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Great victory for FREE SPEECH IN THE UK Great victory for FREE SPEECH IN THE UK

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Great victory for FREE SPEECH IN THE UK

Posted by: admin on Thu, Jul 9, 2009

sent by Brother Bob

Great victory for FREE SPEECH IN THE UK
Bob Chapman, AUTHOR
Extreme Life Ministries Inc.®
20,000-strong Petition taken to the Queen, the Prime Minister and the House of Lords demonstrates concern of Christians on vital free speech and life issues.
Today-Praise God! Peers voted for free speech protection by 186 votes to 133. This is victory is of fundamental importance to Christians and to all who wish to discuss or criticise homosexual conduct freely, without the fear of 7 years’ imprisonment. We at CCFON, thank you for taking the time to contact Peers and to sign our Petition- collectively we have helped to make a difference.
Despite this great victory today, bear in mind that free speech continues to hang in the balance, as the House of Commons still has to agree to it.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, Barrister and Founder of Christian Concern for our Nation and the Christian Legal Centre, believes the vast majority of Christians and Church Leaders are still unaware of the impact the Bill could have had.
"We hope the Government, which has been trying to remove this free speech protection by the back door, will listen and heed how the House of Lords has voted today and will recognise that if they proceed with their plans, there will be an election coming up soon and Christians will vote in response to the way this Government has consistently marginalised and hindered freedom of speech for every citizen in this country."
Let us continue to pray that our freedom of speech will be protected when the Bill goes back to the Commons.
Andrea Minichiello Williams

Christian Concern for our Nation
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