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Don't you just love the children? Don't you just love the children?

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Don't you just love the children?

Posted by: admin on Sat, May 29, 2010

by Dr. Bob Chapman



Bob Chapman, AUTHOR




Extreme Life Ministries Inc.®



While I was on my preaching assignments in the USA last month I was on the lookout for an eight year old girl.

I was approached by her after I had preached there last September. She came to me when I had finished preaching one Sunday morning and pulled on my sleeve. When I leant down she said to me, "I have been told not to tell you anything about myself, but I am not well and I would like you to pray for me". I said, "Sure. Let me lay hands on you and see what God reveals to me". I laid hands on her and after a while I said to her, "You suffer from severe headaches and have a tumor behind your left eye". She replied, "That's right! Please pray that the headaches go away and then, when you are finsihed, please pray for my dad who has a bad right arm and needs to find a job as well." I then asked her if she believed that Jesus would heal her and she said, "Yes". So I laid hands on her again and prayed in the Jesus' name for her healing after which, I laid hands on her dad and prayed for the healing of his right arm and that he would get a job.

Well, last weekend I preached at that same New York congregation and I can tell you, I was looking out for that girl and her dad. Before the service began she found me and said, "Jesus healed me and got my dad a job as well!" It was a real blessing to the see the joy on her face and especially the joy on her parent's face. Such events make living for the Lord and His kingdom, no matter what the cost, worth it.

You know, Jesus said, "Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall in no wise enter therein," Luke 18:17. Isn't it time we stopped being so adult and theological about faith that we fail to exercise it? 



Dr. Bob Chapman



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