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Posted by: admin on Fri, Apr 10, 2009

by Pastor Joh.W.Matutis--Germany

from the 4th Century AD.
Foundet and put together by Pastor Joh.W.Matutis.

With this old prayer, I wish you strong days and a lot of victory

Read and listen to it

Pastor Joh.W.Matutis
www, (see the english menu)

Pleasse - Send  this prayer farther - to all your friends. Thank You.

St. Patrick (Ireland) is supposed to have spoken these words everyday.
( Learn more about St. Patrick below.  
The prayer you can hear - see the annex.)

St.Patrick...He said daily....
I am risen with Christ. Through Him I live Today.
I am bound to Him….
* there where He is – there I am too.
* that which He is – that I am too
* that which He does – that I do too
* that which He says – that I say too
* that which is subject to Him – is also subject to me
* that which is obedient to Him – is also obedient to me
I live by the power of His resurrection...
* I live from His fullness
* I live from all His blessings
* I live from His righteousness
That which served Him – that serves me too
* that which followed Him – that follows me too
* that which loved Him – that loves me too
* that which hated Him – that hates me too
* that which took Him in – that takes me in too
* that which He needed, that I need too
* that which He did not need – that I do not need too
* that which comforted Him – that comforts me too
* through that which He went – I go too
* the road He walked – that road I walk too
* that which held Him – holds me too
* that which helped Him – helps me too
* that which protected Him – protects me too
* that which led Him – leads me too
* that which gave Him strength – gives me strength too
* that which saved Him – saves me too
* that which kept Him from sin – keeps me from sin too
* that which kept Him healthy – keeps me healthy too
* that which stood by His side – stands by my side too
* that which He did not fear – I do not fear too
* that, through which He drove out demons –through that I drive them out too
* that which made Him strong – makes me strong too
* that which was over Him – is over me too
* that which made Him boundless – makes me boundless too
* that which helped Him accomplish His mission – helps me accomplish mine too
* that which held Him above, always – holds me above, always too
Jesus Christ…
* He is before me, and behind me
* He is under me, and over me
* He is with me, and in me
* He is on my right and on my left
* He is with me, when I wake up in the morning
* He is with me, when the day is hard and difficult
* He is with me, when things don’t work out
* He thinks for me
* He speaks to me
* He sees me
I live to day by the power of the heavens
by thepower of the Holy Spirit...
St. Patrick encouraged his people to pray this prayer constantly.
It can not harm us either, to identify ourselves with Jesus Christ.
In this Spirit, I wish you a HAPPY DAY.
Pastor Joh.W.Matutis (see the english menu)

To the person of St. Patrick
St. Patrick was a missionary in Ireland. He was born in Wales. Plundering
Irish carried him off at 16 years of age, and finally brought him (405 AD) as
a slave to Ireland, where he found comfort in Christianity. Despite his
difficult life as a shepherd, he learnt to love the rugged land.
After  about 6 years, an angel supposedly told himto escape. He dared the
escape, and spent the reupon 12 years in a convent in Auxerre (France), where
he became a priest and took the name Patrick.
His goal was to return to Ireland, in order to reach out to the heathen
 there. One night, he heard voices calling him back to Ireland, voices which
 he recognized as those of Irish people, begging him to return.
It is told that he freed the island of all snakes. With that is meant, the
casting out ofall heathen, nature religious beliefs.  For example, in those
days, when a druid was dedicated, he was tattooed with a snake
He founded convents, schools and churches in Ireland, and carried out his
missionary work 30 full years, until his death.  He died in Country Down,
where he supposedly spent 40 days without food and water.

This Prayer...
and all other messages that the Lord gave me -  can be found on my homepage.  (see the english menu /somthings)

*   Do not play around with soap bubbles,
*   God's mobilization call, (very,very important !)
*   The strong hand takes the rudder,
*   A giant “Finance Tsunami” rushes upon us!
*   JUST IN TIME, etc
Read it and give it further.

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(in Germany). And there are still more messages from the Lord, that  you need
to read and to pass on.

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