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Just being the kingdom of God Just being the kingdom of God

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Just being the kingdom of God

Posted by: admin on Wed, Jun 23, 2010

Dr. Bob Chapman

Just being the kingdom of God


Last Sunday, between 3pm & 5pm, we held our second gathering of locals and city folk in Popanyinning; a small country town of about 150 souls. These gatherings are not just another church service, but a time when faithful disciples come together to pray for one another, pray for the healing of the sick in the community, pray for revival throughout the country, and to study the Bible verse-by-verse.


The focus of the teaching at these gatherings is on being the kingdom of God in the workplace and the community on a 24/7 basis.


There was a wonderful moment last Sunday, which confirmed just being the kingdom of God was beginning to happen in Popanyinning. It happened when Sam, a faithful disciples and owner of the local grocery store, told us what someone asked him just before he came to the gathering at the community hall. The person asking the question had been exposed to several of us who gather there on Sunday afternoons for fellowship and on Thursday mornings for prayer.


Sam told us that just as he headed off to the Sunday afternoon gathering, this man asked him, “Tell me, who’s the head among you lot?” Sam was able to say nobody; despite the fact that Jesus Christ is the head of God’s kingdom. But aside from the theology involved – what a great testimony about those gathering as God’s kingdom in that little town! This man could only see the kingdom of God in action and no “clergy” figure leading them. This speaks volumes about just being the kingdom of God in the world and living out the ministry call of God upon our lives.


The man who questioned Sam has met us all and we have all shared a little time with him on recent occasions and yet, as he watched us gather for prayer and fellowship in the community hall and at Sam’s eatery on Thursdays, he was unable to pick out “the reverend, the preacher, or the priest, etc” who the world normally associates with religion. All he saw were disciples ministering to him, to one another and to God.


Just being the kingdom of God on earth and going forth to minister to God in others every day and in every sphere of life we are exposed to is exactly what Jesus wants of us.



Dr. Bob Chapman

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