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Double Mindedness Double Mindedness

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Double Mindedness

Posted by: admin on Wed, Feb 11, 2009

by Chaplain Jimmie Warren



Double Mindedness
By Jimmie Warren

We are to be of one mind and one heart to the Lord God. God hates double-minded people, someone who can’t make up his mind or who keeps having more than one way of thinking all the time. He says, I wish you were cold or hot, but because you are neither I will spew you out of my mouth. ( Revelation 3:15-16 )

How many of you have had this problem or are still fighting with double thinking?
I can think back to my youth where I remember fighting with my mind on what I knew I should do and thinking of what I should not be doing.
Red Skelton, a very funny comedian of the fifties and sixties, used to do an act about a little boy who would always say,
If I dude it, I’ll get a whipping, Oh well, I dude it anyway.”
The little boy was always getting into trouble.
Everyone would laugh at the little boy’s way of thinking. Why?
I think because most of us have all thought the same way when we were young, right?

When was the last time that you did something bad, knowing you shouldn’t even be thinking that way? When was the last time  you did something, and right away your mind said you know this is wrong, but you do it anyway?

What about the last time when you were watching TV guy's.
As you were cruising the channels, you stopped on a half-naked girl who is wearing a very small bathing suit. She is young and showing off more skin than she should be, but there you are staring at her body way, way too long.

As a Christian man, your mind says, “Don’t stay on this channel, it will make you lust.” You say to yourself ,“It is just  a TV show, and you are just admiring the beauty of the young, tight body of the girl on the screen.”

You tell yourself, “I’m a mature adult, I’ll just watch a little while,” and all the time your mind is telling you to change the channel. Your mind says you should not be watching this kind of show. This is an example of being double minded.
This is only one thing, but, you get the picture.

Here is another example of being double minded:
You are out having a nice evening dinner having a cocktail or two.This is your physical mind fighting your spiritual mind. You are feeling the effects of the second drink, so you think that you should not have another drink because you have to drive. But your good, old brain says, “I want to feel good,” so you have another.

You tell yourself, “I don’t drink or go out that much, so I think I’ll have just a few more to celebrate being out and feeling good.” Are you starting to see what is happening here?

Hasn’t something like this happened to any of you?
All of a sudden you are drunk, and if you are lucky, there is someone there to drive you home. BAM! You have done it again; you have let your good judgment slide and followed your human nature side of your mind which has lead you into sin.

You knew you should not have had those extra drinks, but you did it anyway. Is this hitting a little to close to home for some of you? We have to fight this kind of thinking all the time, and it is hard, isn’t it?

I have cried out many times for God to help me fight these kinds of stupid things, but it takes training from the Holy Spirit to be of strong Godly character. How many of you, if you are honest about it,  have had, or still have, these kinds of problems?

Here is another example: How many times have you gone too fast in your car trying to hurry someplace, kidding yourself all the while that it’s alright because you’re hurrying to go do something for a good reason. Maybe you’re on your way to church, and you are late for whatever reason, so you justify your wrong by speeding .

Then you see the RED LIGHTS in you mirror, and you get pulled over and are given a speeding ticket. You are mad because you got a ticket for speeding while trying to do something good.

You think, “I don’t deserve this,” but,in your mind, you know you should not have been speeding, no matter what your intentions were. You knew in the back of your mind that you were doing wrong, but you just sloughed it off and sped down the street.

To be honest with yourself, there was no excuse for watching the young girl on TV or for having the extra cocktails or for driving so fast that you got a ticket. But your double mind made excuse after excuse, didn’t it? Most of the time we get ourselves into problems because we don’t keep our minds on God, or think of others.

Yes,I know it is impossible to be thinking about God all the time, but is it really? If we are really living a Christian life like we are supposed to be doing, then we should be following Jesus example of praying all the time.

If we are praying all the time, then we are in our right mind, most of the time. We should be praying when we get up in the morning, in the middle of the day, during dinner, and before we close our eyes at night, we should be praying to God to help keep our minds on the right way of living.
Jesus himself prayed everyday,three times a day.
( I Thessalonians 5:17 )  So, can’t we take the time out of our busy day and say a short prayer ever so often?

I have found when I wake up in the morning, even before my feet hit the floor, to ask God to lead my footsteps this day.
I ask Him to help fill my mind with His will and show me what He wants me to do. I ask God to help me fight my human nature of all wrong desires. Then I ask for his help to fight off thoughts coming into my mind from Satan.

We all have to remember that we are not just fighting a physical fight but, that spirits and  powers are out to destroy us. ( Ephesians 6:12)

Then, I thank God for another day and ask that He send Jesus back soon to set up the kingdom, so we don’t have to fight this fight all the time. I keep asking for help to get closer to Him and for Him to be with me in wherever I go. I ask Him in  whatever I say or do to  have the Holy Spirit be with me in my mind. Yet a lot of the time I will let my stubborn side take control, and inevitably I get into some kind of problem.

These are just a few examples of what I say to God; you have your own thoughts and prayers,I"m sure, but you get the big picture here, don’t you?

You have to decide what kind of day you want and how you want to start it. We all fall short of the Glory of God and will continually do so until we are made perfect in God‘s Holy Kingdom. ( Romans 3:23) 

We all make mistakes and unfortunately we all still sin before God., spiritually anyway! Remember the words of Jesus that "even if you look on a woman, you have lusted after her in your own heart and have committed adultery."
( Matthew 5:28) 
If your mind thinks of doing wrong, whatever it may be, then in the spirit of the law, you have SINNED before God.

Yes brethren, double mindedness is an enemy we have to fight all our lives and, with Satan throwing darts at us, it makes things a lot worse, doesn’t it?  ( Ephesians 6:16)

The only way to overcome is by prayer and for the Holy Spirit to pray for us in our time of trials.  Maybe you remember the song, “Precious Jesus Hold My Hand” the words, “I need thee every hour.” Well  Beloved, most of us need Him every second, don’t we?
The song goes on with “Precious Jesus hold my hand, lead me to the promised land.” You see we need help to overcome our minds, and Jesus is at the right hand of the Almighty telling Him, “Father forgive them  for they know not what they do.”
( Luke 23:34)

The only way to overcome being double minded is to have Jesus in your mind all the time. Stop and take a break every time you can, ask yourself ,“If the Holy Spirit were here with me right now, would I be doing or thinking this or that?

I find it very hard to do what I am telling you to do, but maybe you have better control. Maybe this article is for those who are having some of these same problems?

All I know for sure is as a Christians we all have to be getting a lot closer to God to be of one mind and one heart, to be like Christ Jesus.

If we don’t overcome our double-minded ideas, then we are losing the battle, folks.

Thank God for the blood of Jesus so we can come before Him every time we slip back into the old self. We can ask, “ Father forgive my stupid thoughts, help me to overcome and be made  a new being with you.  To be with you  and your sweet son Jesus in your soon-coming kingdom. Forgive my double-minded thinking, make me yours and make me to  be  of one heart and one mind to you till I am with you in your loving kingdom. Amen.”

I pray that this article will help others who are fighting the good fight. Let’s  give thanks and love. Let’s all strive to get closer to God, for God really is the only answer to all our woes, the only ANSWER!
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