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Ever Wondered What Happened to the Desiples? Ever Wondered What Happened to the Desiples?

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Ever Wondered What Happened to the Desiples?

Posted by: admin on Mon, Aug 11, 2014

Deaths of the Apostles



1. When Peter was sentenced to be crucified at Rome, he was crucified with his body upside down at his request.


2. Andrew was nailed to a tree at Edessa. He hung on the tree for two days in pain. On the third day he died still preaching Jesus.


3. James (son of Zebedee) was killed by the sword of Herod in Jerusalem.


4. John was put into boiling oil at Jerusalem. But as he was not harmed he was exiled to the Island of Patmose . Later he died at Ephesus.


5. Philip was hanged from a pillar at Hiropolis.


6. Bartholomew was burnt to death by the Armenian king.


7. Mathew was killed in a town in Ethiopia.


8. Thomas was speared to death at Mylapur near Chennai in India.


9. James (small James, son of Alphaeus) was pushed down from the top of a temple and then beaten to death by a club.


10.Jude (Thaddaeus) was put to death by an arrow at the town of Oruch .

11.Simon, the Zealot was crucified in Persia.


12.Mathias was beheaded after stoning him down.


13.Paul was beheaded by Ceaser Nero in Rome.


14.Mark was dragged along the main street of Alexandria in Egypt and died.


15.Luke was hanged on a big olive tree in Greece.


16.Barnabas was stoned to death at Salemis.
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