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Posted by: admin on Mon, Apr 24, 2017

All things were created for the Good pleasure of Elohim


 Life, what IT is    
Is it just an accident? Are we born for no reason, then just get old & die? All things were created for the Good pleasure of Elohim. 
(Especially mankind). Rev 4:11

There are libraries full of books about life. Many authors try to explain it. There is the animal 
world, and the flora world. Evolutionists believe we are a combination of both at the beginning of life. There is no guessing about it, evolutionists for the most part are atheists. Except some like the Pope, who is quoted that he believes in evolution, and Darwin himself.

A quote from his book the Origin of species. "There is grandeur in this view of life, with it's 
several powers, having been originally breathed by The Creator into a few forms." In his book 
there are so many assumptions that it should be called the Fictional Beginning of Life.
In the library, it should be put in the fairy tale section. Since writing his book, many scientists in 
their own specialised field have debunked his theory. The modern paleontologists and 
archaeologists will find a bone and try to construct, in theory, a whole body complete with artists 
drawings.Piltdown, Java, Cro-magnon, Lucy, Ida, Neanderthal & Nebraska man have been found to be frauds. These atheist scientists will do anything it takes to prove there is no creator. And of course to get their names in science books. One of the most glaring reason why evolution is a lie.

The hundreds of thousands of fossils they have come across, not one has ever shown
that there was a transition from one species to another. To have a word like evolution,
you have to show that something evolved. Case closed, unless you have any evidence.
 -James Gerke

What's Happening?

Are we in the last days? Or is our society just falling apart: physically, morally, and going broke? 
Here are some reasons it's all happening. I believe that the beginning started in the 60's, which 
isn't surprising . In the 30's, 40's & 50's, when I grew up, children had respect for their parents, 
teachers, and all elders.
At the tail end of the 50's when the hippy cult started. I remembered being shocked,when I saw a long haired hippy cross the street against a red light. Then the 60's hit hard and it was the youth against the normal way of life, the riots against the war, and drugs. It was the beginning of many divorces and the break down of families.

There was also a ban on corporal punishment in public schools. In the years that followed, and to this day, many children feel they can get away with anything. Lack of respect and attacks on 
teachers and parents have escalated since then, and the break down of the family goes on.

Then the government lifted the ban on movie censorship and other entertainment.  Between the 
hippies, free sex and nudity in films, it awakened the natural curiosity of people and young 
children that were caught in the middle.

This started the beginning of the major pornography industry and morality took a nose dive even further. Some where in the middle of all this, along came the anti pregnancy pill. It was like sex had just been invented, and sexual diseases followed right along.

Then in 1973 the Supreme Court ruling made abortion legal, destroying the sanctity of life. All of 
the above and much more, caused people of Christian beliefs and morals to try, to make 
changes. That is when the atheists, abortionists, news media, movie, T.V and entertainment 
industry started attacking Christians that spoke against these things, to the point of their hate for Christians
The decline of health in this country has to go back to the 50's when fast food restaurants and 
their franchises started. Instead of the brown bag lunch of a sandwich, jar of milk, 2 cookies, and apple that our mothers made for us. The kids now a days head for a big Mac and a large coke and fries.

They do the same thing after school, and some times with the whole family at night. If this 
doesn't sound like you, there are plenty that do. The people in this country are the fattest bunch 
of couch potatoes and the sickest in the civilised world.

To cap the whole story, it is greed. People want things, even if they can't afford it, and they want 
it NOW. The credit card, low interest rates for all, is still taken advantage of. They bought a 
house, furniture, cars, (every one has 2) plenty of adult toys, that everyone else has. Why 
shouldn't I have the things I want, I can use my credit card like everyone else. This might be o.k if you haven't 
over done it and still have a job. The U.S Government has done the same thing, 
except with our money. The interest payed on the dept that the U.S has borrowed is 70 Billion 
A Day.

The Democrats and Republicans spent, borrowed, and printed us into bankruptcy and they have not let up. Many of the widely known and respected economists believe we are in for a major crash. Especially when our president has quadrupled our dept. They made it impossible to get out of this hole, with out an economic crash of major proportions. Got any good ideas? Make a wish.
 -James Gerke.
The bad economy has gotten very close to me now, I sell lots to people on agreement of sale.  
Because of the downturn in the economy, the lots have shrunk in value. Some of my buyers have bailed out of their contracts by just walking away. I have been though up turns, and I have been in down turns.  The price of properties goes way up & goes way down.  At this point in time I don't know if the property is going to go back up or not. At this point and time again I will have to just sit back and wait to see what happens.  There are many people here on the big Island that are in the same predicament.  Many have lost their houses, and some are even homeless now, with no place to go.  The economy is not localized.  It is worldwide and is all about greed, and people want to live on credit before they earn the money to buy things.  I think most people are waiting to see what happens.

Some people believe that not only is the weather & natural disasters happening, but it is also of 
biblical proportions.  If our creator wanted you to start a tribulation that is prophesied in the Bible, this would be a good time to start. It is not just the oil spill that I'm talking about, but add all the other things, like the wars and rumors of wars.  There are earthquakes in different places, Canada just had one.  There are tsunamis, hurricanes and floods all over.  Even the scientists say that the sun is off kilter and does not have its regular cycle. What makes it even worse is that financial crisis all over the world.  People are out of work, and they are losing their houses.  Many economists think that it will get even worse. In my 75 years, I have never seen the crime as bad as as it is now. At least two or three times a week there are families that have killed their children or the children  have killed their parents It is just a real mess. We will see more home invasions as more people lose their jobs.  It seems like a crisis of no return. There is one sure way to stop it all, and that is when our Savior the Messiah comes back.  In all his glory and splendor,  many are waiting for that time. Our Savior could stop that oil spill with a snap of his fingers,  or just his word. The Bible said, don't be dismayed it is only the beginning of sorrows.

SPEAK TO ME by Frank Haines

Oh Lord speak to me
Tell me how you feel
Oh Lord speak to me
I want to know what’s real

I know your right here next to me
With your outstretched hand
Waiting oh so patiently
For me to take a stand

Speak to me oh Jesus
Speak to me my Lord
Set me on the path
I am to follow

Speak to me oh Jesus
Speak to me my god
Grace me with the presence
Of your spirit

Oh Lord speak to me
Tell me how you feel
Oh Lord speak to me
I want to know what’s real

I can feel you loving me
So faithfully
It calls me to walk with you
So hopefully

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