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~ BARABBUS OR JESUS? ~But they kept shouting, crucify! crucify!" ~ BARABBUS OR JESUS? ~But they kept shouting, crucify! crucify!"

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~ BARABBUS OR JESUS? ~But they kept shouting, crucify! crucify!"

Posted by: admin on Sat, Apr 7, 2012

J. P.'s Inspirations

J. P.'s Inspirations
Easter Series Selection From The Archives
".......But they kept shouting, crucify! crucify!"
----Matthew 27: 23.
People can be so unpredictable. The multitudes seemed to love the Lord Jesus when they thought He was going to bring in an earthly Kingdom and make things better for them. When it looked like His power was broken and He would not establish an earthly kingdom, as they expected, the same people seemed to turn on the Lord and accuse Him falsely. When the crowds rose up against Jesus, even His friends had fear, and did not stand by Him or speak up in His behalf. Those who were close to Him denied knowing Him, and let fear control their actions.
His own did not receive Him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords as He did not come
in power, as the type King they desired. Isn't that like many in the world today?
Many get all wrapped up in the earthly powers and politics but leave the precious
Savior out of their lives. Many acknowledge Him only at their convenience or if they
have the approval of others in doing so. This is not true worship, as they that worship Him must worship in spirt and in truth at all times.
The people were given a choice to make on that day when Pilot could find no fault in Jesus. They shouted, "crucify him" and Pilot asked, "what has he done wrong?" Pilot had no real reason to execute Jesus, and his conscience told him Jesus was an innocent man. Roman law said an innocent man should not be put to death, still the mob raged on for the Lord to be crucified. When the Jews threatened to report Pilot to Caesar, he became afraid. One of Pilot's duties was to do whatever was necessary to maintain peace. Fear of man and desire for power caused him to let the mob who had gathered have their way. People seem to still be crying "crucify Him" today, by their actions and by not taking a stand for what is righteous. 
Pilot proved he was more concerned about political expediency than of doing what
he knew to be right. Although he had several opportunities to do right, he choose
to leave the decision with the crowd by asking them who should be released when
one could be set free under their law.
Barabbas was a condemned and notorious criminal who had taken part in a rebellion
against the Roman empire. Jesus was the innocent Son of God with no crime or
sin in His life. Given a choice, the people chose Barabbas, a murderer and revolutionary, to go free, instead of the innocent Son of God. The angels surely must have looked upon the Lord and cried on that day when Jesus willingly gave His life's blood to paid the price for the sins of all mankind. We know they rejoiced also as His sacrifice gave hope to a lost and dying world and glorified God.
Today, we still see people making a choice of Barabbas over Jesus. Barabbas represents the sins and guilt of the world, which should be punished. Many people still choose sin today over the Lord Jesus Christ. Many choose human power over the Son of God. These cannot see ahead in time to know what the result of their choice will be. They let sin continue to reign in their mortal bodies when Jesus calls them to be set free and choose Him. As the question in an old song says, "Jesus or the world, my friend, which one will you choose?" There is only one right choice, and that is to the Lord.
Pilot was guilty of making no decision and in doing so, let the crowds decide to crucify Jesus. We see in Scripture "he washed his hands" and said he was innocent of the blood of this good man. This did not take away Pilot's responsibility of sin or guilt. Sin still remained although he may have felt a false sense of peace. One cannot make excuses for their mistakes or failure to acknowledge the Savior. Each person must take responsibility for every decision made and we shall all stand before the judgment (Bema) seat of God one day in judgment.
If you are ridiculed for your faith, remember the Lord was mocked and scorned
more than anyone. Words may hurt but they should never change or stop our faith
in the Lord Jesus Christ. We must always choose Jesus and also take a stand for
what is right in the eyes of the Lord. The world cannot give true peace and neither
can it take peace away from God's children.
 We have been given a gift from above and are to guard what has been entrusted to
 us and keep our hearts in a right relationship with our Lord at all times. Our choice
 is Jesus and is the greatest decision one could ever make. Thanks to the Lord who
 was a willing sacrifice and died for even those like Barabbus, who could be saved if they would only receive Him.
We have a great salvation for which to be thankful and a Great Savior with a love which can never fail. May He be given the highest praise! When He was on the cross, we were the ones on His mind when He looked ahead in time.
 Thanks to our Lord for seeing who we could be and dying to set us free.
His gift of love is the greatest gift of all! 
Blessings In Christ,
Jo Ann Kelly © 2009, 2004
J. P.'s Inspirations
This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits intact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.
**Reference: Life Application Commentary Bible and Scriptures
There was nothing good within
Until Christ came into my heart,
He took away my sorrow and sin,
Only He could give my life a brand new start.
The Lord gave me beauty for ashes,
oil of joy for mourning and distress
A garment of praise for a spirit of heaveniness,
In the Loving Savior, I found peace, joy, and true rest.
Many souls walk alone through this world
Not realizing Christ is there all the time,
Then one day, they hear the Savior calling their name,
Saying, "child I have claimed you, come to me and be mine."
You can run to the Savior, who has His arms opened wide
There you'll find all you need in His salvation and love.
He gives souls a new life, delivered from sin and strive,
Jesus always gives the very best, from heaven above.
When He was nailed to that old rugged cross
it was His heart of love that held Him there,
For we were on our Precious Savior's mind,
when our sins, He willingly chose to forgive and bear.
Salvation is the greatest gift of all
there is no greater gift which could compare,
When we call upon the Savior in faith,
we find He will always be there.
Jo Ann Kelly © 2007, 2004
J. P.'s Inspirations
This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits intact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.
If you live for yourself, you don't have much to live for.
 Why not live for Christ and all for whom He died?
Every moment is the right one to be kind.
You have the power within you to be happy or sad.
 It all depends on whether your fuel is love or hate.
The greatest mistake you can make in life is to
 be continually fearing you will make one.
Diligence is the greatest of teachers.
There is no security in life, only opportunity.
Isolation is the worst possible counselor.

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