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So many things happening at the same time could be a warning,are you paying attention?


By Jimmie Warren

Hello Beloved brothers, sisters, dear saints of our Lord Yeshua Messiah

I am writing to you again with disturbing news ,in some ways horrible news but, in the saints views, this is good news because Jesus is closer now than ever before.Amen!

A few of you know I hate to spread news about end time events but, our Lord say’s to watch as these events come because the end is near. This is not the end of the world but, the beginning of the new world with God living here with us forever Amen!

Here is how the events of the present age are leading right up to the return of our Lord and master Jesus Christ.

God tells us through his Holy word to pray that we are accounted worthy to escape all these things which are coming,some have already happened while still others are happening now. (Luke 21:36)

We had better get ready because we are all running out of time even if it takes twenty more years which I doubt,just look back twenty years to see how fast that time goes by. I have written an article, "ARE WE OUT OF TIME," and in it I explain more about this end time events. Some of you may not have read this interesting article on our web site so if you get a chance just click on our article link at the top of our home page and go through the many articles where you will find it to read for yourself what is happening around the world leading to our END!

In today’s news we hear about Iran’s Leader saying things like " The Holocaust didn’t happen and Israel must be wiped off the face of this planet. We have more nations with the H-Bomb now, than we did in the 60's.It was October 1962 when we came so close to setting them off, it was only by God’s grace that we didn’t..Today Russia still has nukes and subs all around the world able to fire missles into the United States at any given time but with other little nations having the same missles anyone can start a war which will KILL 2 BILLION PEOPLE ,are you ready to meet your creator ? Some people say this is the same old news, and there has always been doom’s day preaches forever and they are right but, when the nation of Israel was formed in 1948 prophecies couldn’t be fulfill–now they can be and in a short time! Our own government is saying in the news, it’s not if another attack happens, but when it will happen?

Now the reason I am writing about this is that the Lord himself said to watch for these times as a sign that His return is near. Again people say so, what if it happens it happens and itwill just be over, WELL yes, and No! Like the story of the Ten Virgins with their oil lamps 5 kept them filled and 5 did not and when the master returned 5 where ready to go they other’s had to stay behind.


You see it doesn’t really matter if your ready spiritually but, if your just playing church and your only attending a church to look good or because going to church is the thing to do today, then NO your not ready, are you?

Jesus told his disciples to watch so they would know when the time of the end was near today we are still watching and waiting on the Lord until he returns in all His glory, but we need to be ready, ARE YOU READY?


We can’t be ready if our oil runs out by this I mean if we are not praying everyday and talking to our Father God and keeping in contact with his Holy Spirit then we will be caught off guard and may have to go through those terrible 3 ½ years of tribulation that is coming and I believe is coming soon.

Now I know some of you have heard this many, many times before but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen someday and as long as your alive you need to be ready to meet the Lord. If you die tomorrow then it is the day of the Lord to you-THINK ABOUT THAT!

Read (Luke 12:54-56). Jesus was talking of His coming at that time. But, I believe He is warning us of this time and age, right now! Some ministers preach and believe that Matthew chapter 24 was only talking about the 70 AD destruction of the temple. However, how do they explain verses 27-31?

Jesus did not return in 70 AD, did he? . We have no record of the sun turning dark or the moon turning blood red as the signs of His coming is told to us in the end time. If even one of these events would have happened, the astronomy of that time would have recorded the event. So we are to assume that this is talking about another time, our time.


This means that a new temple must be standing in the end time. Well sisters and brothers of the faith, I have good news for you. A new temple is being readied right now in Israel. Right now they are getting ready to put it together on the Holy site.


Be on guard, get ready. Read (Luke 12:47-48).

Are you the servant in verse 47,the servant who knows what his master wants him to do, but does not get himself ready to do what his master wants. He will be punished with a heavy whipping.

I just want to show you a few things going on and you figure out if we are near the time of the ends or not,.the appearance of a red heifer and the possibility of rebuilding the

Jewish temple on the Temple Mount of prophetic significance? Absolutely!

It says to the Christian, "Look up. For your redemption draws nigh!"


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