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Posted by: Michael Stevenson on Wed, Mar 9, 2011

Just What Is


Michael W. Stevenson,

Pastor General


Whatever it is called—Armageddon, doomsday, end of the world—these are all heart-stopping terms! Most religionists and “prophets of doom and gloom” use these terms! But, others are now using them too from scientists to national leaders. Could it really come to pass? Is “DOOMSDAY” right around the corner?

FOR many centuries now, man has been staring at a terrifying prospect of a world that is about to be done in—or at least says “prophets of doom” who freely speak their minds that the world is coming to an end! They proclaim that the “end of the world is near” and that mankind will not have a chance of survival! Most of these who preach this do so and are pictured as wearing what looks like an ankle-length “bedsheet” and opened sandals with big white beards. Most humans are shocked when they see someone normal like you and I saying this same thing.

 For most people, the “prophets of doom” are also seen with their eyes burning in darkened sockets that are sunk deep into their faces. They carry a placard or signs around their necks, with the signs usually stating “the end of the world is near!” These “prophets of doom” also are seen as saying that it is time to repent or else!

 This is often referred to as a “Jeremiad.” The term means “…a prolonged lamentation or complaint by one who is pessimistic about the present and who forsees a calamitous future.” We see this is also sometimes referred to most religions. This definition is take from a misunderstanding of the Old Testament who was seen by many to have been a “prophet of doom” which was never the case. Jeremiah was never speaking of an “end of the world” just as none of the prophets of the Bible never spoke of an end of the world!

 Of course, to date, all such individuals that are considered “prophets of doom” have ended up with egg on their faces since their prophecies never have come to pass, and through time there have been many. The world is still here so says the public—or at least this is the popular opinion of the world—for the world believes that these men are wrong and thus the Bible is wrong also.

 Because of the false prophets, we see that many have placed a lot of fault onto the prophets of the Bible.


 This is largely in part due to many thinking that these false prophets are wrong, so then all prophets are wrong—including those of the Bible!

 But, today, we get scientists and world leaders proclaiming that unless something is done about the nuclear threat; then there will be a day of doom and that the world will come to an end in a fiery nuclear war.


Real Optimist


On the other side of the issue, there is the “cockeyed optimists” who, in spite of the pressing realities of pollution, over population of the world, increase of wars and the threat of new conflicts each day and also youth who are rebelling and showing more signs of increasing violence alongside of increasing breakdown of world morality as the world seeks further and further to reach out to those things which are harmful to the body such as drugs, and also something which is NOT appropriate such as sex outside of marriage and more. With all this, there are those that say that there are “greater things ahead for this present world” and that there “could be nothing which will change this present world, but will bring us to a better future through human efforts.”

 Everything that we see around us must have intervention—intervention that is not of human hands, but rather, intervention which comes from a more Divine source—thus, the whole message of the Church of God has always been to announce the awesome world tomorrow—a fact that will be realized. But more on this later!


Both Views of Doomsday and Optimism Are Wrong!


Neither the viewpoint of doomsday nor that of optimism are correct.

 The world is never going to end! Not soon—not ever! This planet has a permanent and vital place within this universe in which it has been placed! So then, mankind will never bring about his own destruction—almost, but, not now and not ever!

 There is going to be an awesome, new world tomorrow and it is going to be the best good news of a hope for tomorrow—for it will be a real peace and plenty. Such a world is just around the corner and is getting much closer than you realize!

 But, it will never be brought about the efforts of mankind—for it will be introduced regardless of mankind! You will see that mankind will have no control over it!

 For this vital information, you need to understand! So therefore, we now will present to you the awesome news of tomorrow’s world—a world which will be far more awesome than you realize now!


Just What Does “End of the World” Really Mean?


First off, we need to look at where this came from. Let’s examine one such place in Matthew 24:3 “…The disciples came to him (Jesus Christ) privately, saying, Tell us…what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the END OF THE WORLD?”Notice the phrase here “the end of the world” which is related often to the return of Jesus Christ to this earth. Does this mean that there will be any literal end to the world? NO! Not at all!

 The “world” as stated in this verse comes from the Greek word aion which does not show physical globe that we call “world!” But, it rather means “age” and has been rendered by a number of other various Bible translations.



Paul had described this time saying “…In the last days the times will be full of danger…”—2 Timothy 3:1, Phillips translation.

 The awesome return of Jesus Christ signifies the conclusion of this age and the commencement of another—a millennial age—upon this very earth. Beginning at His very arrival, Christ will subdue all earthly kingdom and assume the reigns of this present world government (Dan. 2:44; Rev. 11:15). This will signal the opening of a thousand-year period known prophetically as the millennium. It is going to be a time of constantly growing peace, prosperity and plenty. It will be a period of the rebuilding of this earth which has been ravaged by the wars and calamities which were brought about by mankind. This will be the most awesome age to occur in history and most who are alive at the time of this article being written will live to see that day come about!


 There will be a time of great ecological restoration which will come be established and after a while even the old cities of this present age will be rebuilt (Acts 3:20-21; Isaiah 61:4) and most of all, the rebuilding of it all will be done by an orderly and sensible manner. There is going to be no urban sprawl as we are seeing today, no slums will exist in the cities of that awesome world tomorrow. For it is going to be God’s world, established under His laws and commandments. God is not the author of confusion and so there will be no confusion (1 Cor. 14:33, 40). The world of today is a world of chaos, the cities are run down, urban sprawl, smog, unhealthy lifestyles and slums. We see a world that today is growing worse and worse. But, the world of tomorrow will be orderly and pollution free, it will be a world that many today cannot imagine. But for the elect of God—those in God’s Church—we can imagine it and sometimes we speak about it and we sing about it.


So Then, the End of This Present Age Comes


Before the Millennial rule of Christ, man’s allotted 6,000 years must come to a final and tumultuous climax! It is like a dramatic movie—the final scene before the good has to come to its end. We find many prophecies which speak about what will happen and those prophecies must be fulfilled in a brief period of time. In the Bible, this mind-shattering climatic period of time is also known as the “time of the end.”

 Paul had described this time saying “…In the last days the times will be full of danger…”—2 Timothy 3:1, Phillips translation. Conditions on earth will be so dangerous that all life, human and otherwise will be faced with the incredible threat of extinction and only the intervention of Jesus Christ returning will be able to prevent this global catastrophe from happening. Notice what Jesus Himself described this period of time that will take place: “And except those days should be shortened there should no flesh be saved (alive)…”—Matt. 24:22. Yes, Christ is the only One who can stop this from happening.


Standing On the Brink of Cosmocide


In recent decades, the technological knowledge has rapidly increased at an alarming rate. But so has man’s troubles—to the point man has increasingly built up his own arms of many types of weapons including nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction and so forth. We seen weapons of mass destruction as a threat very recently in nations like Iraq and even in the hands of terrorists, these weapons are possible.


 It is because man does not have wisdom to control or use this technology. Man is seeking more and more types of weapons and yet, he does not have the ability to control his ability to use it—he is beginning to find himself staring at a true brink of cosmocide.

 Yet newer and more bizarre weapons of mass destruction are on the drawing boards almost daily around the world in all sorts of countries. Iran now has the ability to produce uranium and other nations are soon to follow. Iran is a real threat since it has as a bed fellow, terrorists. We have military satellites which orbit above our heads. Lasers and so forth are increasing. What we see is a real threat—a threat of great destruction.

 But, the solution to war and international conflict is not a change of weapons to more lethal and deadly weapons, nor is it the stockpiling of existing weapons of mass destruction—but, it is a change of heart for man. Man needs to develop the wisdom to avoid war—not to increase weapons. Man needs to develop the right wisdom. King Solomon had said that “Wisdom is better than weapons of war: but (weapons in the hands of?) one sinner destroyeth much good”—Eccl. 9:18.


So When Will Christ Return to Bring Change?


This has been the question of the ages! Great theologians have always pondered this question. Religionists of all faiths have cried “wolf” too many times. The public is growing more and more skeptical at the thought. Society has even coined an expression which mirrors this doubt. When someone is slow at arriving, people say that “He’s slower than the second coming of Jesus Christ.”

 God, as we know, prophetically anticipated this attitude as we read from Peter’s own words that “…There shall come in the last days scoffers…saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation”—2 Peter 3:3-4.

 The Prophet Ezekiel also spoke concerning this feeling that the return f Christ and the accompanying prophecies were not working out as anticipated. He expressed in these words: “Again a message came to me from the Lord: ‘Son of dust, what is that proverb they quote in Israel (modern America and Britain)—“The days as they pass make liars out of every prophet”’”—Ezek. 12:21-22, Living Psalms and Proverbs with the Major Prophets Paraphrased.

 But, the time has now come to stop this doubting, skeptical and cynical attitude which is all around us! This is the “end-time” of this present age and prophecies are now being fulfilled in a tremendous way as never before! Matthew 24 is now being fulfilled in our very day!

 “The Lord God says, I will put an end to this proverb and they will soon stop saying it. Give them this one instead: ‘The time has come for all these prophecies to be fulfilled’”—Ezek. 12:23.

 We are now living in the one generation that will see the fulfillment of all latter day prophecy—for we have never witnessed such great events in the history of tis world! Matthew 24:34 explains it! Read the scriptures and prove them for yourself and you will see that what we are saying is true!


False Prophets Always Cry “Wolf”


For centuries now there have been false and misleading prophets who are the adversaries of God and they come to delude man into expecting the imminent return of the Messiah. Satan loves to send these false prophets! But, it should also be of no surprise because Satan has blinded the eyes of mankind (Rev. 12:9) and using his own false prophets is one such tool that he will use! Because of the false prophets who have said that Christ will return at the times that they have set, there have been great letdowns and now, people are all skeptical in regards to Christ even returning. Satan wanted for this to happen! Because when God’s true people stand up to announce the return of Christ, a “once bitten, twice shy” public will not believe it! They had heard it too many times and won’t want to believe true Christians when they declare the second coming of Christ!

 So then, just who can you really trust? Before believing any words of “alleged prophets” of God, you need to “…believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they be of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world”—1 John 4:1. You need to therefore prove for your own selves what is said and prove who God’s true servants really are!

 God always says that when He does something major, He will inform His servants first (Amos 3:7). God’s Word, the Bible tells us how to recognize the conditions of the last days and what we can do. It also tells us what it will be like just prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ! The signs which Jesus Christ gave to His disciples are all listed within Matthew 24. He listed wars and rumors of wars, famines, diseases, religious fervor which would cause great false religious leaders to rise up. You need to read what Christ listed in Matt. 24:3-15 and 2 Thessalonians 2:3-9. Accompanying all of this would be persistent rumors that Christ’s already has taken place (2 Thess. 2:1-2). Notice also Matt. 24:23-24. Therefore, it should be noticeable for you so that you are not deceived—for yes, many are going to be deceived!

 God has plainly told us to “Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh”—Matt. 25:13. This Work has never set an exact date for the return of Christ! After all, who are we to say when Christ is going to return to earth?

 Though we cannot know at this time the precise day of the return of Christ, we can know about the time in history. We can watch the news of the world to see the fulfillment of prophecies. We can then look at God’s Word. When we see these things being fulfilled, then we can also see and recognize the soon return of Christ’s arrival. John the Baptist had prepared the way for the first coming of the Messiah, so this Work is also seeking to prepare the way for His second coming (Mal. 4:5-6.


So What Can We Do?


In light of this time of human history, many readers have asked: What can I do as an individual?”

 You need to watch world news. Study the prophecies listed in your own Bible and see for yourself, proving all things for yourself. Observe the fulfillment each day in your newspaper (Luke 21:36). Realize then that “…when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the door”—Matt. 24:33,

 You need to become serious about your relationship with the Creator and to prove that the Bible is God’s Inspired Word. Find out where God is working and get involved!

 Compare what you read with what is being said. Take your Bible and use it to prove what men are saying!

 Remember that there will be no “doomsday”—but that this world will change into a beautiful and awesome new world tomorrow when the rule of man will end and the rule of God will begin—the most awesome time ever! Yes, that world tomorrow is near and you can have a part in God’s true Government by watching and doing!


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