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Get to know who Chaplain Jimmie W. Warren Is? Get to know who Chaplain Jimmie W. Warren Is?

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Get to know who Chaplain Jimmie W. Warren Is?

Posted by: admin on Fri, Jun 10, 2022

Information about Jimmie Warren founder of Simple Salvation.

Get to know who Chaplain Jimmie W. Warren Is?


As I write my story and give my Testimony, I want Everyone who thinks they are not saved to read my story in hopes it may give you hope of salvation. There are some people who think they are saved and then there are others who think they will never be saved. Now, to know my story as to what the Lord has lead me to do and write, I do for all to see, maybe I hope YOU can understand where I am coming from?

I like most people , am a nobody, a sinner, just like you, and all other men and women walking around this world, I am no worse, nor any better! The Lord called me at an young age, by being raised on the gospel in the back of my grandmothers church in St.Louis Missouri. I found the Love of JESUS there when I was only 3 or 4 years old, with grand mother preaching about the returning of Jesus Christ and his kingdom here earth not in heaven way back in 1951, praise God.

Please read my other testimony page here on the article page, here I wish to fill in a few blank places. Many people think they are lost to God because of their sins or because they do not go to a church but, I have HAPPY NEWS for you "IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO TURN TO THE LORD AND BE SAVED" 

So, what are you waiting for?

Again I am a sinner and have made way, way too many mistakes in my life, I have fallen way short of what most good Christians think is what  a good Christian should be like? When I started out, I was raised in the back of my Grand mother's church, she was a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ. She hailed many tent meeting for people to be saved ,My Grandmother was called Miss Lotti Brown , she had this little church in St. Louis, Missouri . For over four decades she preached the Gospel of the LORD JESUS, AMEN!

When I was very young I saw many people healed when she prayed over them, I saw drunks come into her church,she would tell them to sit down as Jesus excepted all who are called to listen ,they would except her and sat down and listen and repented and change their lives, all because of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus. Grand mother's youngest daughter was my Aunt Wonda, she was only 4 years older than me so, we grew up like brother and sister rather than Aunt and nephew . I was only three years old walking around church singing with the band or with my aunt Wanda, You see  I wanted to serve God even through I didn't quit understand it all I knew for sure was Jesus was a good guy, and I wanted to be with him, where ever he was?

I wanted be with JESUS ever since I can remember, we were always telling other children about who Jesus was and that they should repent of all their sins? (like little kids had sins right?)  I do not think most of the kids had very many sins yet, but they sure had the word of the Lord put in them, and the fear of God preached to them, by a seven year old(my aunt Wanda Brown) and me a small child who happen to be a grandson of the preacher. So they listened as children do, and some believed other's thought we were crazy but we told them the truth anyway!

As time went forward I started to become a teenager, ugh, and I didn't want to go to church, or sing them old gospel songs anymore, like I did at first, and so, I rebelled like most teenagers do. Now I remember being happy at church when I would attend and after going down the rows to the front of the alter, there I give my heart to the Lord to be saved.  I felt saved and my conviction bothered me terribly when I would sin, when I knew I was doing something wrong against God's Law, I would keep hearing Jimmie you know better? When I would steal some candy or later as a teen sneaking off, drinking, or driving a car to fast or tell a feb not outright lying but,telling little white lies to stay out of trouble,and so on, you know what I mean unless you grew up and never  ever sinned while living as a teenager?

How many of you did these things? Some probably did even worse things , Maybe none of you ,who are reading this now but, a few at least, that is why I am sharing my story in hope to show that It is never to late to repent of your sinsDo it right now , today ,or tonight ,don't put it off , just tell your Father God " Yahweh"  that you are sorry, and you believe in his only begotten son Jesus / Yeshua, who came and gave his blood for your sins the ones you do and I do everyday yes, I said everyday !

You see as humans we cannot keep God's Ten Commandments by ourselves, because we are weak and keep doing sins all the time. Amen!  If you hear anyone say they never sin anymore they are either kidding themselves or they are just flat-out LYING to you! Even if it comes from a man or women standing behind the Pulpit claiming they are holy,if they say they never did anything wrong , then they are a Lying to you?

I have known a few who thought they were perfect but still sinned but I will not name them here, their works will show who they are! Some drive their $40,000 dollar cars, fly around in million dollar jets, wear their 2 or $ 3,000 dollar suits all the while telling you how to give more tithe to them for their buildings or campus, and they preach how blessed you are in being poor?

They will all pay for lying to God's people, those who's faith helped build the church they preach from. I know there are many of you who know or knew men and women preachers who are like this, right?

Watch out for those who preach they have the only truth or the only way to be righteous, beware of those who claim to be the only way and those who use their own written hand book and not use the Bible? Watch out for those who only preach prosperity and ask for your money all the time. Yes and those who think they are the chosen 144,000 of the end time, or those who have boards of prophets and those who claim to be anointed specially here on earth! Watch out for many shall come in my name yes there are many false preaches and prophets speaking around the world to get you into their religion but it is not about religion it is about your personal relationship with God Almighty and his only begotten son Jesus!

Now back to me, as I grew up, my dad played music in local bars,  and on the radio and my mom who would go with him.  My mom MARY Sylvia Bell Warren, learned to sing in her Mother's church of JESUS CHRIST, my Aunt Jewel Thornton my mom's oldest sister also along with her younger sister Bertha Thornton,they all learned to sing in grandmothers churches, boy oh! boy, could those three young women sing up a storm with Grand-Ma Brown playing guitar. 

My mom, and my aunt Jewel all played guitars, and they banged Tambourines, while Grandma was preaching.  Grandma would get on the piano some times and they all would sing songs like "THE OLD RUGGED CROSS", " THE B-I-B-L-E  IS THE BOOK FOR ME",  I COME TO THE GARDEN ALONG WHILE THE DEW IS STILL ON THE ROSES", AND OF CORSE AMAZING GRACE".  This is what I grew up with, this is what pushed me to want to be with the Lord Jesus Christ or as I call him by his Hebrew name "Yeshua" Amen!

As time marches on and I turned from the Lord to follow my passion in music I got involved with the music of the Beatles and the ROLLING stones and as Satan would have it, my weakness was fast cars, lots of booze, and making love to any and all who wanted to make love, because in was the summers of "1967".

Living at this time in my life, God let me run myself all the way to the BOTTOM and I did, I almost died a couple of times, but Jesus was with me the whole time, as he is with you if you know it or not! For he said "I will never forsake you or leave you ."

I was a party bartender and sometime band-manger of a small high school band so, I got to go to a lot of parties where there was lots of sex, lots of booze, and even more sex, this became the main reason to keep me go the those parties?

It was a time when girls that I very rarely knew wanted sex because they were waking up and burning their bras, taking the pill, and giving sex to boys they picked. Some where in all the mess I started to ask myself if this is all there is to life? If it is then, that's pretty sad don't you think? I had fallen a long way from the little boy who wanted to be with JESUS!  

Then In the year 1965 things started taking bad turns, first  I lost the girlfriend who I had planed to setting down with, but her mom helped to break us up. We split up but after 3 years together we were both 18 so, we could have made a life if we had wanted too? I guess my girlfriend Gail did not want to keep going? After we broke up I was so hurt, I blamed her mom and my mom and dad because they interfered because of religion.

Her family were Catholic's and we at the time where Pentecostal so it did work out.Then I started going further and further away form God but,  ALL PRAISE BE TO HIM, HE KEEP AND EYE OUT AND WAITED FOR ME TO COME BACK TO MY RIGHT MIND? God is so great if you really believe in His SON Jesus and his law he will never leave you for He has so much love for each and everyone of us! Amen!

About a month after the break up I started to drink more and more and drive fast cars at night with no headlights on while racing on back county roads, I was half crazy, I also hung out the door of fast moving cars with a friend by the door knob only while driving over 100 miles an hour, all because I knew I WAS GOING TO Vietnam to die for my country anyway?

 I went down and volunteered, passed all the exams, and test , and was ready to go do my duty for the good old red white n blue! and of corse, good old Uncle Sam. Playing John Wayne having a uniform looking dashing and all that is what young men where taught to do to be ready to die for our country in some hell hole because we were right and God was behind our leaders and against theirs? Right? NO WAR IS RIGHT! Killing is killing no matter the cause!

But in November 1965  there was an outbreak of meningitis that killed 40 or 50 new recruits which made the army hold off taking me in for training,I mean I was on the bus to leave so, they gave us all time off until the new year, I had passed the test and who took the oath, BUT they decided to send us home over the holidays, FOR CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS to spend time with our family before we would be shipped out after the first of the year in 1966.

 Now it was the beginning of November that I started to have kidney problems with lots of pain so, off I WENT TO drink and play harder before I had to report back for duty, then first a KIDNEY STONE HIT ME LIKE A Mack Truck! I was in the hospital 3 days, my mother Mary, kept praying for me everyday, She would come up to my room praying  all day and into the night because she believed. 

Me I was just a rebellious punk kid thinking I have done so much wrong , why would God heal me?  I was thinking , this is just the lead up to dying over in some strange land called Vietnam, which we all watched during dinner every night on our TV's with them bringing coffins home every night?  I didn't see any reason why God would heal me?  So many young boy's being sent thousands of miles to die for people who didn't even care if we won or not? So, I WENT back DRINKING AND NOT CARING!

I was in so much pain, they could cut anything off, if it made the pain go! There was my poor Mom that we called " Honey", because she was so sweet and thoughtful. She would do anything for you, she started praying the minute  they said they were going in and I was in that hospital in Livermore CAL. FOR 6-8 DAYS THIS TIME, I EVEN SPENT Thanksgiving in there? They had made a mistake while going in to get the kidney stone,the end of the probe fell off inside my bladder which they had to go back in and retrieve it another week in hospital so, all the hospital and surgery was free because of their mistake but, I had to stay in hospital even longer.

After I got out ,my mom told me , I needed to quit sinning by running around and drinking, or even something more could happen to me, I said in a smart tone " like what the damn stones almost killed me and in about three more weeks I would me in the Army headed over seas? Still she said I had better settle down and change me ways or God would let something bad happen to wake me up! 

Well I didn't listen and on the 20th day of December 1965 just a week before I was to return to the army, I had to come home from high school because of an abscessed tooth.  I remember my mom coming home from work waking me up asking why I was home from school? I told her my tooth was killing me, she got on the phone and a dentist near-by that was open late?  If she could get me in right away they would take care of me! My mom called a cab and took me over to the dentist who was waiting for me. 

He took one look and said your teeth are in bad shape and began to pull two back teeth on my right side the two on the top left side and packed them with cotton and said I needed to get home and rest for a week then come back to remove the stitches. My Mom paid him with the money she worked for all week and called the cab company to send us a cab but by then I was really hurting again so I said " lets forget the cab and walk through the High School football field , it was a short cut making it about only a mile to walk.

Little did we know it would be our last walk together!

She said do you feel good enough to walk that far?  I said sure so, off we went, we walk about three or four blocks to cross the street to get to the football field and home. One of the last words I heard my sweet mother say as I took her hand and pulled her out into the street was be careful Jimmie we are going to get hit, then I heard  her say , lookout! She tried to grab my hand ,that was the last thing I saw,everything went black.

Yes ,everything went black for a few minutes then, the next thing I knew, was a cop who was standing over me, he was asking if I was ok? Then he asked what had happened? Like I knew everything was one big blur. I said we must have been hit by a cart? I look down and my leg was swelling up but my foot was laying the wrong way but, the right leg burned more because I had scraped it on the black top? I said I was cold so, the cop got me out a blanket and as he was covering me, I asked where my mom was and was she ok? 

The Cop then yelled, Hay, we have another victim? next there was this kid, his mom was with him crying? Now the rest of this story is true so, help me God , It seemed a long time before the ambulance came because there was a bad wreck out on the highway between Livermore and Pleasanton Cal. Someone  a young teenage I knew he was drinking had cross the line and went head on into a tree and killed one, his best friend , but 3 others all coming to the same hospital I was going to!  I remember asking "How is my mom doing?'

Finally someone yelled I found her she is down here on the next block, we need to get her in before the young man. I said yeah take her first, she's my mom but, they tried to keep me calm by saying lay still ,you are hurt and in pretty bad shape. We will take you together so, they loaded me up saying he has lost a lot of blood out of his mouth maybe, broken bone had gone into my lung but, I told them it was the stitches from the dentist That  is why, I am bleeding from the mouth, but, they strapped me in then they slid my mom in on the floor of the ambulance to get us both to the hospital. 

 I ask the guy in the ambulance if my mom was ok? He said yeah she is all right just lay still until we get you to the hospital, she will be alright.  I looked down at her and mom look like an angel only one little blood drop on her forehead which was from my mouth because the stitches came loss I was oozing blood.

 I said again How is my mom doing the guy said she will be alright just lay still. My head and leg and right shoulder  hurt real bad and as I just heard what the guy said but another very soft and warm voice said "ITS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT, YOUR MOTHER IS GOING TO DIE BUT, IT IS GOING TOO BE ALRIGHT."  

There were color balls floating all around and I felt so loved and warm, We were at the hospital pretty quick as they rolled us into the emergence room one of the doctors asked :does anyone know who their doctors are? Get their records and hurry I need to know who the doctor is I yelled out you are my doctor because it was the doctor who found my kidney stone only a few weeks ago. He pulled the curtain closed and started working on my mom while the nurse cut off my new black jeans and my new black jack, that's when I saw my left leg, it was the size of an elephants leg.

 The doctor that was working on me ordered x rays to see why I was bleeding out my mouth that's when I said for the fifth time " It is from the dentist who pulled out 4 or 5 teeth and stitched it. Then they seemed relieved so , I asked again, " how is  my mom doing the other doctor came over saying we are doing everything we can do. your mom will be ok just lay back we are taking you up to surgery to fix that knee before it gets any bigger, Funny thing happened as the were taking me in,  little color balls all fuzzy like and multicolored where floating all around me.

  I felt warm and loved and the voice came to me again saying don't be afraid " your mom is going to die but everything will be ok." then I passed out! I was taken to one room but one of the teens from the car wreck was yelling and moaning so the nurse in charge said he need to be in another room so they took me to a room down the hall.  

As I lay there this warm feeling came over me again with the same color lights and the warm voice said one last time " your mom had died but everything will be alright do not be afraid", about that time my dad showed up, he look at me and I said don't tell me, Mom is gone! Dad said who told you, I told everyone to keep it quit so I could tell you? I told him the story about the lights and the warm voice he just left the room as I passed out and drifted off to sleep again!

When I woke-up there was this lady saying how sorry she was, that her son Ronald was the one who hit me and my mom , Ronald James Kato  WHO'S NAME i WILL NEVER FORGET was leaning up against the wall of my room looking down at the floor as his poor mom was crying, again saying how sorry they all were, and that God would take care of my mom and see me through this horrible event ,which her son had caused?

 I yelled at her, told her to take her son and her God, and go to Hell! They left and my head was spinning and my leg and shoulder was on fire and hurt like all get out? My left collar-bone was broken and my left knee was broke from Ronald's 1955 Pontiac that had hit me and my mom. 

Then this minister shows up and starts telling me that all is in Gods great plan and my mom was with him now and in no pain. I screamed at him and told him to take he's God and shove it ,I said my mom was the best in our family and I was the worse so WHY DIDN'T I DIE INSTEAD? 

God's great plan huh, well I did not see any great plan and why was I left in all this pain knowing when I got better I was still going to the crazy Vietnam war anyway, to finish me off.  But, why did my mom have to die?  The minister could not answer except the good old stand by words of "GOD HAS A PLAN" 

Well he could just beat it! I hated God and I told him how unfair I thought he was? After I got out of the hospital about two weeks later I had a cast from my hip down to my foot and on couches trying to go back to school like everything was back to normal what ever the hell that meant? 

Where was God, WHERE WAS MY MOM? WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE?  These questions have nagged me all my life even after I found God again. In the spring of 1966 I finally got the cast off after having to wear it for 3 or 4 months and my left leg was as stiff as a board still,  and I was still using couches and the good old Army had not forgotten me, they sent me letters giving me time, then they wanted me to come in to see if I was in shape to go back into boot-camp, then off to the war! 

I went to see different doctors in April but, my leg was to stiff so, they gave me 45 more days, then I was to return for another exam. in the mean time I went to work at a shoe factory then in June I was called for another exams and failed because my knee was shot so Uncle Sam reclassified me to a 4-Y and set me free. 

I was never going to war, which was the Only good thing in all this, thank God! We had moved back to St. Louis where my mom was buried but, I hated it there, when I got the chance I took a bus back to Livermore , California to stay with my friend Calvin for about 2 months bad leg and all ,then I went back to St. Louis for another few months , then I flew back again to Livermore my home town I felt! 

It was January 01 1967  No jobs to work at, I was eating, drinking, and sleeping with my friends until I hit rock bottom. I asked "God  Kill me or give me something to live for, because I was sick of living this life of party, partying and more of the same.

 I saw NO REASON to go on? Then one day, I sent in for a magazine called the Plain Truth, printed by and from the " Radio Church of God " ran by Herbert W. Armstrong. I didn't know it yet, but God in his mercy had answered my prayer and my life changed forever!

It was in March of 1969 that God had made it possible for me to work at Ambassador Collage in Pasadena Ca. There I met my wife Marian  J. Stewart it was my cousin Linda Hart who had us meet, by asking if I wanted to help two girls move into an apartment?My friend named Jim Gerke went over to help them move in and we all became friends. AMEN AND AMEN! 

There are many stories since I left the World Wide Church but, that is another time. I hope that you can see how God can call anyone he wants to be saved! God wants all mankind to be saved that's why he sent Jesus Christ to hang on a cross so you and me can be under his grace. Give your heart to the Lord and believe you are saved.

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