The Holy Spirit

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The Holy Spirit
by Jimmie Warren
As  I sit here tonight in prayer, an article of sorts came to me. I am writing what was coming to mind. I am a sinner given chance after chance to change me life for the Lord. I have failed many times to do what I knew is right to do and then proceeded to do wrong.  I have taken the easy way out to please myself or friends or to look good in doing something I know is wrong so I do not look bad. How many times do we all play games with our minds and trick ourselves into disobeying the Lord? 

 Now I know I am not the only person on the planet to fool myself ,or fool those around me?
I know there are some of you right now saying, "I know what this guy is saying, but he is a minister and a man of God."  Yes I am a man of God.  For over 45 years and counting.  I try hard every day not to mess up doing things God has called me to do.  But, I am a man and a sinner.  I fall way short of doing it all right.  Some of you who look at your minister and think he is a man of God and therefore can’t do wrong, I tell you right now, EVERYMAN AND WOMAN OF THE CLOTH ARE SINNERS.  
If they tell you different, then they are out and out liars and will answer to God almighty some day as we all will. Amen.

As I ramble on, I want you to know I try my very best to serve people and with the Help from the Holy Spirit I do what I feel called to do. The main thing is to show love to everyone. Sometimes I can’t even do that with my own family because I get caught up in problems.  Letting their problems get me upset and I have no answer for their problems because I can not fix myself. When I wake up to the fact I that cannot do anything on my own, then I throw my hands up and say OK Jesus I give in ,help me see the answer. Or show me a way to help.  Or help me hear your voice so I may do your will.

You know sometimes people don’t hear anything.  Sometimes there is no fast answer to problems.  Some of those problems we bring on ourselves and God expects us to find our own answers. This is so we can help others who have the same kind of problems.  You know in the Bible it says

"And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever
lives in love lives in God, and God in him
.( John 4:16) " The NIV BIBLE

Well your life is your time! How much of your time to you lay down for your wife, husband, kids, aunt or uncle ,mom, dad, friends, minister, church, the people next door or strangers around the world in PRAYER----HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU USE FOR THESE PEOPLE IN PRAYER???????

SEE THE TWO TENETS OF God are  ‘LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOU HEART AND MIND" the other is "LOVE EVERYONE LIKE YOURSELF" Keeping these two LAWS is what we Christians are supposed to do!  To be a true Christian is to be like CHRIST JESUS!
How many people do you know, counting yourself, who are anywhere near like Jesus?  Anyone?

Now I know there are many who profess being Christian and even go to church every week.  But, the other 6 days they go back to their little life of paying their bills, drinking, kicking the dog or cat, screaming at their mates or children and so on until the weekend comes back around and its time for
church again. This isn’t what Jesus meant when he said, "Love one another as I have loved you."

We all get caught up in our daily lives so much with this and that.  The TV is on 20 hours a day we can’t take time to think about our loved ones can we? We can’t even think about our own, dare I say it "SPIRITUAL LIFE."  Many minister’s have alter calls and sometimes hundreds of people feel guilty about
their lives.  For we know when we sin and when our last sin happened. So, we cry out to God.  We come and pray, "I will change Lord I promise.  Just give me another chance."


The churches do not tell you what you need to do after you have repented do they? The very first thing you need to do right after you go home is get out a Bible and read the New Testament. Starting with the first book, Matthew. Read about two or three chapters every night instead of TV or playing games. Take the time before you go to bed and read to you kids, husband or wife.  Just read. Ask God to open your eyes to His word for you to know Him.  For HIM To send the Holy Spirit into your life to help make decisions.  

Turn your faith on Him and ask Jesus our Lord to show you what to do every day and to be with you in all your ways.  Then you will be born again in the Lord Jesus Yashua Messiah hallelujah, praise God. Call your minister or go on line and find a church that answers questions from the Bible and your spiritual growth will amaze you when the Holy Spirit fills your life. You will become a disciple of  the Lord and you will want everyone you know to know what you have. That's because you are changed into a new being in GOD! There is no greater miracle my friends than a loved one coming to God. I used to think that the power of the resurrection was the greatest.  But, the Bible says that when one soul accepts the Lord Jesus Christ all the angels in heaven sing.  Wow!  What a wonderful miracle that is!  You can be part of it by spreading seeds around wherever you go.  

You don’t have to preach to give a message to someone, you can just say "HAVE A BLESSED DAY MY FRIEND" as you walk by or invite people into your home for a meal and ask blessing.  Or, ask them if they would like to ask one? Have a small group to have Bible studies with your family once a week or at
least ever other week.

I know most of you who come here or who have read my writing know some of these things to do.  But, you would be very surprised how many do anything with what they know? I want to encourage you all first and most importantly to PRAY FOR GUIDANCE FROM GOD.  Then pray for doing the right thing at the right time and in the right place. Then pray for your family's safety.  Because the more you try to do God’s will the more Satan and this world will fight you. You will have trouble on the home front.  So, make sure you and your mate are on the same sheet. Then, get you children in line.  Then worry about being safe from Satan and ask for God's protection to be put all around you, your loved ones, their cars, homes and schools all the time. If you will take these steps that I have shown, which I have implemented in my own life, you will grow spiritually and feel the closeness of God’s Spirit in your daily life.

God is looking for believers who will look at their circumstances with eyes of faith.  People who will, despite all odds, believe what God can do in any situation.  He is also looking for people who will encourage the body of Christ by reminding them of His great power. Is your faith working?  Or, do you have little faith to work with?  God is the giver of faith. 
 So, ask Him to make your faith grow so that you may be used more for His service.

Whether our situation is good or bad, we must have faith in God and know He is in control. Any obstacle that lies in our path is really just another opportunity for God to show us how much He loves us and what He can do.  We can trust Him!  No matter how bad a situation is.  He is bigger. Tell Him "it's impossible" and He grins from ear to ear.  That's because He devours the impossible and leaves us amazed. How could we even think for a moment the situation was impossible?
"With God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26).

God is honored by our faith in Him. He takes it very personally, and rightlyso.  If we truly have a personal relationship with Him, we know Him as faithful and true (see Revelation19:11).
Indeed, our faith in God is an element of our worship to Him. Do not let unbelief keep you from giving Him your heart completely and receiving ALL that He has for you.

When reading your Bible, have you ever noticed that Jesus never condemns anyone except the religious leaders of the time? When they came to him and asked why he ate with tax collectors and whores,
Jesus told them "That the well do not need a doctor."(Matt.9:12 ; Luke 5:31)
Most people in church have the medicine they need if they use their Bibles and read it themsevles Otherwise, they may be sick also. Jesus was trying to tell them that those who did not know the word of God needed to hear God's plan to save the world. He preached,that if they would only believe what he was telling them, then they would be saved.

Remember what Paul said in ( I Cor.13:1-13.} "If you keep all these things and don't have love, you may not even be in the kingdom of God." Jesus said he gives two new commandments. These are to love God with all your heart and to love your fellow man as you love yourself. (Matt.22:37-40)
This is all the law we need to keep. Don't let your pastor bring you back under the old law. Read what Paul says in these books of the Bible: Ephesians, Galatians, and Colossians. These are three books of your own Bible that you need to read to be truly free in Christ Jesus!!!

When trying to find the way to serve God these two examples work to build your faith and your calling. Then you need to seek God’s kingdom and His righteousness first in your lives, (Matthew 6:33).

As I was in more prayer asking God for guidance and more of His Holy Spirit to help lead me,the strangest thing happened.  As I was in prayer, I kept hearing "running out of time.??"
After about three times of hearing this in my mind, I had to ask myself, "Who's running out of time?"  Was it our country, our president, our world, or was it ME?  I had to find out, so I kept asking God to show me.

Have you  watched the news of late? The latest is that China, Russia, Pakistan, India and a few other Muslim countries have asked the United States to leave Afghanistan. President Obama is  instead going to put more men and women in Afghanistan while pulling out of Iraq. Of course, our beloved ex-President Bush said NO a couple of years ago while adding more men to the fighting in Iraq,Causing more war and death. We will stay to fight the terrorists, right?

See my friends in the book of Revelation there are four spirit's coming up out of the Euphrates River which will cause 1/3 of mankind to be killed. That's 2,000,000,000 2 BILLION people world wide!
Guess what? The Euphrates River runs over 85% between Iran and Iraq!

Have you ever heard of ARMAGEDDON, Mr. President?
This could lead right up to the biggest war ever seen.  An end to mankind. I don't want to scare all of you brethren, but we are in the time of the end. ( Matthew 24:44)
You have heard this a lot.  But, read your Bible.  Then, read your newspapers. (Well read between the lines of the propaganda anyway.)  Look on the Internet for the right news, while you can.

This government is taking us down the road of NO RETURN. You need to be ready.  Are you?
Our new President Obama ,isn't going to do it all , he is just ONE man he isn't a miricle worker no matter how much he tries!
 Because God is in charge and these are the end times.  So, we need to be ready--ARE YOU?

Jesus said to watch, "for no man knows the day or hour of the return of the Son of Man."  But, He also said that "as the buds on the trees turn green, you know that summer is near." (Matthew 24:32)
Read Revelation chapters 18-19.  Also read Daniel chapters 9-11. Everyday something bad is going on in this mean old world.  I believe that we are getting so used to it that it does not bother anyone.  Like we read that "in the end time, the love of many shall wax cold."  (Matthew 24:12)
Does your family and friends seem more distant to you?  Is your church more cold and unloving? 
These days seems dozens are leaving their  church because religion is being  preached and the Bible is being left out.  Only to be replaced with booklets and films, or slide shows. Are they telling you what this church says what your Bible means?  Don’t you think you should know what your Bible says by reading it for yourself?

Only those that are close to God will be taken to a place of safety! Will you and your family be some of those saints? You know just going to church every week isn't enough. It takes lots of
BIBLE study and prayer.  Keeping yourself informed on the events around you. Come on, open that Bible of yours and ask questions of your pastor.  Or, read everything you can get your hands on concerning the end times.

When  was  the last time you went to God on your knees and asked to be protected from evil?  When was the last time you asked Him to forgive your mistakes, so you could be with Him in His kingdom?
It is time to quit playing church!  It is time to get REAL with Almighty God. Now would be a good time.  Don't you think?

Read more on this in my other article here’s the link:

If you'll ask the Lord to help you LATCH ON to these truths, you are in for the greatest day of your life!  And you are in for a "love-affair" with your heavenly Father that will SET YOU FREE from your bondage.
Remember,gospel means GLAD tidings of great joy which shall be for ALL people!   If it is not good news, it is not the gospel! (Luke 2:10) HELL FIRE is Not the Gospel !!!!
JESUS / YASHUA'S  Coming Kingdom is the TRUE GOSPEL / GOODNEWS!!!

I hope in some small way that the truth is here for all of you. Get your Bibles out, wipe off the dust, and read how simple salvation really is for you and me and all of God's children.  Amen.

Jesus say's "When the Holy Spirit, who is truth, comes, He shall guide you into all truth, for He will not speak on his own initiative His own ideas, but will be passing on to you what He has heard. He will tell you about the future." ( John 16:13) NASB-BIBLE

The Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy saying "All scripture is inspired by God." (2 Timothy 3:26) NAS

The word, inspired, in the original Greek language in which it was written, means "GOD-BREATHED." This means the Bible is the breathed words or God spoke through those whom He chose to revile His word. As a result the Bible has many benefits in it.  Paul say's again "The whole Bible was given to us by inspiration from God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives; It straightens us out and  helps us do what is right.  It is God's way of making us well prepared at every point.  Fully equipped to do good to everyone." (2 Timothy 3:16) TLB "

Apostle Paul tells us in (1 Corinthian 2:14) NIV " The man without the spirit does not accept the things that come from the spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned."
You see without God's Holy Spirit, natural man cannot understand because the Bible is not of man but is directly from God." Do you have difficulty understanding the Bible?

Try asking God to have the Holy Spirit open your mind and heart and to forgive you of all sins even
unknown sins, then try to read it again.

GOD tells us to " Love our neighbor as our selves":
(Leviticus 19:18 and John 15:12), for our enemies (Matt: 5: 44.) Even the Holy Spirit helps us in our
prayers and makes intercession. (Romans 8:24-28; I Thess 5:17.) Tells us to "Pray without ceasing" That means don't give up when your praying for something.  
He wants all to have Salvation. ( I Thess; 5:8-15 and James 5:16-19)

God would have none perish.  He wants us to pray for our loved ones. He loves them too.
He wants us to pray for those and administer to those in the world. (Acts: 6:4 ; Rom: 12:8-21)
As servants of the most High God we have a commission and obligation to pray for our loved ones and NOT give up. The hand of God is mighty and he can turn people around and prayer is a mighty weapon and tool in taking back what the enemy has stolen. (Romans 13:8).

We need to pray;( Ephesians 6:18) Pray believing and watch Gods hand perform miracles. It might take time, and patience. Rest a bit.  But, do not let up or cease to pray. Let God do the rest according to His will.  But, watch for signs of His will in the little things as well as the big ones.


Dearly beloved , pray for your family now!  While your reading this.
Let me tell you why. About four years ago while I was in prayer a voice came to my mind as clear as if someone was standing in the room with me . This voice said, "Go stand by your family because Satan is out to get your family to destroy it.  He wants to break up all families, to get each of us alone and then in despair he will make His attack". I know this sounds strange but over these past few years I have seen many people  lose the ones they love to divorce, death, separation, even from the bickering in churches.  

Beloved we need to love each other more now than ever before. Don’t let little things grow into bigger fights.  Work things out . Tell each other how you feel.  Don’t hold things in till they can’t be worked out.  We, as grown adults, need to stop playing games with each other . Don’t You know, that we are running out of time?  Jesus is on His way back and our enemy Satan is just waiting for those who have given up.  He will move in for the kill if we are down and out and not watching . Take a LOOK around you. Who is hurting the most in your family?  If you hurt tell someone.  Don’t let pride stop you.  Call a family member to talk to.  Or, call a minister.  "Ask and you shall receive," if you don’t ask, how is anyone to know that you are in trouble?

You're probably saying, "Wait a minute.  What is this guy saying?" This is a good time to ask, "Is something wrong with my family?"  Have I talked to my wife lately?  How about the kids? How is that aunt or uncle doing?  Or, how about grandma and grandpa.  Are they o.k.? Take a short time to think of every family member you can think of and pray for them all. 

 NOW!  I FEEL VERY COMPELLED TO write about this subject . I feel moved by the Holy Spirit to warn everyone of the impending doom! PLEASE take this message to heart right now.  Your family's very lives could depend on it!  Jesus told his disciples "to love one another."
Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross of Calvary covers all sin!

Blessed ones, don’t take this lightly.  Hold tightly to the ones you love . Right now go into prayer today!  Because, we just don’t know about tomorrow. Or, what bad things could happen. and soon am affraid!

your humble servent of the  Lord Y'shua Messiah

Chaplain /Pastor Jimmie Warren

Following being Baptized in water after repenting of you past sin filled life you need to constantly seek to be filled, led, empowered and anointed with God’s Holy Spirit just as Jesus did – Luke 3:22-23; 4:1, 14, 18; and those that followed did, Ephesians 5:15-21.

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