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A Spiritual Look at God as seen through the eyes of a loved one.



 Your hair is bright and shining white.
Your eyes are like lightening filled with fire.
You come down on clouds all around.
You're filled with righteousness that abounds

You bind old Satan, lock him in chains.
Now man has a last chance to change.
Wake up you people, see the light.
Jesus is here to make things right!

For one thousand years we shall all see
how to live with love and truly be free.
"It is over now," you will say; mankind
shall now live in God's righteous way.

Yes, our Father God will be here too;
people will be judged on what they do.
Here we go one by one to face
Almighty God and His Son of grace!

No more death, No more pain so,
Fall on your knees to praise His name.
Jesus, God of grace, Son of light,
You have come to show man right.

Our God is love in all His ways.
Let us now give him all our praise.
Eternal life with Him is our reward.
Come now to us Oh! our Lord.

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