth. It tells you, That JESUS is the son of GOD and that he died on the cross (tree) and was RESURRECTED from the dead after three days and three nights in a grave ,then he rose again. Jesus Christ then ascended to the Father in Heaven and sits at his right hand. Jesus will return to this earth visibly soon!

Be ready, Stop playing religion. Give your life to God! Have Faith, you are SAVED! Start thinking saved and you will stay saved for there is no power that can pull you away from God, you are now His child act like it, walk with your head up, your now a ex-sinner! By believing this, you will live forever with Jesus Christ and Our Father God FOREVER!

IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO REPENT, DO IT NOW. Say this prayer with me

"Father in Heaven I repent of my sinful past I confess you only begotten son Jesus and want to live forever with you. Please forgive me, fill me with your Holy Spirit ,lead me into your paths for the rest of my life. Amen"
Jesus loves you for who you are right now, give him your life, he is waiting for you ;
What are you waiting for?


Credentials of Pastor/Chaplain Jimmie Wayne Warren


United States Corps of Chaplain
Chaplain Title Nov.22, 2005
Chaplain(Major) Jimmie W Warren
Commanding Officer
WA, Brigade, 5 TH, Division Nov.22 2005 -----Retired July 2009

Universal Life Church
Modesto, Ca.
Ordained October 4 th 1999.
given title of Evangelist in Nov. 2000.

Left the ULC on 2001 due to Scripture problems and Differences

Church of New Life
5914 Mettler St
Los Angeles, CA 90003
Church Charter for Simple Salvation Church of God  Given Feb. 2006- to date

True Grace Ministries on line
Granted Title Evangelist November 12, 2005- present

Church of the Seven Planes
Ordination as Reverend Nov. 17, 2005-to present
P O BOX 294
Cooper, Texas 75432

Michigan Ministers & Pastors Association
Approved member
by Rev. Robert L Hansen  Feb /16/ 2006-to present

The Church Of Living Water
53 Gypsum Dr.
Newark, DE.19713
ordained Nov.21, 2005-to present Ordained Minister # 9111


The Church of Spiritual Humanism
Jenkintown, PA 19046
Ordained Member of Clergy Ordained Nov. 16, 2005-present

Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries
Internet Christian Site
Ordained Minister Feb. 16th 2006-present

Universal Christian Church of God
P.O. Box 135
Quincy, Illinois 62306 Associated Minister 2006 to present

Simple Salvation Church of God
Pastor General /Founder
P O Box 8585
Spokane, WA.99203
February 1999 to present day


Member Celtic Anabaptist Communion
Associated Bishop
Nov. 2008-------Present
266 Tallaha Road,
Route 1, Box 114-E
Tillatoba, MS 38961

Cox Cable TV
Director, Editor for Public broadcast
of Simple Salvation
March 1994-1996 five shows

Saint Philip Neri Christian (Anglican) Catholic Archdiocese
Consecration and Ordination as
Archbishop_Pennsylvania Chaplain Corps
Chaplain Brigadier General
115 Madison Street  
Byrnedale, Penn, 15827


3818 S. Myrtle Spokane,WA 99223

Archbishop Jimmie W Warren May 2008 -presents

I, Rev. Dr. David M. Ford, on behalf of this ministry and all its members, do hereby select, appoint, and anoint you, Jimmie Warren, a legally ordained independent minister of Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries, and authorize you to perform all standard Christian religious services including the rites of marriage and baptism, on this day, February 16, 2006Rev. Dr. David M. Ford Pastor/Administrator Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries

Gods Living Word Ministries
3108 Maryland Street
Longview WA 98132
Ordained Reverend  Jan 15 2006 - present
The Church of Spiritual Freedom
Centerville, VA 20122
Member in Good Standing  Nov.2005–

World-Wide Church of God
Oakland, California 1966-1969
& Pasadena Ca.1969-1975  Member 1966-1977

Church of Jesus Christ (Pentecostal)
Member 1962-1963
Livermore, CA

International Church of God
Tyler, Texas

Intercontinental Church of God
Member 1997-1998
Spokane, WA

Church of God 7th Day
2929 N Fraya St.
Spokane, WA
Member in good standing Mar 2004 - present

Certificates and Awards:


United States International University
Los Angles California Doctorate of Theology
Conferred upon
Jimmie W. Warren
D. D June 2008

Museum Founding Member For
Certificate of Appreciation
National Law Enforcement Museum

Ambassador College Spokesman Club
Certificate of Merit
June 09 1974
Pasadena Ca.

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS - - that Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries accepts Jimmie W. Warren, having demonstrated by actions and by statement of faith a love for Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, into the world-wide ministry of Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries.



Poetry Awards

Editor’s Choice Award
Presented October 2005
for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry
By poetry. com
Published Poem "Seeing The Light"

s Choice Award

Presented November 2005
Outstanding Achievement in Poetry By poetry. Com International Library
Poem "My God! My God! You Are Near"
February 2006


My Services For Our Lord And Master Yeshua Messiah-- Jesus the Christ

Wedding Officiant 39- wedding Services to date 

Other Ministerial Duties to date:

86 -- ordinations of men and women as Independent Minister's of Jesus Christ
3 Funerals / Memorial Services Conducted to date

Several times as Prayer Leader at other churches

1 - Speaking engagement at a local church the day after 9-11

2 - Different Sermons during two Feast of Tabernacles

3 - Sermons Given during Ministerial Conferences

3- Baptismal
1- House Blessing
5- Independent Chartered Churches
40- Marriage Concealing
8- Men and Women Recruited and ordained for United States Corps of Chaplains

Made Head Brigadier General of Penn. Chaplain Corps by Chaplain of Chaplain Thomas Cole here in The United States and Internationally With Many Affiliated Churches around the world in many other foreign countries like,

Saint Philip Neri Christian (Anglican) Catholic Archdiocese
Consecration and Ordination
Archbishop of the Pennsylvania Chaplain Corps

 ALL PRAISE GOES TO GOD, FOR I AM A SINNER AND NOTHING EXCEPT BY THE BLOOD OF CHRIST JESUS my Lord and master .  " Be certain that he through whom a sinner has been turned from the error of his way, keeps a soul from death and is the cause of forgiveness for sins without number ." (James 5 :20)

Not by any works you can do but, by the grace of God through the blood of Jesus ARE YOU SAVED.

© 2016 Simple Salvation Church of God



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Washington Marriage Laws

Here's what you need to know to make the marriage legal
in Washington State. In order to get married,
you need to apply and receive a marriage license.

ID Requirement: Valid Driver's License,
Certified Birth Certificate or Valid Passport.

If Previously Married:
A divorce must be final and filed before
applicants can apply for a license.
Documents are not necessary.

Residency Requirement:
You Do not have to be a resident of Washington

Application Requirement:Both the bride and groom must
appear in person at the time of applying.
 Fees:$58.00 - cash or check only
(Spokane County). as of Aug. 2012
Prices Varies from County to County.
Waiting Period: Three day waiting period.

Blood Tests: No blood test requirement.

Under 18: Applicants between 17 and 18 years of age need to have a parent

(legal custodian) present with them to provide their consent.
If you are under 17 years old, you will need to have the age
requirement waived by a superior court judge of the county
in which one of the parties resides.
Proof of age such as a driver's license or birth certificate
is also required along with the written permission of the family court.

Emancipated minors must present court emancipation papers
specifically allowing the minor to marry.

Proxy Marriages: No.

Same-Sex Marriages: NO
The laws governing marriage in the state of Washington require
that the parties to the marriage be a male and a female.
That means it is not possible for a same-sex couple to obtain a
license to marry in this state. This law may change but, we reserve the right

to not do same sex marriages on religious issues. DON'T ASK !

Regularly licensed or ordained ministers or any priest of any
church or religious denomination anywhere within the state
may perform marriages. Ministers must send certificate of marriage

to the county auditor within 30 days after the marriage.

Valid: License is valid for 60 days.
The license can only be used within the State of Washington 

You may obtain a license at
1116 West Broadway Avenue,
on the 2nd floor of the
Spokane County Courthouse.
Open Monday through Friday
8:30 am to 5:00pm, excluding holidays.

Spokane County Auditor
West 1116 Broadway
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Idaho Marriage Laws
Here's what you need to know to make the marriage legal in Idaho.

In order to get married, you need to apply and receive a marriage license, In Idaho. A
couple needs no witnesses or blood tests, and there is no waiting period to get a marriage license. There is no residency requirement in the State of Idaho to obtain an Idaho Marriage License.

You must, however, be 18 or older
(under 18 requires parental consent).
PROOF OF AGE REQUIREMENTS: One of the following:
Driver's License, State Identification Card, Birth Certificate,
Social Security Printout.


Consent in writing, duly ACKNOWLEDGED and SWORN to

OATHS, of the father, mother or legal guardian.
When a legal guardian gives permission, proof of said
guardianship must be presented.
(Deputies in the Recorder's Office and Notary Publics
are authorized to administer oaths).

Licenses issued in Idaho must be solemnized in Idaho.
Marriages between parents and children, ancestors and descendent's
of every degree, and between brothers and sisters of the half as well as
the whole blood, and between uncles and nieces, or aunts and nephews, are incestuous, and void from the beginning, whether the relationship is legitimate or illegitimate. All marriages between first cousins are prohibited.

Common Law Marriage: No.

Same Sex Marriages: No.

You must buy a marriage license for Coeur d'Alene or
Post Falls,ID area weddings at the
Kootenai County Courthouse,
501 Government Way --
$28 on weekdays and $45 on Saturdays, no personal checks.
Certified copies of marriage licenses are available by mail request
or you can come into our office during business hours.
The fee is $2.00 for each certified copy.
Requests per the Internet are not valid.