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Posted by: admin on Tue, Aug 10, 2010

Read for your own Salvation


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In my other document I give a more detailed account of hell, and the Lake of fire. I will refer  
you to it later. There are four words in the Bible that are translated as hell. They are Hades,
Gahena, Sheol, and Tartaroo. The meanings given in Strong’s Bible Concordance are, grave, pit,
place of the dead, and fire is not mentioned.

Hell is a teutonic word meaning to cover up, and that is where the word grave comes from. To be
politically correct, most every one goes to hell, except those that are cremated.

Gahena fire is mentioned in the New Testament, and that refers to the garbage dump just outside
of the gate in Jerusalem. It was kept burning continuously; to take the cities garbage, dead bodies,
and waste.

This was the place where Israel in earlier times, sacrificed their children by fire; it was known as
Gahena, in the valley of Hinnom. (2 Chronicles 33:6) The people that were standing there when
the Messiah was giving the parables, knew where He was talking about.

You now know that hell, and the Lake of Fire are two different places. In Revelation, the devil,
his angels, the beast, false prophet, death, and hell (grave) will be cast into
The Lake of Fire. (Revelation 20: 10-14) The next group are in a different category.

The murderers, liars, (all sinners) those that take the mark of the beast, and are not written in the
book of life. They will be cast into the Lake of Fire. The Apostle Paul said “ When I don’t want
to do bad,
I do it, when I want to do good, I don’t do it, It’s not me but the evil and sin that
dwells in me.” Paraphrased (Romans 7:15-20)

Every man, women, and child that has a functioning brain can say that. So why do we sin? That’s
because satan takes us over at his will. (2 Timothy 2:26)

There is the story of the man that the Messiah cast out 2000 demons from him, into a herd of
swine. (Mark 5:1-5) Ask yourself, who was evil?  Right after, the man was sitting at Yahshua's
feet and in his right mind. An analogy to that would be, in the last days the demons would be cast
into the Lake of Fire, and not into a herd of swine.

That my friends is what will happen to all the mega billions of people that Yahshua suffered and
died for, which is
every one. All our sins, and the evil that dwells in us will be cast into the Lake
of Fire,
not us. Click on ALL WILL BE SAVED on the top index.

 Bible Scripture

The blessing of Elohim makes one rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.  The righteous will never
be removed, but the wicked will not inherit the earth.  The mouth of the righteous brings forth
wisdom, but the perverse tongue will be cast out. The lips of the righteous know what is
acceptable, but the mouth of the wicked, what is perverse. There is one who scatters yet
increases more, and there is one who withholds more than is right, but it leads to poverty.

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