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Posted by: admin on Sat, Dec 10, 2016

Learning to be a light to the world ,like Jesus told us to do.


by Chaplain /Founder Jimmie Warren

I want to have the shining light that the Lord put on me personally, then ask if you have you seen this same light in yourself ? The Bible has many scriptures concerning "the light." Some, talk about shining your light on others, while others can come forth out of their own darkness and share their light to the world. I want to add the scriptures for you to read from your own Bibles. Please take the time to look them up at your own pleasure.

I want to turn my spot and shine the light Christians have when we start to change into a New Being after being baptized. When we accept the Good News of the gospel, it becomes our light generator to see truth. It is through JESUS/YESHUA who came into this world of darkness to fill it with light about our fathers plan for Salvation through grace.(Matthew 1:16)

Anyone who can see the truth in the only begotten son of our father in heaven, they will be filled with the Holy Ghost, who’s job it is to open our physical eyes and mind to the secrete plan which is Jesus and his father had planed before anything was made. See I am writing about the plan for everything in Heaven and Earth and below the earth shall all be shining because of this light so, let’s get started on when this light opened my eyes to see and serve the Lord God ELOHIM.

The Jewish Priest was in darkness and refused to except that Jesus was their Messiah in (ACTS 3:15-21)

The Jews lived in darkness and refused to see or believe that YESHUS/JESUS was indeed the messiah of God and he was who they killed, by using the laws of Moses. The Vail of Moses blinded them while their Savior, the worlds Savior, was hung on a cross which end their Sacrifices & laws of old. (ACTS 3:21-26)

The Leaders & elders all tried to hush up what all Jesus /Yeshua had given them the truth (ACTS 4:10-12)

There is no other name that ANYONE, can be saved by, yes no one else in the world whose name God has given unto man, by whom anyone can be saved. (ACTS 9:10-22)

In the book of ACTS we see Saul who becomes Paul, which was taught by JESUS CHRIST himself the Good News and Plan of the Father ELOHIM (ACTS 9: 10-22)

Paul was struck down by a light from the sky which flashed all around him. (ACTS 9:3-5)

Saul fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him "Saul, Saul why do you persecute me? Who are you Lord? He asked "I AM JESUS, WHOM YOU PERSECUTED." So, here we see what can happen to us if we are in the dark not knowing what the Gospel is and what Gods secret plan is for those who are his true children.

You see being raised in the back of a church when I was young, I wanted to meet this guy JESUS. I mean all the neat things he did for people like you and me, like healing people at our tent meetings, and revivals where people were testifying everyday how if it wasn't’t for Jesus they or someone they knew wouldn't’t be alive because of the things the did or knew. Jesus did this and Jesus did that for people all the time. I saw some Christians throw away their beliefs and walk away from the truth back into darkness and it would make me cry.

Here I was to young to get baptized while others, older people, they would quit church, I just didn't’t understand why? Here I wanted to get baptized when I was about 5 or 6 years old but, my Grandmother who was the preacher would say NO, because I was too young. She had baptized my aunt Wanda who had just turned 12, I was now much older see I was turning 7 years old and I thought I knew who Jesus was so, why not baptize me? The Bible said "do not forbid the little children to come to me." I was a little child and pretty well knew my Bible, I was going to church more than other children, by being raised up in a church, so why couldn't’t I be baptized? I had given my heart to the Lord and I felt I was ready so, one summer day at the public swimming pool my Aunt Wanda said " Jimmie do you believe in Jesus as your Savior and Lord ? I said yes, then she baptized me under the water while saying these words " in the name of Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Ghost and by the name of the Father"she was say all this while I was still under water. I thought I was going to drown when she let me up and I said, I am saved Amen! I went around for days saying I am saved, I am saved, Thank you Jesus, I am waiting for whatever gift you would have me do to serve Almighty God.

I was in love with church and everything church was, from singing songs, to prayers, to testifying, to let others know I was a child of God and proud of it. This was in 1954 I had willingly given my life to God forever.

Then it was the 60"s and rock n roll was in my life and church didn't’t seem right but going out in the dark and being a good teenager running around drinking, dancing and having sex took my mind off God and Jesus and this world of darkness seemed more fun and right and I followed my feeling and went with whatever seemed fun which the god of this world wants all people to do.

Read my testimony of trials and denials as God let me know of his plan for me and the purpose he wanted me to see his light and his truth. From 1977-1999 I quit reading the Bible, mostly gave up on God and his word, worse yet, I tried to hid my light from others.

See (Matthew 5:13-16)

After my mother was killed by a car on December 20TH 1965 we had just come from the dentist where I had three teeth pulled and was walking home just before dark. I had said come on mom we can make it there are no cars coming, from the left or right. I held out my hand to her as I stepped into the four lane street, mom took hold of my hand, we were in the middle of the street because I remember looking down and seeing the double yellow line. Honey (Moms love name)said look out Jimmie we could get hit out here. I looked again to our left then to the cars about 4 or 5 blocks away to our right when Bam the lights went out like someone turned of a switch. It was black as night then very slowly a Cop was asking me what had happened? I said I don’t know for sure I guess we were hit by a car or something. The cop said we, who was with you I said my mom and he yelled look for this kids mom there was two of them then I faded out again God was with me. I just did not see it until later when I could look back on why I was still alive and blessed with a wife and two wonderful sons in just ten years, then I was called into the ministry in February 1999,Oh what a wonderful God we have Amen!

I am now almost 65 years old this March 17TH back when everything looked pretty dark with not much to look forward to God let me hit bottom in 1966 when I thought every bottle of booze was to drink and every women friend was to go to bed with then it all ended for various reasons and I found myself one night in the pouring rain in a muddy field screaming at God to end my worthless life or show me a new way to live because I couldn't’t take it anymore. The next day I found a Plain Truth Magazine and began going to church and by September 1967 I was re-baptized and reading the Bible everyday then had a wonderful new life in the Lord with hope in the resurrection of Christ knowing I would one day see my mother again and she would see I came back to God. I saw the error of my ways then like a light switch I started seeing Gods truth.

God showed me his light I shared this light of the Gospel of freedom through Jesus Christ’s Blood for he is the light. I lived under the old laws of the Old Testimony until the Light of Christ opened my eyes and mind to become like the light of the New Testament which all Christians who follow the light by the power of the Holy Ghost who shines on us all who keep in the words of the Bible.

As I try to follow what God shows me to do, I fight daily to stay true to God with the dark side of my past always causing me to either fail God or worse yet to do nothing. I thank God all the time of showing me the light and of knowing his plan of salvation for all mankind. I am not normally a writer but God gives me what to write, when I think of something like this article I get out a pencil and a tablet and start writing as it comes to mind? I start putting down whatever subject God wants then I type it out or hand pick it out I should say, then spell check it on my computer. When I go back and read the articles I write My eyes fill with tears sometimes for it is not me writing but the Holy spirit because I am not a writer. It is all because God opened my mind to his light and because of his grace. I feel complied to share this light of the gospel and of the good news of the soon coming kingdom of God here on earth.

I pray some of you reading this will have your hearts and minds opened to the wonderful light of our savior Jesus Christ. In ACTS chapter 13 the Jews do not consider themselves worthy of eternal life so Paul said "we will leave you and go to the gentiles which is the rest of the world see ACTS 13:47 "I have set you to be a light for the gentiles to be the way of salvation for the whole world." Vs 48 shows that the gentiles rejoiced and praised the Lords message in

(ACTS 16:14-15)

This shows how God opens your minds it also shows God working with a women which some men hate to see because they think God only works with men, but as you can see in my article "WOMEN ARE EQUAL IN THE EYES OF THE LORD" Further on in ACTS chapter 16 vs 31 shows what anyone who believes can do Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved-you and your family (vs 33) shows the jailer and his family were baptized. Many more women of high society along with many Greek men also believed the real truth of these scriptures.

As a good study in the book of ACTS you will see in (ACTS 17:27) God is actually not far from any of us; in Romans 2:19) the Jews say they by the law would guide people from being blind and be a light for all those who are in darkness. Read Romans 4:1-8) Let the light open your mind to the truth it is not by any works or laws that save you but it is by your faith in JESUS CHRIST our Lord and master. Read further in the book of Romans chapter 4 also All of chapter 5 of Romans from Adam to Christ death spread to the whole human race and by the Blood of Jesus and being raised from the dead and sitting at the right hand of the Father God all who believe will be saved. Amen!

All these scriptures show what the true light is but many will not believe they will just go on listen to ministers who preach dead works or follow dead laws that cannot save anyone but, The old laws lead to death .Jesus fulfilled all the law he did not do away with it but did it all so we could come before the Father covered in his blood innocent from sins of law for where there is no law there is no sin. Even after Jesus showed himself to some they would not believe even with him standing right in front of them. I myself was pretty hard headed and would keep doing bad and good. Without knowing Gods secrete PLAN OF LIFE FOREVER AND EVER THIS IS THE MESSAGE OF THE TRUE GOSPEL OF OUR Lord Jesus Christ.

In the book Of I Corinthians 10:10&11) all these things happened to them as examples for others and they were written down as a warning for all of us today. We live in the time of the end go on read the whole chapter (I Cor.10:10-33)

How many of you asked what you do, what you have been the same thing in serving God?

(1 Cor.12:1-310 THERE IS A LOT TO DO YET .Do it for the Lord and he is the light who opens your minds and hearts to know salvation. Preaching the Good News every day to someone and spreading your light of truth. Love one another as JESUS loved us this means to love everyone every day. We must pray for each other all the time.(1Corinthians.13:2-1);(1Corth 14:1-12) gifts from the spirit are shown here in these verses, see(1Corth.15:50-58);(Ephesians 5:7-15) Truth is the light and the light is righteousness and truth.,this light is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Follow all the words of God every day with fasting and prayers, doing these things will lead us all to the saving light of Jesus. In verse 14 Wake up sleeper rise from the dead! And Christ will shine upon you. In Hebrews 6:4)Again the Light of God is knowing his plan of salvation of Jesus Christ death for all mans sins, thus back to everyone must repent remember all thing are possible thru God so, I think God can forgive again and again as shown in the old testament which shows God forgives Israel over and over again.

To see the whole plan of God from the old law to the New one which Gods only begotten son Jesus died for all mankind sins. Christ said love one another as I have loved you. The light that opened my eyes was the Spirit of the law as seen in the book of Hebrews chapters 7,8,9 the Lord said " I will put my write put my laws in their minds, I will write them on their hearts and will be their God, and they will be my people.

Hebrews 9:23-28)Christ's sacrifice takes away all our sins. Also Hebrews 10:9-10) Christ used his own body as a sacrifice once and for all. Amen again Hebrews 10:12-17 all our sins are forgiving forever this is the light at work in you and me. Further on in vs 32;36 have you seen Gods light, we all need to be patient as promised made by our Father God also sees us vs.37-39:we who have faith and are saved this is the light I hope you can see past the dark behind what most churches with their scare tactics of a ever burning hell and being lost forever -it is up to you to see or be blinded by this darkness of the world? If you really look hard you can see past the dark, light coming like dawn on the horizon. Read (1 John 1:5) the message from Gods only begotten Son telling us God is light!

There is no darkness in or near him at all! (1 John 1:7-10) before becoming a follower and believer in Jesus all of us lived in sin which is the darkness of Satan and his world of money. It is JESUS CHRIST who is the light which makes all who believe in him will be free from darkness forever living in the light 1 john :1-6 to be a real "Christian" meaning to be just like JESUS, live like Jesus who sends the Holy Ghost to open our fleshly eyes so we can see the truth God Almighty sent his light so we can see forever more in vs.8 we see "the darkness is passing away, and the real light is already shining".

(1 john 2:10 He who loves his brother stays in the light".

(vs,17)—but he who does what GOD wants will live forever.

(Vs.20)–you have had the HOLY GHOST poured out on you by Christ so all of you know the truth.

(1 john 3:11-18) true love for everyone is the answer to the light.

In closing one more time"the light of GOD shines through, then you too will in the light of you own god.

I pray this article helps many to come back to a all loving Father GOD .if you have not opened your heart ask god right now to turn your light on in the loving name of the light JESUS CHRIST. .Amen

your humbled fellow servant trying to hold on and hear those wonderful words "well done my good and faithful servant.

Bishop Jimmie W. Warren 

admin · 10 years ago

To all my fellow servants and friends who wish for this work to grow pray that the Lord keeps be humble and to not listen to those who would put our effords in sharing the word of God.There are a few LAW KEEPERS just like there was in Jesus time who want us to preach old laws which was to last until Jesus came and when he did he fulfilled them all nailing them to his cross that ALL MANKIND would be saved .Funny some think I am wasting my time doing this work to help others making statments that this site has not helpped saved a single soul yet oh the other hand offering to buy this site? If we are a failure as some think why offer to buy us out to put up their ideas on what should be said here like preaching heavy burdens of the old laws given to the 12 tribes of Isreal through Moses until their Messiah was to come and when he did they killed him using their own religion what a lark! My friends RELIGION KILLS,even SATAN has and loves religion do you? It is not religion that saves it is GRACE and not WORKS OF LAWS, REPENT OF JUDGEING OTHERS the real Judge is coming and thankfully it is God alone who is our judge Amen

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