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Posted by: admin on Tue, Oct 5, 2010

by Pastor Lynn King

~ In Christ ALONE!~



Years ago, during the days of the powerful Roman Empire, there existed a special-forces type unit referred to as the 'Thundering Legion'. This elite group of fighting men had greatly distinguished itself on the battlefield. It was led by a young commander, Camidus, who, in the course of his daily affairs, heard that God loved him and had sent His own Son, Jesus Christ, to die as a sacrifice for his sins, and then arisen from the dead to give him eternal life.

The young commander was so impacted that he was converted, placing his faith in Christ. He then shared his newly founded faith with his regiment, and each of the 39 soldiers under his command placed his faith in Christ alone for his salvation.

At the very time the regiment became more and more vocal about their faith in Christ, the Roman emperor became more and more insistent that HE be recognized as a god. In the end an ugly confrontation took place when the regiment was ordered by the Roman governor to sacrifice to idols. The regiment refused. All 40 fighting men were arrested and sent to a remote norther province. They were told to renounce their faith in Christ once and for all. Each one refused.

As punishment for their faith, the soldiers were marched out onto a frozen lake, stripped of their clothes, and loosely tied by a rope around their necks, that went from one soldier to another. They were told that they would be left upon the lake until they froze to death, but if they were to renounce their Savior, all they had to do was to slip the rope off, go up to the guard and renounce Christ. They would then be given a warm blanket and led to a nice hot bath to relieve the hypothermia.

As the guard went back to his post to get warm by the fire and watch the 40 nude soldiers, he heard them begin to chant,'40 soldiers, we stand strong in the strength of Christ and Christ alone!'. The chant continued until night fell and temperatures began to plummet. In the darkness, the sound became weaker and then faded altogether.

In the middle of the night, one cold soldier struggled to lift his arms, unwrap the rope around his neck and stumbled to the shore. In a barely audible voice he told the guard he couldn't stand the cold any longer and renounced Christ. He then fell into the warmth of a steaming Roman bath.

As the guard returned to his post, he heard a sound coming across the frozen lake.'39 soldiers, we stand strong, in the strength of Christ and Christ alone!'.He held his breath to listen more carefully, then heard it again. It grew louder and stronger. The guard was stunned. Who could provoke such conviction and commitment from his men? The guard suddenly knew it was Jesus! Slowly but surely, the guard made his way across the frozen lake, stripped off his clothes, put the rope around his neck and got in line with the 39 remaining soldiers, and shouted, 'I AM A CHRISTIAN!!' The chant rang out once more, only this time, it was louder and stronger than ever before...'40 soldiers we stand strong in the strength of Christ and Christ alone!!'.

When the sun arose the next morning, 40 men lie frozen to death on the surface of that lake! I can almost hear their voices even now, saying, '40 soldiers we stand strong in the strength of Christ and Christ alone!!'


Now, where would YOU rather have ended up? In the
temporary warmth of that Roman bath, or embraced
forever in the warmth of Christ's loving arms??

Me? 'World?...Jesus?...Goodbye world...Hello Savior!'

Come, Jesus COME!!!!!

~Personal note~

I am threatened almost every time I go out in my complex. I have come to think it is because of my faith in Christ. These misguided residents tend to think I am a push over because I will not fight with them, either verbally or physically. These threats are made by people who claim they are my friends. That is not my reasoning.

I will not fight with them because I am a follower of Christ. I am in, but not of this world. I usually just sit quietly and, if the Lord moves me to do so, I interject a comment, calmly and non-threateningly.

No, I am not a push over. I have the strength and wisdom of God. I pray for that daily. Sometimes it takes a peacemaker to face down and shut down a bully.

In Isaiah we are told that Christ went 'like a lamb to slauder', going quietly to the cross, with out uttering a sound. Who could be braver, wiser or stronger than He?

No, sometimes we have to look that bully in the eye and say, 'Not today, you don't!'. Forgive our enemy; keeping our friends close and our enemies closer, and pray for them.

Sometimes we must walk the walk and talk the talk, as Jesus did, and simply say, 'Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.'

And there are times when we must speak up, quietly, non-threateningly, and let our words be few; but let them, indeed, be heard.

Strength doesn't always come in the form of physical dominance. Sometimes it comes in the form of quiet determination, and with the wisdom of God!

Post Note: Right after I penned this article, I went home for Christmas. I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to relocate back home and found an apartment. God truly brought me out of Jericho and safely over the River Jordan. Although I know I am not to stay here, for now, it is my safe harbor. Some day soon, I will see my Promised Land!


Philippians 4:13 {KJV}

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

© Dec 17, 2009 Edited August 11, 2010
By Pastor Lynn King

By Just4Jesus


© 2010 Just4Jesus (All rights reserved)



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