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Posted by: admin on Wed, Feb 11, 2009

by Chaplain Jimmie Warren

By Jimmie Warren

(1 Peter 5:6-11) verse 9 - “Cast all your anxiety (stress) on him (Jesus) because he cares for you.”
Read the rest of these verses and you will see that Satan Is like a Big Lion, roaming about, to see whom he may take?
A lion stalks its victim and sneaks around looking for the sick and weak, then he pounces!

WE All get too stressed out over things that we do not need to be stressed about, because God is over you and in whatever you do.
Did you know GOD is greater than a six-figure payday?
Did you know GOD is greater than your boss because he is in control over everybody and everything?

Did you know that you are a slave to this society, but Jesus came to free you from society !
God lead his people out of Egypt because they where not just physical slaves but where slaves to their society. When you follow society then you put yourself right back into slavery.

Yes, we are all slaves to our society, we trust in social society, welfare, unemployment to keep us going, but it is God Almighty whom we should be putting our trust in. Right now Satan is trying to bring compromise into the church main stream. Read (Matt. 24:24) see where Satan tries to get Gods people to compromise his word to water it down and make you weak so he can attack.

Catholics and Mormons don’t trust our government, they have their own government inside their churches and help their own. They provide for their own people when they need help they trust in Gods word which clearly says he will take care of you if you have faith in him.

BELOVED sisters’ and brothers’ of the faith, everyone must build their lives up by the word of God.
You must build your life around Christ to be closer to God through prayer and studying the Bible to know and understand God and His protection.

Yes God the Father freed us all from being slaves to our government by the blood of Jesus, for Jesus Christ has over come this world and has defeated Satan.

Yes Jesus came to set us free from all slavery both by government and religious leaders who use church and state to put us under law and slavery. We are free in the spirit and by the blood of Jesus Christ, but we must have FAITH!
We are healed by the strips of Jesus, notice in this scripture it say’s by his strips you are healed, not you are going to be healed but YOU ARE HEALED! You must have faith and faith is in your mind and in your heart and is a gift from God.  If you are weak in Faith then Ask God for more of it!

Stress is a tool of modern man and is directly from Satan.
Stress is a killer if you let it rule your life.
Unbelief is one of our biggest down falls and Satan’s greatest tool to weaken and destroy your faith.
The good news is however that Jesus has already won the war and we are his and under his guard so have faith.
You are a victor through his blood and resurrection.

Jesus Christ overcame this world and he is the conqueror of all. If you really believe in Jesus, he will give you your heart’s desires. When we have all we need, Then stress leaves, Satan leaves!
We must believe that Jesus is over our lives and when we believe he will do everything for us, Everything through the name of Jesus WILL BE DONE. Amen.

Prayer “I claim in the name of Jesus Christ that I am healed; I command in Jesus’ name that all sickness be gone from my body and my mind.”
Stress is a sickness
Depression is a sickness.
Alcohol is a sickness.
Smoking is a sickness.
All mental health problems are a sickness.

So by the name of Jesus you can and are healed when you call out to him by your faith!

Your house, your job, your wife, your children, yes all you are and have been because of Jesus and through him you are saved and healed. Why do most of you worry so much about this life? It is only temporary anyway, put your faith in him that over came this life.
Jesus will fix all our lives at his return. Amen.

Doubt is the worse enemy a Christian can have and it is another main tool Satan uses against us. You must cast out all doubt to stand before God Almighty. (Matt. 13:13-39) Satan can affect anyone, look at What Apostle Paul say’s in ( II Cor.12: 7)

We must lay down our planned lives and do what GOD would want us to do. You see if you will have complete trust (faith) in GOD, He will take good care of you.
When you allow stress to over take you then your faith is failing.
That’s right I said it, your faith is failing. You are getting weak and Satan likes you weak, then he attacks.
( II Cor.12: 8-10) Like Paul, take all the weakness’s and ask God to use it against Satan to be stronger and fight off all stress and depression.

We must all ask GOD to give us more faith to do whatever it is that HE wants us to do? (Matt.10: 39) “he that finds his life shall lose it, and whoever loses his life shall find everlasting life.” See we must quit the life we were taught or trained in and give our whole life over to God for him to do with as he sees fit.

Take a look at what happened to Jesus when stress came up on him (Matt.26: 39)
This is the most human moment when he says “Father if this cup can pass me” –Jesus didn’t want to die, but he finishes by saying “not my will but your will be done.”

There is a better life waiting on us after we lay down our own will and let GODS will be done in our lives. You must change your mind and live and do what God has called you to do.
Gods will is for you to lay down your desires and dreams and follow his will and desire.

(John 4:23) ask yourself “Am I a true worshiper of GOD.?”
God wants all mankind to give up their human nature life and let the Holy Spirit change you into a new creature who lives by faith and truth.

See after all is said and done to get rid of stress and sickness you have to believe, have faith, in God and his son Jesus Christ.

If you are playing church to look good, then ask yourself if it is working or not? If you are going to church because someone else made you go or made you feel guilty and scared you into going, then you are in church for the wrong reason.

If they used that old HELL FIRE and Damnation to coach you into going, and you’re just taking up a seat to keep your behind from burning then you are in church for all the wrong reasons.

You must want to be in church.
  Big or small, because you really want to be in Gods Kingdom! Having no Bible scriptures in your mind makes your faith weak. Yes! Beloved weak, you must read the word of God daily to stay strong in the faith. Reading your Bible gives you the contact with God to overcome all. So to stay close and to build up your faith you need to read your Bible. Yes the answer to all you problems are in your Bible.

“No greater love can a man have than lay his life down for another.”

Beloved your life is your time and by giving your time to help your neighbor, is laying down your life. Don’t give up and quit, see what Paul said about giving up, Paul was at a very low point here as you read ( I Thess.3: 1-7) It was the peoples faith that brought Paul around and it is by faith that I encourage all of you to take to heart that you are a child of God. God IS YOU PROVIDER.

Stand on the word of God. Jesus Christ has your back Amen! Satan wants your life and church in chaos and defeat. Are you going to let stress and depression defeat you? Hold Fast unto the Lord and the word of God for you have already defeated Satan-

If you feel called to serve the Lord God and want to be ordained as a minister of God see our site about being ordained. We offer a ordaining ministry to help others go forth and spread the gospel to all the world and help others become saved.

It is time to give up your old life and start a new spiritual life in serving God. Amen!

Let us pray–“Heavenly Father we come before you and ask that you put your protection around us .Father God, be at our side and help those who are weak in spirit, give them the strength they need to over come the stress of this world. Father give all of us your grace and the love of your son Jesus to walk everyday towards you and your kingdom. We don’t know how much time we have but we know with the name of Jesus and we believe on Him and he promised all who confess He is Lord shall have ever lasting life, We claim this promise in the name of Jesus Christ Amen”
your humble servant Chaplain Jimmie



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