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Please use your bibles when reading this article, your preacher may be wrong and it is your eternal life to know the truth we are talking about!

By Chaplain Jimmie W.Warren


My fellow Christians, my main reason for writing this article is to do what JESUS told his disciples to do before he left and returned to the right hand of God. YESHUA (JESUS) said “ I command you to Love one another as I have loved you.” Yes we are to love all people as if they are our own family.” 

You see we are all one big family when it comes to our heavenly Father who gave us GRACE,  He then gave all mankind, Salvation through his only begotten son “Yeshua” (JESUS the Christ) who died for you and me and all who will accept him. Amen!


As long as other churches preach Jesus (YESHUA the Messiah) that he died on the cross and was buried for three days and three nights then, rose from the dead and absented to the right hand of the Father,and will come back to judge ALL then all who believe this are SAVED.


ALL who BELIEVE that through the ONE AND ONLY NAME of JESUS will be SAVED. See WE ARE ALL BROTHERS, AND SISTERS, AND HEIRS, and will BE RAISED from death together with our “Yeshua the Messiah” or as we would say in English today (JESUS the Christ) therefore

when he RETURNS to this earth to reign, as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, we will all be like him. Hallelujah, praises be to God!

(All other preaching is just religion with man’s doctrines) which are added to their church preaching pulpits.) You see my friends it is all about JESUS and SALVATION by belief in his sacrifice and blood that we are ALL SAVED, that’s right folks, All who believe and repent and are baptized are saved, not will be saved but , are saved.) Go back and read it for yourself!


We all need to quit talking down other churches who may preach a little different from the way we are being taught today. Whatever church we are in right now could be wrong if it preaches Love for all, then points its finger to everyone around them being the wrong kind of church. The church that we are in right now nor any of the other churches that we have ever heard of “NONE of them has all the truth, “especially, the ones who say “ they have the only truth and are the ONLY TRUE churches of God.” If your in one of these “GET OUT NOW.”


Watch out for some of their lies and those who do not preach JESUS AS THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD.  They preach HATE AND HELL FIRE or some preach bigger lies saying things like “Jesus is the brother of Satan and only took over Lucifer’s job after he failed and became a fallen angel.” Then some preach “DOCTRINES OF MEN” or some say you should be  following LAWS of the old testament But, they purposely leave some laws out, as there are more than 600 laws and they only teach and use the ones that make them money.  Some use the old Tithe law of ten percent 10% that were for the Levitcal priests only. Now lets face it it is by FREE WILL OFFERING that your and my church runs its self without free will giving no church could stay open today because they all need some money to pay the bills just like you and I do.


Then there are some “suit wearing, slick ministers calling themselves God's ministers or prophets of God who will lie trick and still your money, maybe your eternal lives to stay proud and lofty! ” These men and women with millions of other people’s dollars use money so, they can build their little kingdoms of their own, and calling it things like “Gods house or God’s new Jet, or God’s New Collage campus or any other thing that helps fill their pockets! Then they call it Gods Only true work with your money. Most of them do not even call JESUS their KING or Master but, only look toward ways of making more bucks from your hard earned money!

I am sure you have heard of a few of these kinds of guys, right?


I am showing you ways of judging other’s as I know it after being in one of those kind of churches myself for more than 10 years of my life! I was giving, and giving, which was never enough for them even after three tithes and special gifts on Holy days, they always still needed more money to do more work around the world in God’s name. Maybe there are a few of you out there who know what I mean about this kind of church?


There are things we need to judge for ourselves of what kind of church work it is doing and if it follows what Gods word says to do?  JESUS already did all of it for us. We just need to follow what JESUS said in the NEW TESTAMENT to do and believe in him until we are judged by him, not some man or some church leader, I do not care what he or she is called by some rank, that is supposed to be important by their some church elders.


We need to forgive them all and love all churches and their peoples, because let’s face it, we are all sinners still and we fall way, way short of being even close to our Father YahWah. Except for the blood of his only begotten son Yeshua Messiah our Lord Jesus the Christ, are any of worthy ,right?


Yes we all need to quit condemning and pointing our fingers about all the wrong things they preach about then, take a good look to see the right things they preach about. We need to all live in peace until JESUS comes back and settles it all.


Remember we where all called a little different when God called us to his son Jesus.(1 Cor.7;17, 24) verses 18-23 is about our belief) Until many of us see things from a totally different point of view and that it is about the same thing which is you guessed it JESUS. Do not forget our calling was from where we were and where we are now, where God has lead each of us down a long winding road, many to not have moved very far, while others have come miles and miles from where we were, don't you remember? Take a long look back at yourself before you point the way for others to walk! It is not about you or me, IT IS ABOUT JESUS and him ONLY!


We have all been through fires and trials and tribulations, some have been ridiculed, some have been excommunicated, some have been told not to ask questions of church leaders and some have been told to even to leave their churches. I want to say right here and now to everyone who has been baptized in Jesus Name that you cannot be thrown out of Gods church. Amen! You know the church that even the “Gates of Hell will not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18) Not some puny little know body church who think they can put " GOD IN A BOX" saying but, we are right and are the Only True Church while the other 99% are wrong and fooled by Satan.


I do not want to concentrate on the judgment part of this, but we must examine a few scriptures many of you already know like (Matt.7 :1-2:Luke 6:37-38) about judging others yet we look at other churches that have different names on their doors and say “How awful they all are because they preach the Gospel of Jesus different than our church does, or the way we see it, right?
Take a look in your own bibles at some of the scriptures of what God says about judging our brothers and sisters in the FAITH! (1Cor.4:3; Matt.5:43 then 2 Cor.13:5) We are all guilty of pointing our fingers at one time or another at our fellow Christians because they worship God a way we disagree with, does not make them wrong in Gods sight because HE JUDGES US ! We need to over look others as Paul shows in (Philip 2;1-5)


I know there are many flaws in all churches because all churches follow the bible the way they where taught by their leaders who then passed on (some church doctrines instead of the bible) but, I say all who preach  #1. Jesus is the only begotten son of the Father # 2 That he died and rose again in 3 days and 3 nights, # 3 He will return to this earth to judge all mankind is ‘PREACHING THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM”


Now because we as man and women have many faults ourselves, we tend to judge by what we where taught, even through we may be wrong. We do not want to admit it so, we point our little fingers, and say " they must be the ones in the wrong because we are in Gods church". Well what church do you think they are in? If they have all excepted JESUS as their Savior then they are in Gods church also, it is called religion folks to believe this way. RELIGION kills people and churches my dearest friends , all religion or beliefs kills! JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE, EVEN YOUR GRANDMOTHER’S BELIEF DOES NOT MAKE IT THE RIGHT BELIEF !


There is only Gods way and you will find it in the Bible if you take the time to read it and not have some other human tell you what it says? There are those who think they have all the truth and everyone else is fooled so, their church is the ‘ ONLY TRUE CHURCH” DO NOT FALL FOR THAT ONE!

Let’s not have this attitude shown in (Luke 18;9-14)


We are all imperfect people, ministers or not but, God still uses imperfect people doesn't’t he? All who are called by The Holy Spirit must preach the Gospel for the world to hear the message that JESUS IS COMING SOON! We must set the example as the Apostle Paul said in( Philp 213-16)


Some are called to preach, some to teach those who live on the streets of the world who will probably never go into a church where everyone is better than they are? We have so many self-righteous Christians who, because they know the lord and think they are much better than anyone else that they actually (drive the babes of the Lord, New comers) who are just called by the Holy Spirit, are driven out of the arms of safety, back into the streets with bitter attitudes towards any and all churches that are welcoming others to Christ.
 These kind of people, and you know a few, some sitting right next to you in your church, they will have to be judged by Jesus when he returns as they judged so will they be judged, brothers and sisters STOP judging others by what you see, just pick the splinter out of your own eye and leave the judging to the ONE WHO KNOWS ALL OF US and what makes us who we are!

Why is it every church after awhile, wants you to join them and their church, to be baptized again by them, even though you are already baptized in JESUS NAME from another water immersion church? They always want you or your family members to fully join their church ways, or they say you must join because they have the right religious truth so, your must either join their church-body or leave to find another church? Watch Out for these kinds of church- bodies especially, the ones who call them-selves the “ONLY TRUE CHURCH OF GOD”
Some people will only go to the church their parents or grant-parents go to, while still there are others, who will only go to where their relatives go or where their in-laws go? There are those who will only go the high profile Ministries like Billy Graeme or Orel Roberts, or  Big Church  Organizations like , TBN, or Benny Henn, Pat Roberts CBN and so on. The truth is Many are called or come to Jesus in many ways but, they are all answering the call from the Holy Spirit as they repent to be with our Lord Jesus the Christ and His soon coming kingdom, Let’s leave all the biases and Judgments to him, OK?

We read from our bibles that Jesus went to many places to preach and teach the word of God! He went into the Synagogues, the streets, the hills and all the villages around do you every read where he has lights and songs for an hour then someone to introduce him with much applause before he spoke to the people?

TODAY we have Billions of people to reach out to with the Gospel of the Good-News which is that of JESUS coming from the Father to SAVE all who believe on him are SAVED by FAITH! Amen and Amen.  ALL THE REST IS RELIGION , Again It is not about you nor me, or the name on the door of some building, or a temple, it is only about God’s Only Begotten Son and what he did which was to take ALL MANKIND SINS AWAY so, we can come before God and His Throne, covered with the blood of Yeshua (Jesus)!

We must be United together in the word of God if we are going to preach the good news to this world as one body of CHRIST not as hundreds of small parts of the body? We can’t all be Pastors or Evangelists, or leaders of the choirs or whatever your calling is that is leading you towards Yeshua Messiah (JESUS THE CHRIST), as long as it helps bring people to JESUS then your OK!

The world looks at Christians with over 270 different beliefs and think “these guys cannot even agree among themselves and claim to have the same Savior, why then should we put our faith in what they are preaching? Paul even said “keep it about Jesus and His return, leave the rest.”


My dearest brethren, we need to have Love and Forgiveness for all too see Amen! (1 John 4:7-12) We have had enough Charlatans in the past with even more today who show us all who they are and what falsehood and lies they preach, most not even using the bible anymore or just using the parts they want,  to still your money and if we don’t watch-out our very souls. The old Devil is roaring like a lion and deceiving many  “my people die daily not knowing my word or my Laws”.

People cannot be pushed into loving God or believing the way you do, I do not care how many scriptures you have for them even enough to choke a horse, if they can’t see then they are not called yet but, don’t judge them, or call them lost, they are not lost and until the right time God himself wants them when he decides they will be called later to be saved as HE OPENS THEIR EYES”. Our Heavenly Father Yahweh is the only one who knows each of our lives and what makes us tick when he besides then he will send the Holy Spirit to open our hearts and our minds to his Devine Love and GRACE which has already been given out as a “FREE GIFT”. (John 3:16)
Preachers and Ministers and Apostles who preach everyone is going to Hell Fire and Damn Nation are not preachers of the Good News Jesus preached. Read my article “Preaching Hate and Hell”. This world for most people is HELL and its only getting worse so we cannot use scare-tactics to get’em saved, Hell is just a word than is translated from the Hebrew and Greek, most do not even know what they are preaching, or when they use scriptures to try to paint a picture of a place that does not even exist. They are all taught church doctrines handed down from the Catholics, they don’t even look to see the error of the their ways but insist that you and I join them in the way the teach?


Too many people do not even read the Bible to know if what the church they happen to be in is teaching the truth or some “churchey thingy” we all know what is right because some one else told us to told us and we believe in it, right? Maybe your grand-ma or your loving Aunt or Uncle told you so it must be right?

Did you read it for yourself or just fall in line as what you believe? We all have something hanging on from earlier days which we believe is right but cannot find it in Gods Holy Word? I am hitting home to some of you my friends. or are you saying this old guy is crazy?

Read your own bibles to see if I am telling you the truth or is your minister telling you his truth? If your not reading from the Bible then your guessing ,I wouldn't’t want to bet my life on a belief unless I studied for myself what does the bible say? These kinds of people already have their glory (Matt.6:2)


We all need to be in harmony with JESUS and what He preached about the Kingdom and Loving each other as he loved us, over-looking each others sins we must strive not to condemn but up-lift others so they may attain saint-hood in our Lord!!(Eph. 4:1-6)
We must be everything to everyone as the bible says in (Gal.5:14) with (Matthew 22:36-40) Lets follow what the Apostle Paul had to say also in (Eph.5:1-16;20, Eph 6;18)
 In closing friends we must love Gods commandments ( Matt.22:36-40; Luke 10:25-28; Mark 12:28-31)


May God our Father in Heaven be with you till we meet again in his kingdom. Amen!
Your fellow servant                                                        Chaplain Jimmie W.Warren DOT


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