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Posted by: admin on Sat, Jul 1, 2017

see the many scriptures showing universal salvation not a ever-burning HELL which is a lie taught by most Christian churches today-READ FOR YOURSELF N DECIDE?


(Rom. 5:15-21)

Please follow along with you own bibles to see this truth. It will open your eyes to what grace and salvation are?
We should see that this verse has two parts and says two things. First, Christ is the Savor of ALL MANKIND(most are asleep). Secondly, it says, Christ is the Saviour especially of those that are believing (awake). In both cases we see Christ is 'The Savor' of them. He cannot be a saving Saviour in one and a non-saving Saviour in the other. Both parts of the sentence are referring to Him as a true active applied Savor, not only just of those that especially believe.

In the context of ALL of MANKIND, He is also the Savor of those. He is either the saving factor of ALL Mankind, or He is not. Where in Scripture does it say He is NOT the Saviour of ALL mankind, when there are many passages that say He is? Paul says, Christ is the Saviour of ALL mankind, in Rom. 5:15-21, and 22., I Cor. 15:22, Jn. even says the same: John. 4:14

. Now how are these back up to mean ALL MEN? because Paul and Jn. were referring back to a promise where God said he would save ALL. La 3:31,32., Ps 65:2-4. Hence, Jn. could say, that God said: "I will draw all mankind unto Myself Amen!!! (12:32) And then David could say, "God does what pleases Him", (Ps 135:6) and if it pleases Him to save all mankind that He may be in all, who are we to say otherwise? Can the LORD be any more redundant? Apparently not, for good churchmen have almost but destroyed the following message:

1. 1Tim 2:4 God will have all to be saved. (KJV) Can His will be thwarted?
2. 1Tim 2:4 God wills all to come to the knowledge of truth Will His 'will' come to pass?
3. 1Tim 2:6 Salvation of all is testified in due time Are we judging God before due time?
4. Jn 12:47 Jesus came to save all Will He succeed?
5. Eph 1:11 God works all after the counsel of His will Can your will overcome His?
6. Jn 4:42 Jesus is Savior of the world Can He be Savior of all without saving all?
7. 1Jn 4:14 Jesus is Savior of the world Why don't we believe it?
8. Jn 12:32 Jesus will draw all mankind unto Himself To roast or to love?
9. Col 1:16 By Him all were created Will He lose a part of His creation?
10. Rm 5:15-21 In Adam all condemned, in Christ all live The same all?
11. 1Cor 15:22 In Adam all die, in Christ all live Again, the same all?
12. Eph 1:10 All come into Him at the fullness of times
13. Phl 2:9-11 Every tongue shall confess Jesus is Lord Will the Holy Spirit be given to everyone?
14. 1 Cor 12:3 Cannot confess except by Holy Spirit See what I mean?
15. Rm 11:26 All Israel will be saved But most Jews don't believe yet!
16. Acts 3:20,21 Restitution of all How plain can you get?
17. Luke 2:10 Jesus will be joy to all people Is there joy is "hell"?
18. Heb 8:11,12 All will know God How long, O Lord?
19. Eph 2:7 His grace shown in the ages to come Have we judged Him before the time?
20. Titus 2:11 Grace has appeared to all Experientially to prophetically?
21. Rm 8:19-21 Creation set at liberty How much of creation?
22. Col 1:20 All reconciled unto God There's that word "all" again.
23. 1Cor 4:5 All will have praise of God What for?
24. Jms 5:11 End of the Lord is full of mercy Is "hell" mercy?
25. Rev 15:4 All nations worship when God's judgments are seen Could His judgment be mercy?
26. Rm 11:32 All subject to unbelief, mercy on all All?
27. Rm 11:36 All out of, through, and into Him All into Him?
28. Eph 4:10 Jesus will fill all things Including "hell?"
29. Rev 5:13 All creation seen praising God Including Satan?
30. 1Cor 15:28 God will be all in all What does that mean, preacher?
31. Rev 21:4,5 No more tears, all things made new "All" made new?
32. Jn 5:25 All dead who hear will live How many will hear?
33. Jn 5:28 All in the grave will hear & come forth How will the "righteous" judge, judge?
34. 1 Cor 3:15 All saved, so as by fire How can fire save you?
35. Mk 9:49 Everyone shall be salted with fire Including you?
36. Rm 11:15 Reconciliation of the world Will fire save the world instead of destroy it?
37. 2Cor 5:15 Jesus died for all Did He died in vain?
38. Jn 8:29 Jesus always does what pleases His Father What pleases the Father? (1Tim 2:4)
39. Heb 1:2 Jesus is Heir of all things Does "things" include people?
40. Jn 3:35 All has been given into Jesus' hands Can you accept this?
41. Jn 17:2 Jesus gives life to all that His Father gave Him How many did the Father give Him?
42. Jn 13:35 The Father gave Him all things Study the word "things" in the Greek.
43. 1 Tim 4:9-11 Jesus is Savior of all! Can't seem to get away from that word "all."
44. Heb. 7:25 Jesus is able to save to the uttermost How far is "uttermost?"
45. 1Cor 15:26 Last enemy, death, destroyed Including "lake of fire" which is "second death?"
46. Is 46:10 God will do all His pleasure Does Old Testament agree with the New?
47. Gen 18:18 All families of the earth will be blessed Here comes that word "all" again.
48. Dan 4:35 God's will done in heaven and earth What can defeat His will?
49. Ps 66:3,4 Enemies will submit to God Can any stay rebellious in "hell?"
50. Ps 90:3 God turns man to destruction, then says return How can one return from "destruction?"
51. Is 25:7 Will destroy veil spread over all nations All nations?
52. Deut 32:39 He kills and makes alive Kills to bring life?
53. Ps 33:15 God fashions all hearts "All" hearts, including men like "Hitler?"
54. Prv 16:9 Man devises, God directs his steps What about "free will?"
55. Prv 19:21 Man devises, but God's counsel stands So much for "free will."
56. La 3:31,32 God will not cast off forever Why does He cast off in the first place? (1 Cor 11)
57. Is 2:2 All nations shall flow to the Lord's house "All" nations?
58. Ps 86:9 All nations will worship Him "All" nations!
59. Is 45:23 All descendants of Israel justified Including the wicked ones?
60. Ps 138:4 All kings will praise God Are you catching on?
61. Ps 65:2-4 All flesh will come to God That sounds wondrous.
62. Ps 72:18 God only does wondrous things I wish we would believe that.
63. Is 19:14,15 Egypt & Assyria will be restored Really?
64. Ezk 16:55 Sodom will be restored to former estate Sounds impossible.
65. Jer 32:17 Nothing is too difficult for Him Nothing? No, nothing!
66. Ps 22:27 All ends of the earth will turn to Him For what purpose?
67. Ps 22:27 All families will worship before Him Praise His name!
68. Ps 145:9 He is good to all Including your worst enemies.
69. Ps 145:9 His mercies are over all his works Let's start believing that.
70. Ps 145:14 He raises all who fall Who hasn't fallen in sin?
71. Ps 145:10 All His works will praise Him For "eternal torment?"
72. Is 25:6 Lord makes a feast for all people And you are invited.
73. Jer 32:35 Never entered His mind to torture his children with fire
74. Jn 6:44 No one can come to Him unless He draws them You can't "chose" to follow Him.
75. Jn 12:32 I will draw all mankind unto Myself Amen!!!
76. Ps 135:6 God does what pleases Him If it pleases Him to save all, are you upset?

Jesus is the ultimate reconciler of ALL THINGS, which includes ALL MANKIND and all the Universe. Even though we see that the wicked are turned over into Hell (Ps. 9:17), the Lord shall not leave their souls their 'forever' [i.e. for that eon]. (Ps. 16:10) King David knew the Divine Revelation better than we do today, about Hell's temporality and it's true purpose in housing souls for remedial correction. He talks about his own self being delivered from the lowest pits of Hell, for he knew that the Lord was not only with those in heaven, but was there also with those in Hell, and would be there with them until Jesus drew them out at His resurrection. (Ps. 139:8) The wise man's way is towards the above, that they may depart from Hell beneath. (Pr. 15:24)

The Lord is the Chastiser of men, not an annihilator of souls, for He beats these souls with a Rod to deliver their souls from Hell. (Pr. 23:P14) St. Luke, in his Acts of the Apostles, mentions that God promises not to leave HIS SOUL in Hell too, nor allow the holy one (their in Hell?) to see corruption, but to redeem him from Hell. (Acts. 2:27) This is done in light of what God the Father has done with His Son Jesus, for our sakes. (Ac. 2:31)


" this before spake of the resurrection of Christ,that His soul was not left in Hell neither His flesh did see corruption."

This is also in the LIGHT of TRUTH of God's plans throughout the "ages of the ages" for ALL MANKIND. It is interesting that Hells nature here does not suggest an all inclusive 'for all eternity' ownership of those who enter it, as the churches like to teach. Neither does the Lake of Fire for that matter. For, where would Christ be if such was the case? No, rather, 'eternality' is not the nature of Hell, it is 'eonian', or "age-lasting". As the Greek Scriptures say, if translated properly, this Hell or grave 'Sheol' lasts "for the olams of the olams", or we might say, that it lasts for as long as ALL the eons, that have been appointed to to. Now there are only so many and the last one does come to an end, just as akll the previous ones have.

If a reader really reads and listens to what the Scriptures are saying, they will hear that Jesus has told us very plainly that Hell has no purpose as an eternally damning isolation tank, nor does it forever torture them with no escape. He never taught that you do not get out. This is an obvious contradiction based on falsifying the meanings of His message. Note, that even with the rebellious angels, God put them there "in chains" for a period of time ( 2 Pet. 2:4) until He brings them out for judgment, as we see them invisibly hiding behind that 'letting out of Hell of all the dead'. Here we see Hell having an end and an exit door for lost souls, because Christ has the Keys to Hell as well as death. " ...I am alive for evermore... and have the keys of Hell and death" and hence, needless to say, He ultimately opens the door to Hell and lets out the occupants for some good remedial and reconciling judgment. (Rev. 20:13 with Rev. 1:18)

How much more proof does one need to see that they have done the very thing warned against in Revelation 22:18-19? How much more proof do you need, that whatever Bible that does teaches this is a toxic Bible, fouled by the Devil and filled with heresy and contradictions? How much more proof do you need to see that this false teaching makes God's will "THAT ALL MEN BE SAVED, a total vanity trip and a fruitless wishful thinking on His part? How much more insight do you need to see that this makes God unable to ''work ALL THINGS to the Good'', nor even begin to be worked ALL to the full reconciliation He promised? How much more will it take to show you that you end up with a Savior that IS NOT "the Savior of ALL MANKIND"? How much more theology flinging 'dung' has to go on before you see what Paul warned you about? How much more damning of lost souls to an eternal pit of agony will it take to wake you up to the fact these evil translators have turned God into a powerless buffoon? But they have exposed themselves and their corrupt agenda, for they also have made all Biblical Universalist way more merciful than God Himself in this third theological position, where He says, He is more merciful than man.

Obviously, these corrupt men have exposed their misdeed and shall be judged according to their deeds, for they have made God less theologically merciful in His saving Grace than what God says about Himself, and less merciful than the worse theological inventions of an irresponsible child. For, "God is more merciful than man." God is more theologically merciful than what any man can invent. And man cannot be any more merciful than Universal reconciliation.

If limited atonement is true (and it is not), man can become more merciful than He, for it doesn't take much logic, intelligence and human kindness to invent the so called heresy of the Salvation of ALL MANKIND. It is the most just and merciful atonement one can imagine. this leaves God judged as a Liar as being "more merciful than man". Surely, this 'limited atonement' theology is less merciful than God would be, idealistically, and so it cannot be His atonement program at all. He is the Saviour of ALL MANKIND, and not just the Saviour a few specially favored souls.

Can we not see the full meaning of the verse that says, EVERY KNEE SHALL BEND and EVERY HEAD SHALL BOW to Jesus as The Great Redeemer and Reconciliatory of ALL that was created? After all, was He not the one in which ALL things came into being BY, FROM, and THROUGH Him as well as FOR Him? The 'ALL' in this context means ‘all inclusive’, or everything that exists, or we have no solid meanings in Scriptures at ALL. The Lord is NOT the Author of confusion. The Lord would not have revealed to us Divine truth and had our Fathers write it down if it was all contorted, construed and fouled up with contradictions and misleading statements. So, who are the authors of this confusion, this thing called the great Deception? The Devil's Translators are! That's who.


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