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 ARE YOU  TURNED  ON TO GOD  BUT TURNED  OFF BY RELIGION?                                             ARE YOU  TURNED  ON TO GOD  BUT TURNED  OFF BY RELIGION?                                            

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ARE YOU  TURNED  ON TO GOD  BUT TURNED  OFF BY RELIGION?                                            

Posted by: admin on Wed, Apr 20, 2022

How many sermons from different ministers' have either put you to sleep, or scared you so badly that you didn't want anything to do with God or religion?

 By Chaplain Jimmie Warren  
How many of you have heard about GOD and JESUS to where you have wanted to give your heart ,mind ,lives  anything just to know HIM? How many of you have gone to church every weekend, only to be turned off by a church that has preached the HELL OUT OF YOU??  

How many sermons from different ministers' have either put you to sleep, or scared you so badly that you didn't want anything to do with God or religion? These questions have been asked by many that are searching for God and His love. People do not need to hear about a God who hates and wants to BURN people up! God is Love, God is all Forgiving, God sent JESUS to US because He LOVES US!  JESUS CHRIST loved you so much that He was willing to hang on a tree till all the life ran out of Him. That's love real love!! 

Just think he made the hill the cross that he hung on,he knew the men who drove the nail into his hands and feet he made the tree the cross was made from ,he could have called thousands of angles down from heaven and stopped all that but he hung on for you and me so we could be saved think about that for a long moment! 
Read it yourself in your own bible ( John 3 vs.16) "For GOD so loved the world [That's you and me] that He gave His only begotten SON so whom so ever shall believe shall not die but have Eternal Life."  in verse 17 "GOD did not send HIS son into the world to judge it, but to be our Savior" that's real love, not condemnation or hellfire!  

You know we have way to many Preachers out there thumping their bible's telling everyone " Repent or the All loving God of the Universe "will Burn you in a Hell-fire FOREVER ". 
I want you to stop here just a moment and think about that statement?? 
FIRST : The all loving God who made you, wants to punish you for wrongs that you have done? 

SECOND :THE GOD of love sends His only begotten Son to DIE for us ‘so those not good enough can be burned in a ever burning hell tormented day and night forever . This is not love !  

Third : If we would only believe in Jesus then God our Father who  loves us, will Rise us from the grave to be with Him forever and ever.  

How many churches and their pastors are always telling their people about burning in hell, so they can keep them in line? Is this in the bible or is this religion that they where taught to keep their flock in order? They tell you what music you should not listen to ,or what clothes you can wear, or how long your hair should be. They tell people what television they think you should watch or not. They even go so far to tell women which makeup they should wear or how they should cut their hair or how short their dresses should be. The point I'm trying to make here is "What does any of that have to do with your spiritual life? 

Everyone needs to decide what their relationship is with their God not their minister or what their church teaches.  What gives any man the right to tell you or me these things. 
Most Churches have stepped out of their bounds of what to preach . 

Their job was and is to help you and me to know the love of the Father of Heaven and His Son. 
To prepare for Their coming by loving everyone, forgiving our brothers sins so God can forgive us.  


These men should stick to reading the bible for what it says. NOT what they were taught it says! Most church schools t have taught them wrong. What they have been taught is religion not bible.  
READ the book yourself, don't let what you been told keep you from THE all loving GOD who made you to be with HIM forever. We as Christians want to be right and live right, all real Christians have always tried to love   because that's God's spirit right?  Those who choose to keep playing religion have to tell everyone else how to live to make themselves fell righteous This is religion again.  They like to put people down and to tell them how wrong their people are for that righteous felling that they get. That is not love ,this is not Godly it is religion.  
 Remember religion is what killed JESUS! It was The leaders of that time who used what they had been taught, to kill the very Son of God.  Don't let man's religion get between you and God the all loving Father of heaven..  

LOOK at your own bibles, what does it really say? FORGET WHAT YOU WHERE TOLD IT SAYS.  WHAT DOES IT REALLY SAY??  ALL OVER THE NEW TESTAMENT IT READS THOU SHOULD NOT JUDGE one another, also judge not less you be judged , also as you judge so shall you be judged..  We as GOD'S people and our churches need to quit looking at everyone else and start changing our own lives.  We need to be like Jesus . He forgave any who asked Him, shouldn't we do the same? 

To be a Christian a true Christian is to be like CHRIST!!  How many people do you know who are like CHRIST???  Not realists leaders but plain everyday people who are trying to live the best they know how.  

GOD is not going to kill his children because they don't know any better.  
Those that do are going to be retrained to love and live with their Father here on earth. 
READ Revaluations .18,and 19TH chapters, then read the 20th chapter This is real love not religion.  

 Are you a grown up Christian or a flock of sheep that needs someone to tell every little thing because you don't take the first step of reading the bible for what it really say's.. Cut the cord Paul said all men must work out their own salvation and stand before God on judgement day.

 Are you ready?

Have you studied the word of God or the precepts of man?  

This is not religion it is the Truth read it for yourself and those you love.  Just because a person goes to church every week does not mean he is a Christian.  

Just because a person goes to bible school for a couple of years doesn't mean they where taught right, maybe they where told what they should preach but that does not make it right. Maybe they are chosen to preach or be a leader of people but that does not mean they are right. They may be religious , they may preach CHRIST but they may be wrong in everything else .  Don't you want to know if what you are being taught is right or wrong?? 

Read THE BIBLE yourself open it and just ask GOD to show you His word just like it is , not what somebody told you what it says. You are probably saying to yourself " what is this guy trying to say'?  Well how many people even know what a Christian is ?? A Christian is a person or persons who are trying to be like JESUS . We have to get to the point that we can forgive everyone that does wrong even those that have thought us wrong. JESUS loved everyone and not only the church leaders of his time .Jesus was mad at them because they taught the law of Moses not all of  GOD'S law , of forgiveness and love. 

We are  all close to the time when JESUS will return, don't you want to be ready? Read your Bible now. We all need to quit playing church and trying to see who's worst than we are. Look who's better, CHRIST JESUS told us to let GOD judge us not we judge us or others.  
Brother and Sister's of our Lord I  beseech you all to read the bible yourself don't rely on someone else to interpret it for you. GOD expects you to know HIM and Obey His word, not some man's word on what they say God is telling you.  

You know don't you that you don't need a church to be saved, all you need is to believe in the name of JESUS and that He is the Son of GOD?  

You will find Him faster reading your own bible than just listening to some church preacher telling you what he believes God's word is saying.  

READ John: 15 vs. 16 this is for those of you whom are ready to grow spiritually not religiously .Quit just sitting there letting other men tell what you need to do.  Quit listening to other's setting in judgement on you.  Only your heavenly Father can do that. GOD ALMIGHTY is true the God of love and He want's you as a loving son to come to Him because you want to know and love Him.  

You can only do this by knowing His word, not because someone scared you with an ever burning hell sermon. Where does JESUS tell anyone in the bible that they will be burned in a ever burning hell forever?? Look for it in you own bible it is not there!  

All JESUS ever told people was to repent [which means to change the way you live] go and sin no more.  God's word is in the bible, do you know God's word? You better pick up that Bible of your's and learn before He get's back to ask you why you don't. Don't be freaked out because you where thrown out of some church or left on your own because you  did not agree with what some man's organized church said was God's way. Maybe they even said that you are wrong but you must remember that JESUS died for your sins because He loved you before the foundations of this world where laid.  He died because He loved you . 

The good news is that He rose from the grave and is coming back soon to make all thing's right before God our Father. JESUS said" Behold I shall be with you even to the end of the world". So get out that bible of your's blow off the dust, forget what you think you know and really read it for the first time for yourself.  

Just ask GOD to show you His word without the religion you've been taught and you will see clearly His word for the first time. DON'T let anything or anyone keep you from enjoying the very word of God to His children to touch you soul and mind. 
Keep the faith in JESUS name- Amen

   Discussion: ARE YOU  TURNED  ON TO GOD  BUT TURNED  OFF BY RELIGION?                                            

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