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How Two Great Nations Changed the World How Two Great Nations Changed the World

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How Two Great Nations Changed the World

Posted by: Michael Stevenson on Thu, May 5, 2011

THE story is one of the most awesome stories in the world—one that is an unprecedented rise of two great nations on earth of English-speaking people which came to power to dominate and have perhaps the greatest influence on modern history and over the whole of the world. No other nation on the face of earth has had such an impact as did these two great nations that this book is about.

 History has shown to us that their rise to greatness began in the turmoil of the Protestant Reformation. Having broken away from the Roman Church and was faced with the combined hostility of both the Roman Church and also imperial Spain, then the most powerful nation in the world, England took then began to look beyond the seas for its security and for its trade. Perhaps it was this that was a great turning point.

 Thus, this book was written with the goal of teaching historically about the United States and Great Britain while at the same time looking at what the Bible reveals to us in regards to these two nations in prophecy.

 Within biblical prophecy, we must be able to understand certain aspects of it so that we can understand what prophecy is telling us—for example, we must understand whom it is for. The key to understanding for whom most end-time prophecy is for will help us to understand what the prophecy is about. Therefore, another reason for this book is so that people can understand whom end-time prophecy is for and what it means to everyone in the world.

 Therefore, when we study our history as well as the Bible in regards to the United States and Britain, we then begin to understand and see that the Bible has much to say in regards to us and to what events are going to affect us in the near future.

 Therefore, it is appropriate that we have this book about the United States and Britain—not so that we can boast, but so that we can show what is going to be happening to both nations—so that we can show that there is a real concern for the two nations and for what is going to happen as a result of their sins.

 Therefore, as we look at history, we then begin to see how the explorers had been sent through the world during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603). This had brought about the establishment of colonies later on which created the United States of America and the nations of the British Commonwealth.

 Historians have said that these two countries are “revolutionary empires.” They were not despotic tyrannies as most other nations or earlier empires were in which most people had been subject to dominating autocrats and dictators.

 Each colony had its own parliament or house of assembly to which the voters would elect those who would represent them. People owned their own land, they had their own religion and even was allowed to take their government to the court system if they did not like the way things were. Newspapers were free to speak out against the government and authorities without the fear of being shut down for so doing. There were books which were freely published and ideas which flourished in what would become the most politically stable nation anywhere on earth.

 For the first time ever, people could finally be people and represent themselves. They could finally do what they knew was best without the fear of oppression.

 These new ideas had then led to the gradual rise of a great company of nations known as the British Empire and the world’s most successful republic called the United States of America. Both of these new nations would become perhaps the greatest superpowers of the 20th century and would grow greatly and almost overnight.

 Why has history been so great and economically generous toward these two nations? Why is that they have been so favored with great blessings over the nations that had been before them in history? The answer is truly remarkable and it is truly found within the pages of your own Bible.

 While it might seem very surprising, both nations had been destined in biblical prophecy to become the great superpowers which they had become. One was to precede the other to world-power and both would dominate international affairs in their own time. They would both even be called upon to go to the aid of other nations from the forces of despotism. Above all, they would both make possible the democratic and the religious freedoms which exist for the English-speaking nations of the world. Thus, today, we see how great religious and great political freedom has existed within these two nations—how they have played the key role in keeping free religion and politics.

 During two world wars, the United States and Britain have saved virtually the whole world from powers that had the intent on global domination. Without them, the world would then be completely different in many other ways—the world would be greatly changed without these two superpowers intervening.

 When looking into history, we find that the climate that has allowed the freedom of expression has led us to the Industrial Revolution, which has greatly changed the world. In the century between the end of the Napoleonic Wars and the start of WWI (1815-1914), the British capital and the expertise developed the economies of her colonies (one quarter of the world’s people) and that had led to the developing of the United States and the newly independent nations of South America—thus showing to us just how one has led to the other. After WWII, America’s great economic prosperity and her generosity—through the Marshall Plan—got Europe and Japan again moving and has actually allowed them to prosper in the way in which they have prospered.

 This itself has proven to be a keynote of perhaps one of the greatest prophecies of the Bible. One of the greatest things which we have seen is just how the United States has been a great lender in the past to all nations. We are told that “Jehovah will open unto thee his good treasure the heavens, to give the rain of thy land in its season and to bless all the work of thy hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow”—Deuteronomy 28:12, American Standard Version, emphasis ours.

 But, why is this? Just why was it that the United States this powerful that it could lend and not have to borrow?

 If we back up, we read that “And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of Jehovah thy God, to observe to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that Jehovah thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth”—Deut. 28:1, ASV. So then, all the national blessings of both the United States and British peoples is found in whether or not they would be righteous and would live God’s ways.

 However, today’s decline of Britain and the United States is leaving a void around the world. Already the dissolution of the British has brought about to the surface great ethnic conflicts long held in check under their colonialism. Wars within the Middle East, Africa, Southern Asia and within the Pacific are the result of the decolonization and therefore have made the world more unstable and brought about these areas to the brink of collapse. But again, we might ask why? Why is this the case?

 Again we are told that “…it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of Jehovah thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day, that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee”—v. 15, ASV.

 So then, over the past thirty to forty years, our decline as the two greatest nations on earth is a direct result of our lack of obedience to the ETERNAL God who has blessed us greatly because we at the onset were willing to be obedient to Him and were desirous to do His will.

 Even the very Constitution of the United States was based upon the Bible—the Bible being the chief cornerstone of the Constitution, and which has been used when the presidents took office during their inaugurations. The foundation of America was the Word of God—the very thing which was consulted when the Constitution was being drafted.

 The great standing of the United States is declining rapidly and has allowed the United States to become the target of attacks—such as was the case on September 11, 2001. With all this great decline in trust at the world level, there is growing an ever increasing amount of opposition toward the United States and British and it is causing more severe problems than one cares to realize.

 We don’t have to look too far back to see just how there is growing opposition against the United States and Britain. With the Islamic world seeking to advance greatly in the world affairs, we see how Islam is growing more and more hateful against the United States and Britain. This in itself is going to prove very important in the coming years for people to watch and notice.

 For over 400 years, England and the nations spawned by her have all played a huge role in world affairs. Together, Britain and the United States have had the dominating hand in the world and for two centuries, there has been a real time when biblical prophecies concerning the time of the end are now beginning to be fulfilled right before our own eyes—for yes, we now are seeing all the prophecies taking shape before our eyes!

 Now we have questions which must be asked. Why then are economic blessings—and the democratic ideals—so greatly seen in the English-speaking people? Who are the British and American people in biblical prophecy? Just how do these two great superpowers—the United States and all those nations which make up the former British Empire—play a role in biblical prophecy?

 Has the Bible ignored the people of the United States and Great Britain? Is it even logical to believe that God, in giving to mankind His Word, would have even mentioned these two great superpowers being in prophecies that would lead up to the return of Jesus Christ in these last days, and would it make sense for the Creator to ignore such great nations?

 Is it possible that the many various students of the Bible have failed to understand prophecies that have accurately predicted for us the rise of these two great nations on earth and what would happen to them in the time of the end?

 When you read this book, you will take a great journey through ancient and modern history and you will see clearly then just what the Bible also says in regards about these two great nations. You will see that this is knowledge which is vital to understanding prophecy about the end-time!

 Therefore, let this journey of this topic remind you that the ETERNAL is indeed in charge and that “the nations are as a drop in a bucket” and “as the small dust on the scales”—Isaiah 40:15—is always faithful to His promises concerning what is going to happen!

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