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Posted by: admin on Mon, Jan 17, 2011

From Pastor Joh W Matutis- Germany

An Open Letter from God addressed to his earthly children

It wasn’t that long ago when the Twin-Towers in New York collapsed – since

then your notorious question is ringing in my ear „Where were you, dear God,

when that happened?" I heard reproachable words in such statement: „Almighty

yours, why haven’t you prevented this from happening where so many innocent

lives have been extinguished?!."

Believe Me, I was perturbed in my innermost, where my lovingkindness is

seated. However, did you really think I would deviate the course of the

approaching airplanes with my hand directing them around the twin towers?

Listen to me now carefully:


For years now you have begged me to leave your schools, your governments, even

your lives, for not meddling in your lives by my presence. Since I can not

and am not coercing myself on anyone, I have withdrawn. How could you then

expect, that I took away the weapons from the perpetrators and intercepted

them at the doorstep of Erfut or Columbine high school?

When a single individual sues, that there is a cross hanging on the wall or

that there is prayer before class starts because he feels disturbed in his

personal development. Then, with abeyance of such demand, the cross is taken

down and no prayer meeting is being held – the majority is silent and you

even are proud of such tolerant behavior.

When today there is protest against my Word – you sure know it: Thou shall not

kill, etc. – it will limit our freedom and our autonomous will, then you say

it is ok – and entire generations grow into adolesence without having heard

my Word.

When women say, we abort our children because they say this is my stomach –

then you surely consent.

Finally, your own self realization is much more important and valuable than a

life of a human being. When artists decrying that their freedom of speech

rights cannot –under no circumstances- be curbed and they are allowed to show

anything and everything in the name of art, like violence, uninhibited sex

and perversions –all you do is to consent. And when there are scences of

rape, drug consumption, murder in all variations on TV every Friday, Saturday

and Sunday night, all you did is stamp it as a harmless thing. It is only

entertainment, you claim, and everyone is free to switch it off!

Touched and clueless have you asked yourselves: Why is it that our kids no

longer are able to discern between good and evil? Don’t they learn this anymore in school? Horrified you did realize, that your little ones don’t

even blink, when a classmate is being hit while laying on the floor, others

being scoffed at if they didn’t wear the latest fashion clothes: mobbing in

the classroom! Appalled you have recognized: Even my son or daughter could so

such things, because it dawned on you the realization: What men sows he shall

surely reap.

It is interesting to notice, how easily you disposed of my Person and how

quickly you are wondering how mercilessly evilish our (and Mine) world has

become. It is strange, how you simply and thoughtlessly you believe

everything the newspapers publish, in turn, however, question what the bible

has to say and discard it as a book of fairytales. Strangely it is, how

someone can say: I believe in God –however it would be best if He leaves me

alone and after 45 minutes of attending service it is finally over. It is

peculiar, how quickly you judge others, when, on the other hand you

yourselves are living a naive and critiqueless life. It is further peculiar,

how easily, brutality, vulgarity and the obscenity flows through cyberspace

when by the same token public discussions on religious education in classes

is growing more and more heated because it does not fit anymore into our

pluralistic society. It is evenly strange, how concerned you are what the

others think about you rather than what I think about you.

And, lo and behold, you still ask Me: Dear God, where were you?

I wanted to be with you- it is my name and my being. However, people make it

clear to me, that looking at my crucified son the very spiritual development

of our children is in jeopardy, even containing the freedom of the teacher –

and, simultaneously you let the little souls of your children being poisened

by them watching these TV programs! I wanted to be with you, but you want to

erase my name out of the constitution, because it detriments and belittles

other religions....and you forget what the two philosophies of the Ultra

rightists (Nazis) and the Communists have done to you without Me being there.

You want to make politics –without me-, wondering now that I condone it by

fulfilling that very desire? Shall I intervene when you are sawing on the

branch on whom you sit? And when you are calling for me while falling down,

shall I rescue you? Is your country living in such a carelessness like at the

times of the Romans, where the young and stormy usurping countries where

standing at their doorsteps and the Romans did not even want to realize it?

I am thinking about: Shall I still be a loving kind God, merciful rich with

grace and trust? (Exodus 5-6, 8-9) Do you only want to let me in to your

hearts through the „side entrance", or do I still find a few steadfast and

trustful people among you that are willing to officially welcome me?

Like I said: I am not pushing myself upon you, and when you look on the maps of the world where I once was and now am no longer: You can count on me –that

is my name - but you cannot manipulate Me and expect, that I will perform on

the push of a button.

Let me know, if I still can be your Emmanuel.

You know, where I can be reached.


Here you can listen more good messages from the Lord: (german-english)

God bless you

Pastor Joh.W.Matutis



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