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Posted by: admin on Fri, Apr 10, 2009

Testimony of founder Jimmie Warren




After many years of being in with the wrong crowd of booze and drugs .The Lord let me hit bottom until I was sick of my life and repent so, I went in the WORLD-WIDE CHURCH OF GOD in Oakland, California. Later moving to their Head Quarter's campus college ,called Ambassador College in Pasadena CA.

Through the help of the Holy Spirit I receive most of my biblical training and spokesman skills with the WORLD-WIDE CHURCH OF GOD from the years 1966-1976. After ten years with this church, I found a new calling in the search for GOD'S true WORD. I started visiting many other churches seeking bible knowledge to further gain wisdom in helping others find their way to more truth.

I became a visiting minister to those who had left their different churches or who had lost their contact to God because of Religious ideological differences. I BEGAN holding Bible studies in home's of those who wanted to meet and learn more of God’s freedom.
Later I helped those who felt Lost and abandoned after leaving or being kicked out of their churches. The one I had left because they taught "They where the only true church of God because the kept the old Law" I told others "You can not be thrown out of God's true Church" You see GOD'S REAL CHURCH IS SPIRITUAL NOT IN ANYONE BUILDING BUT IN YOU!

Many who wanted to get back on their road to God and seek comfort in the Spirit have asked pastor Jimmie to have church services. Those who felt completely lost and who are seeking Bible truth will find it at our church site!

Between the years 1976 - 1994 I disliked that many so called Christian churches still taught the old HELL-FIRE AND DAMNATION ways of keeping people in line. (This doctrine is not even in your Bible as you will discover when you study with an open mind yourself ! ) I want others to share in the truth of the Bible to show that God really does love us and that God's salvation plan is simple.
ORGANIZED CHURCHES cannot stand this real truth, that God wants all mankind to be saved.

I was ordained through the Universal Life Church of Modesto, Ca. on October 4 th 1999.
I was given the title Evangelist in Nov. 2000. But later I had to Resigned later on in Feb. 2005, I quit the Universal Life Church because they recognize Pagans and Satan ministers the same as Christian ministers.

I became ordained thru other Christian churches to replace the ULC as of Nov. 2005. (see credentials below) you will see I have been ordained by God through good Christian chrurches.

Simple Salvation Church of God became a charter church Feb. 08, 2006

Our a church of God is given to us and by Yeshua's grace ,we strive to reach out to everyone with the name of Jesus Christ!

With the help of a young friend and with his know how of computers ,by the power of the Holy Ghost helping, we started a web site ministry started Feb.1994. This site is for those who wish to express their views without condemnation from their churches and for freedom of their religion. Many other ministers have joined in writing articles to share the love of Jesus for all peoples. We are now in many other countries reaching out to a lost world in Jesus' name and for him alone , not of ourselves but, by Him our KING Yeshua Jesus Christ!

We invite everyone from all walks of life to come and enjoy the many poems and written articles that our site's have to offer you and your loved one's. There are very different churches connected to us and we can agree on one thing for sure ,Jesus Christ is our Lord and is coming back soon!
We have 56 ordained minister of Simple Salvation Church of God all around this country with 4 other independent chartered churches added as churches of God ,sharing this calling.A new Simple Salvation Church of God -Kenya Africa was started March of this year with 82 members.

There may be many views on this site that you may not like but we feel everyone called by the Holy Spirt has been called and sees things in different ways, as long as they use the Bible to prove their point of views then we can agree in most all things.

I has been preaching for many years now on how simple it really is to be saved through JESUS CHRIST. We seek new truths ALL the time that can be proven by the holy Bible and we are searching for new ways to serve our fellow believer as the spirit moves. We are a free church and freed by Christ our Lord Amen!

I was ordained also as a minister with two other Christian churches to improve MY walk with God as I strive to be a good and faithful servant for the Lord. I am associated with several churches world wide and as an Evangelist-servent , I strive to show continual service to Jesus Christ / Yashua Messiah, Our King of Kings and Lord of Lords

I also became a Chaplain with the United States Corps of Chaplains back in Nov.22 .2005 to better serve my fellow man. I was given the rank of second Lieutenant in the Washington BDE, 5TH DIVISION, and made Spokane Team Leader..After my first year I was promoted to 1st lieutenant on October 10th 2006 and after three years of service I was promoted to the rank of Captain on Feb 2008 where I also made acting commanding officer for the WA BDE 5TH DIV

As of date I am now Major Jimmie W Warren Commanding Officer WA BDE 5TH DIV USCOC.
I hope that all who come to Simple Salvation web site's, will find some hope and peace of mind from the Holy Spirit in its many articles and poems. Amen

As an Evangelist/Pastor/Chaplain/Bishop I humbly still teach that to "BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and By repenting of your sins, and confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and Master ,YOU ARE SAVED BY GRACE! (THIS is a sign of your new life in Christ Jesus)  by Living by the Bible and acting like Christ YOU WILL BE FILLED by the Holy Spirit .This is being saved! Yes, You are saved when you except Jesus and change your ways! This is all you need, the rest is pure religion.

Reading The BIBLE for what it really says YOURSELF, IS YOUR WAY TO GET CLOSER TO GOD.

The word of God will show you the truth. It tells you, That JESUS is the son of GOD and that he died on the cross (tree) and was RESURRECTED from the dead after three days and three nights in a grave ,then he rose again. Jesus Christ then ascended to the Father in Heaven and sits at his right hand. Jesus will return to this earth visibly soon! Here is more of my Testimony of my life,All is given to me by the Holy Spirit, for I am not a writer So what you have read I did not author it, but by words sent to my mind to put on the internet for all to read. May this and all articles be a blessing to all.

I just put on paper what God wants me to write about and after writing I present the finished product for you to either agree with or reject, I am not trying to change you or what you believe"Let each man work out his own salvation"There are many times I would prefer to go about my daily chores as I did for so many years and spend my elderly years in retirement, enjoying the daily routine and relaxing of everyday life.

Then one day about 7 years or so later, The Holy Spirit told me in prayer, take out pen & paper and write, it started out with a poem I got in my head called "So near yet so far away"see on our site

Then little by little more words would flow, even while I slept till I got up and put them down on paper. After reading some of the articles I would write I would cry knowing the words where not from me but from the Holy Spirit of God.

As I said before Everything you read was given to me to put down on paper or on the Internet is from God for I am not a writer. Thank God my wife Marian edits, she is a life saver and praise be to God for giving her to me, for I could not put the articles I write with the English I was taught. I was told to spell everything just like it sounds HA! What a laugh, How do you get the F sound out of ph?? Funny RIGHT?

Yes, I am living proof that one does not have to be formally educated to fulfill what God has called me to do; you do not have to go to ( Religious seminary schools) or I like to call them (cemetery schools) for they teach religion of dead works.

Through out high school I had all I could do to make a passing grade in my English classes, like a D+ when I worked hard.(especially in spelling) but THANK GOD FOR SPELL CHECK., how in the world God thought that I could write I do not know?

The fact is when God calls someone to serve Him, He will supply that person with all that they will need to fulfill what He has called that person to do. Writing, Speaking, Healing, Singing, these are just a few gift from God. Don’t let people discourage you in serving your God for He calls those who He wants to do His work, not some church chores of works or ordered go to our school of religion.

I am only trying to encourage those who feel called to preach and not pick out the "special people" that church ministries always like to pick out? These men pick who they think will follow what their religion or church teaches and if anyone else has the Spirit of God and wants to speak, they will not let them or they condemn others? If you feel the calling to serve click on being ordained here on our site and we will anoint and ordain you as a servant of the Lord God for free ---in Jesus’ righteous name.

We where all sinners before Yeshua-Jesus Christ took all our sins to the cross no man is good, even Jesus himself said "Why do you call me good" For only the Father is good.

Do not be tired of doing good, for your reward is Gods Kingdom. And soon you will hear these words from your Father in Heaven "WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT"

Remember this it is not from me but, from the Lord who guides and holds me up to serve you and anyone else who wants to hear the word of God!

Be ready, Stop playing religion. Give your life to God!
Have Faith, you are SAVED! Start thinking saved and you will stay saved for there is no power that can pull you away from God, you are now His child act like it, walk with your head up, your now a ex-sinner!

By believing this, you will live forever with Jesus Christ and Our Father God FOREVER!Not by any works you can do but, by the grace of God through the blood of Jesus

Jesus loves you for who you are, give him your life, he is waiting for you ;
What are you waiting for?


Credentials of Pastor Chaplain Jimmie Warren

Feb-12-2006 UPDATED 03/08/2009

United States Corps of Chaplain
Chaplain Title Nov.22, 2005
(Major) Commanding Officer
WA, Brigade, 5 TH, Division
Nov 22.2005 - present
Universal Life Church
Modesto, Ca.
Ordained October 4 th 1999.
given the title Evangelist in Nov. 2000.
Church of New Life
5914 Mettler St
Los Angeles, CA 90003
Church Charter given Feb 2006
True Grace Ministries
Granted Title Evangelist
November 12, 2005
Church of the Seven Planes
Ordination as Reverend
Nov. 17, 2005
P O BOX 294
Cooper, Texas 75432
Michigan Ministers & Pastors Association
Approved member
by Rev. Robert L Hansen
Feb /16/2006
The Church Of Living Water
53 Gypsum Dr.
Newark, DE.19713
ordained Nov.21, 2005
Ordained Minister # 911172
_________________________________________________________________The Church of Spiritual Humanism
Jenkintown, PA 19046
Ordained Member of Clergy
Ordained Nov. 16, 2005-present

Universal Christian Church of God
P.O. Box 135
Quincy, Illinois 62306
Associated Minister 2006 to present
Simple Salvation Church of God
Pastor General /Founder
P O Box 8585
Spokane, WA.99203
February 1999 to present day
Saint Philip Neri Christian (Anglican)
Catholic Archdiocese by MSG. Thomas G Cole
Consecration and Ordination
March 17 2008 Archbishop
Pennsylvania Chaplain Corps

Brigadier General March 2008- May 2008
115 Madison Street
Byrnedale Penn,15827
Major General-- May 200

Archbishop Jimmie W Warren
May 2008 to present
Church of God (Sabbath Day
Mullan, Idaho
member of the Board of Elders,
Associated Minister
Nov. 2007-present
The Church of Spiritual Freedom
Centerville, VA 20122
Member in Good Standing
World-Wide Church of God
Oakland, California 1966-1968
& Pasadena Ca.1969-75
Member 1966-1976
Church of Jesus Christ (Pentecostal)
Member 1962-1963
Livermore, CA

International Church of God
Tyler, Texas

Intercontinental Church of God
Member 1998-1998
Spokane, WA
Spokane Church of God (7 th Day)
2929 North Freya
Spokane, WA 99217
Member in Good Standing


Certificates and Awards:

Honorary Doctoral Degree in Theology 
This date 17 th June 2008
Ambassador College Spokesman
Certificate of Merit
Pasadena Ca.

June 09 1974

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Poetry Awards
Editor’s Choice Award
Presented October 2005
for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry
By poetry. com
Published Poem "Seeing The Light"

Editor’s Choice Award
Presented November 2005
Outstanding Achievement in Poetry
By poetry. Com International Library
Poem "My God! My God! You Are Near"
Feb 2006
Cox Cable T.V
Director, Editor for Public broadcast
of Simple Salvation
March 1994- five shows

Services as a servant of God Almighty


Wedding Officiant Spokane WA
19 - wedding Services to date April 2009

Other Ministerial Duties
56- ordinations of men and women WORLD WIDE
2- Funerals Conducted to date April 2008
3- Baptismal
1- House Blessing
4- Chartered Churches
18- Marriage Concealing
3- Recruits for United States Corps of Chaplains
2- Head Brigadier General of other Chaplain Corps in United States and Internationally
6 - Affiliated Churches around the world in 13 countries



United States International University - Los Angles California
Doctorate of Theology
Conferred upon
Jimmie W. Warren D.D

 JUNE 17TH  2008


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