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Posted by: admin on Tue, Jan 4, 2011

Look and See your fears are stopping your spiritual growth

 by Jimmie Warren

I was a young boy I used to like to climb tree's, the bigger the better, the funny thing is that I was afraid of high places.

I don't know why I would do it, but I would see a magnificent tree and as I looked up I would want to be up there where everything seemed so peaceful. I would start to climb and get as high as I could get to be where the peace and quiet was.

I would just sit there with the wind blowing the limbs back and forth and I would feel so close to God, almost as if He was there with me. The wind was like his voice telling me how safe I was from the world with all it's problems.

Then I would look down and fear would set in.I would get so afraid that I would grab the tree tightly and start to pray. I would call out "Oh God please don't let me fall, I don't want to die". I would think to myself, "How did I get up here so high?

What was I thinking at the time I climbed that tree? Maybe it was only, how high can I get to feel that freedom of leaving worldly things below?

Then I would lose the good feeling which had already turned to doubt and fear. I was scared to death, I was shaking with fear and I could not even think because I was so afraid.

Sometimes my aunt or mom would be looking for me and I would hear their voices way down from some where? I couldn't even see where they where but I heard "Jimmie are you stuck up in that tree again?"

Then the famous words would follow "You better be careful or you will fall and break your fool neck." This is just what you need to hear when your already so afraid you can't move. How many times, have you been in a place where it just seemed like, you were stuck and could not see anyway to get out of it?

How many times in this life have you felt I wish someone,or anyone , could or would come up here to help me out?
Then things got worse, or at least you think they were?

At about this time I would hear my mom or dad or aunt saying to me " Now just relax and think how you got yourself up there. Try to come down one step at a time, one branch at a time, you will be fine, just don't break your fool neck."

LIFE is like this, we get ourselves out on some limb and the wind blows, which in turn makes us scared .Then we freeze and do nothing! Haven't you felt this way more than once in your life?

When I would listen to the voice of my mom or dad talking to me I would start to feel safer. Then thinking would return to my mind and I would gather up my faith in my family, who would talk me down from that tree.

If we all would put that same faith in God Almighty, he will talk us out of any problem and get us back on solid ground again.

Brothers and sisters, we all need to listen to that little voice that God speaks to us with. If we will just listen, He will save us.Jesus Christ won't let anyone of us fail if we are listening to Him. Are you praying daily? Or are you putting things off, until you are doing nothing but, hanging onto that limb way out there alone with NO help or hope?

If you put your faith in our Heavenly Father, He will get you out of harm's way. Most of the time we get ourselves into trouble.
Maybe we climbed out to do right but took on to much, then froze up? Now we are waiting for that loving voice to tell us
"O.K., now here is how to get down. Just put one foot at a time down and I will help you stand on firm ground once more."

Why do we doubt our God who created everything? Jesus can get you out of that bad habit, or marriage, or jail cell, or even the grave!

Remember when Jesus said " Low I will be with you even to the ends of the earth". [Matthew 24:16]

Beloved I admonish you to seek God to hold you close to Him, so if you get stuck, He will be your calm voice. He will get you out of all adversity.

I would remember how great it felt when my feet hit the ground. Oh! that safe feeling you get when you know for sure you are on solid ground again. Then you're telling yourself, "I'll never climb another tree as long as I live". Yet for some unknown reason I would see another tree after a short time and up I would go again.

Like real life we all go back and do some of the stupidest things without thinking and we are back where we where before, crazy, huh?

Wouldn't you like to climb high up into the tree of FAITH?
Go a little further out on that limb to help someone else?

"Oh, you of little faith." Jesus said these words to his own followers. Because they too were only human and kept making mistakes like all of us do.

Remember the time Peter saw the LORD walking on the water and asked if he could come onto the water also? (MATT:14 vs.26) MARK 6 vs.49,(John 6 vs.19)

Peter stepped out onto the water and as he started to walk toward Jesus he was so pleased with himself, but then he had doubt. Peter looked down, then started to sink and he cried out "Oh LORD don't let me drown". JESUS ask Peter why he doubted? (Matt. 14: vs 31)

Peter was walking just like JESUS was walking on the water until fear and doubt set in.

We are the same when we give in to our fears and doubts. When we all start taking our eyes off of Jesus, that is the point where we fail our God. We all start to sink because of this fear and doubt.

Beloved! I encourage you to hold fast to the faith. You can have your feet on solid ground to over come all things that our Heavenly Father wants you to do. Our job is to love and help all others to get down from their fears. We are called to love one another even if it takes your life to help you brother make it to that safe place. (John 13 vs 34), (John 15 vs)

Our faith is in the Heart of God through the LORD Jesus Christ!
The Bible tells us that God gives us faith. (Romans 12 vs 3).
Are you sinking in your faith? Look up to Jesus, He is your faith!.

We have to build faith by trusting in God, we have to climb out onto that limb or step on to the water to get closer to the one who made all the thing's possible!

Beloved Saints we all must hold fast to that which is true, for the truth will set us all free. Do not be afraid of anything or anyone. For Jesus Christ our LORD is always with us. No matter how many problems or troubles we have gotten ourself into, He and the Father will lead us home safely, back to solid ground with peace and happiness forever and ever Amen and Amen.

Now as long as you know this, He will take you to eternal life with no more problems, Amen!

Faith is sometimes this way, you can be going higher and higher, than something, mostly SATAN says You can't do this.
Who do you think you are? Don't you remember who you are? You are that person who drank too much, or you are a loser, or you don't deserve anything after following me.
This is Satan's weapon against us and it works well doesn't it.

This is when that liar tricks you into doubt and then the fear sets in and you sit down and give up.Just whom do you think wins these battles? Why Satan of course. Then you think to yourself
I can't do God's work, I'm just a nobody anyway! I am ashamed of my life and then you give up. Does this sound familiar?

Backing down a tree with faith by putting one foot at a time on each limb will get you to firm ground. As your faith comes back, you feel safe and it is God's word The Bible that makes you safe.

" He who believes on me shall be saved, it is by your faith!"

Jesus said "today's worries are enough". So don't worry about the wrongs you did yesterday or what you might do tomorrow,instead concentrate on just today.

Ask God to help you get rid of all your doubt and fear, Jesus Christ will take you out from your fears, for his love is highest above all else.

So brethren don't let fear and doubt keep you up in a tree. Start taking the steps you need to get back to firm ground , your GOD.
Keep climbing toward your God and don't be afraid of any heights or circumstances. GOD is with you in all fear or doubt.

With love in Jesus Name Amen

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