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Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way-now affiliated minister. Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way-now affiliated minister.

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Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way-now affiliated minister.

Posted by: admin on Fri, Aug 28, 2009

The CAC warmly welcomes Jimmie Warren as a newly-affiliated minister.

Dual Affiliation

We here of Simple Salvation a free church in YESHUA /JESUS Believe everyone in all Christian churches are brothers and sisters in our Lord God Almighty and have joined with many other church groups all in one body,that of our Lord and Savior Yeshua Messiah Jesus .As founder of Simple Salvation I Bishop Jimmie Warren am glad to be partners with this great church who believe in freedom of worship and joining hands as we all strive to become true heirs and children of God.

Our dear brother Michael  Wrenn want you all to know we agee on most spiritual matters and we also agree to disagree on some issues but keep everything to the Lord Jesus,for it isn't about which church is better but we are all one in Christ Amen
I hope you will join me as I wish all the brothers and sisters bless it be to the Lord for we are one!

The CAC, in the spirit of Christian unity and charity, allows its members to have dual affiliations with other Christian communions; however, the CAC does not permit dual affiliation with those communions with principles diametrically opposed to those of the CAC, such as, but not limited to, the ordination of self-avowed, practicing homosexuals or the performing of same-sex unions or "marriages".

Further, the CAC affirms that any such appellation as "Christian Hindu", etc., is a misunderstanding of the Christian faith. The monotheism of Christianity is incompatible with such things as the polytheism of Hinduism.

However, the CAC does affirm that anything good in a religion, and in general the religious impulse in humans, represents God's reaching out to people and people's responding to God with the light they have been given. This is fully in accord with Quakerism, Wesleyanism, Arminianism, and Celtic Christianity. For instance, Native American spirituality and Celtic spirituality share some common emphases, such as a reverence for the earth as God's creation.

For those who would criticize the belief of the CAC that the good in any religion is a reflection of God and accuse us of syncretism, they should examine their own practices. Do they allow their children to trick-or-treat on Halloween? Do they celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25, knowing that Jesus was not born on this date, but that this was incorporated from the Winter Solstice celebrations of all the world's religions which commemorated the return of the sun god? Do they allow their children to have toy bunny rabbits and hunt "Easter" eggs -- and on church property -- mingling symbols of an ancient fertility rite with a celebration of the Resurrection of Christ? Now the CAC does not condemn these things; they are done in innocence by Christians of goodwill. Further, this shows a certain commonality between all cultures. These things are mentioned here just to show how some can become fanatical about anything.

The CAC will always affirm the Quaker and Wesleyan view of John 1:9, but this in no way supports the idea that all religions are one and the same, or that Christianity is compatible with them. The CAC opposes dual affiliation with non-Christian religions.

The CAC is opposed to syncretism --the attempted blending of irreconcilable principles. The CAC is a "middle way" between theological extremes, and we seek to be eclectic within the Celtic and Anabaptist heritage, but in no way are we in favor of syncretism. This is the surest path to a one-world religion which we explicitly disavow.

Therefore, the CAC will seek to assure that all its members are in agreement with and fully supportive of the stated CAC Principles, regardless of any dual affiliation.

The CAC is pleased to announce the following persons consecrated or received as bishops in our communion:

Note: This list is in no particular order. CAC bishops listed here: - if you would like your information updated - please click here.


Abp. Michael Wrenn

Michael, pictured here with his wife, Annette, is founder and presiding bishop of the Celtic Anabaptist Communion.

Email Abp. Wrenn

Ronald Douglas Henson


Ronald is an ordained elder in the Fundamental Methodist Church; he is retired and living in Denison, Texas. The Celtic Anabaptist Communion recognized his minister's orders and issued him a Certificate of Ordination as pastor/priest; later the CAC honored him for his five decades of service to the church by recognizing him as "Bishop Emeritus" in the Celtic Anabaptist Communion.

Email Bishop Emeritus Ronald Henson

Charles Moreland

"Chuck" lives in Roseville, Ohio; he is presently doing itinerant preaching.
Email Charles Moreland

Ron Gillis

Ron lives in Bangor, Maine; he had been a Salvation Army pastor in Boston, MA, pastor of Washburn Memorial Church in Sherman Mills, ME, and pastor of Whittier Congregational Church in Island Falls, ME.

Email Ron Gillis

Roger L. Edens

Roger Edens resides in Elwood, Indiana. An ordained minister, chaplain, and registered nurse, Roger was the Senior Pastor of a United Methodist Church and is presently the Assistant Pastor of a Wesleyan Church.

Roger is pictured here with his wife, Shelly. He and Shelly have been married for 34 years; they have one son and one grandson.

Among Roger's many accomplishments:

Graduate of Indiana University with a degree in nursing. Indiana licensed Registered Nurse since 1971. Specialized in nursing supervision, management and administration. Certified asa "QMRP" (Qualified Mental Retardation Professional).

Graduate of The Indiana Area Local Pastors License School, 1996.

Other degrees:
Bachelor of Bible Philosophy; Master of Arts in Theology; Doctor of Divinity; Doctor of Metaphysics; Doctor of Practical Theology; Doctor of Sacred Theology.

Graduate of numerous other courses in Bible, Theology, Supervision, Management, Administration and Motivation.

Commissioned as a "Kentucky Colonel" by the Governor ofthe Commonwealth (State) of Kentucky in May, 2003.

Indiana State Commander of The Emergency Medical and Community Chaplains Association (TEMCCA).

Member of the Templar Order of Chaplains; Member of the Templar Order of the Holy Cross; Member of The Prayer Foundation; Member of the Indiana Sheriff's Association; Member of the United States Lighthouse Society; Member of The Presidential Prayer Team; Member of the Order of St. Luke; Chaplain in The International Order of St. Luke the Physician; Member of The Pocket Testament League; Honorary Citizen Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Also, Roger has recently earned his Doctorate in Sacred Theology in Christian Ministry degree (Th.D.). Congratulations, Roger!


Email Roger Edens

Ron Dublin-Collins

Ron was District Overseer in The Church Of God Of Prophecy when he found our Communion. The Church is located on the Island of Nevis in the Caribbean.

James A. Groover

James was an ordained minister in The Lutheran Orthodox Church in Arkansas when he came into communion with us. He has been received into our fellowship and recognized as a CAC bishop.

James has retired and is now the Emeritus Archbishop of the Christian Missionary Anglican Communion Archdiocese House of Bishops.

To get in touch with this jurisdiction, please contact:

Monsignor Thomas Gilbert Cole, D.D., S.C.
Byrnedale Union Anabaptist Church
115 Madison Street
Byrnedale, Pennsylvania 15827

Misha Zigas

Misha lives in Australia and ministers to a church group as well as having a Biker Ministry. He is the founder of the CAC in Australia. Misha was one of the first international CAC bishops.

Email Misha Zigas

Solomon O. Okoro

Solomon is affiliated with Archbishop Charles Klughart in Tennessee, one of our intercommunion partners. He is Bishop of Faith Word Church International in Cotonou Republic of Benin in West Africa. He has been received into this Communion and recognized as a CAC bishop.

Email Solomon Okoro

Faith Word Church International

John Richards

John resides in St. Albans, West Virginia; he is a college professor. He was an ordained priest in a Western Rite Orthodox church, and had been actively working with interfaith relations and the EMS chaplaincy before he found the CAC.

Email John Richards

David C. Holdridge

David has pastored in a wide range of independent and denominational churches and ministries since 1969. He has an internet ministry, Christ's Church Fellowship, and a food ministry, United Food Outreach.

David currently resides in Roswell, New Mexico.

Email David Holdridge

Bishop David

Bishop David has a ministry in one of the most dangerous regions of the world -- the Middle East. He is the only CAC bishop in that part of the world. For safety reasons, much of his personal information must be kept private.

We are blessed to have Bishop David, a faithful shepherd, in the CAC. Please keep him and his ministry in your prayers.

Email Bishop David

Abp. Wrenn recently consecrated a new bishop in the CAC at a beautiful outdoor Autumn service at Enid Lake, MS. Because of this new bishop's high-risk ministry, he has requested that we not publish his name or email address on the internet.

Suffice it to say that our newest bishop -- we'll call him "Bishop P" -- is our first bishop in the Rocky Mountain area, and we are delighted to have him in the CAC.

The CAC is pleased to announce the following persons consecrated or received as bishops in our communion:

Thomas G. Cole, D.D.

Thomas, pictured with wife Gwen, reside in Byrnedale, Pennsylvania; both have been received as pastors/priests in the CAC. Thomas pastors the Byrnedale Union Bible Anabaptist Church and founded Unified Christian Gospel Association, chartered by Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries. He also has chaplaincies at the local hospital and nursing home. We warmly welcome Bishop Thomas and Pastor Gwen into the CAC.

More on Tom Cole (now ordained a bishop ) and Wife, Gwen (now ordained a minister/priestess)

Email Thomas or Gwen Cole

Christopher Shelton

Christopher lives in Meridian, MS; he is a newly elected bishop for the New Testament Episcopal Missionary Archdiocese of the Good News. Chris was consecrated as a bishop by Abp. Michael Wrenn and his jurisdiction is in full communion with the CAC and with Archbishop Rodney Rickard's Reformed Catholic Church of America.

Email Christopher Shelton

Fr. Christopher's Page

Benjamin Barnes

Benjamin is from Demopolis, AL; he is also a newly elected bishop for the New Testament Episcopal Missionary Archdiocese of the Good News. Benjamin was consecrated as a bishop by Abp. Michael Wrenn and his jurisdiction is in full communion with the CAC and with Archbishop Rodney Rickard's Reformed Catholic Church of America. Archbishop Rickard has elevated Benjamin to the position of Archbishop.

Email Benjamin Barnes

Brian K Bivens

Brian (pictured with wife, Kimberly) lives in Beaver Dam, Kentucky; he is a friend of Bishop David Holdridge. Brian has been in the ministry for 23 years, having accepted the call to preach when he was 16; he held youth revivals in Kentucky, Indiana, and Missouri. He has been in pastoral work since 1986 and presently serves as pastor of a Church of God of Prophecy.

Email Brian Bivens

Dr. Godwin Osung

Godwin Osung lives in Nigeria, Africa; he has been in the ministry for ten years. He is a bishop with over 100 pentecostal churches under his care. He is the Network Director of The Living Grace Mission Int'l, Immanuel Int'l Bible College and Osung Global Outreach. His vision is to reach out to 50 nations of the world with the Gospel. The CAC has recognized Dr. Osung's ministerial orders and has received him as a bishop in the CAC.

Dr. Osung has a new site; it can be found at:
The African Project

Email Dr. Godwin Osung

Godspower E. Adaka

The CAC is pleased to receive Bishop Adaka as part of the communion.

Bishop Adaka was born on 10th November 1956 at Akugbene Town in Bomadi Local Government Area of Delta State of Nigeria to a pagan family. He is an Ijaw by tribe (a riverine tribal group in Nigeria). He is married to Rev. (Mrs.) Jane-Rose M. Adaka, blessed with 3 children. He gave his life to Christ in 1982. He attended ALL NATIONS FOR CHRIST BIBLE INSTITUTE, BENIN CITY (Founded by Arch Bishop Benson A. Idahosa), from 1994 to 1998 and obtained Diploma in Biblical Studies and Associate of Arts Degree from I.C.I. Co-ordinated by A.N.F.C.B.I. He was called to found the Ministry on 22nd October 1995 and received an Honorary Doctorate award from Grace Christian University, Texas U.S. on 22nd March 2002.

More on Bishop Adaka

Email Bishop Adaka

Covenant of Grace Bible Church International

Robert Conley


It is with deep sadness that I must report that our beloved Bishop Robert Conley passed away recently; it was unexpected and a great shock!

Robert and his wife, Tonya, were residing in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Robert was Presiding Bishop of The Society of the Cross, a Christian Society within the Church Universal.

Bishop Robert and Tonya hosted our very first communion-wide CAC gathering and conference in the summer of 2006. A wonderful time was had by all, and Robert and Tonya were gracious hosts!

Robert was a very dedicated bishop who had a passion for the Gospel. During the time I knew him, we had become good friends; I will miss him terribly.

I ask that everyone keep Tonya and the children in your prayers.

This memorial page will be left here indefinitely as a tribute to our beloved Bishop Robert Conley, with whom we shall all be reunited someday!

God bless Robert, his family, and all the CAC family!

++Archbishop Michael Wrenn

Martin McGuire

Martin lives in Thayer, MO, along with his wife, Tina, and their sons, Martin Lee and Jacob Alexzander. Martin has the distinction of being the first person ordained as a pastor/priest in the CAC, and the first bishop consecrated by the CAC; this consecration occurred in Greenwood, MS, at the Salvation Army Church in the summer of 2004 and was presided over by Abp. Michael Wrenn and Abp. Rodney Rickard.

Martin has since been elevated to the office of archbishop; he continues to have a vital and varied ministry as founder and presiding archbishop of the St. Philip Neri Archdiocese.

Email Martin McGuire

St. Philip Neri

Jimmie Warren

The CAC warmly welcomes Jimmie Warren as a newly-affiliated minister. In Jimmie's words:

"I am Evangelist/Pastor Jimmie W. Warren, the founder of Simple Salvation which was inspired by the Holy Spirit which lead me to start doing a small TV Show on February 1994 in Spokane Washington and is now a charter church.

This work is for all those who have had it with old time religion, and fear tactics. If you are tired of FALSE TEACHING and Non-Biblical truths; if you really want to be free in the LORD JESUS CHRIST, then this is one of the many places to come.I have been with many diverse churches along my path of searching for truth.

First I was baptized through my dear grandmother's Pentecostal church in Saint Louis, MO. in 1960 at age 13. Later, in Oct. 1962, I was baptized again, this time at the age of 16 in the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST in Livermore, California.

Then the Lord lead me into the WORLD-WIDE CHURCH OF GOD in Oakland, Ca. Through the help of the Holy Spirit I received most of my biblical training and spokesman skills with the WORLD-WIDE CHURCH OF GOD from the years 1966-1976. After ten years with this church, I found a new calling in the search for GOD'S true WORD. I became a visiting minister to those who had left their different churches or who had lost their contact to God because of Religious ideological differences.

I BEGAN holding Bible studies in homes of those who wanted to meet and learn more of God's freedom. Later I helped those who felt lost and abandoned after leaving or being kicked out of their churches. You see GOD'S REAL CHURCH IS SPIRITUAL, NOT IN ANYONE'S BUILDING BUT IN YOU!

I was ordained through the Universal Life Church of Modesto, Ca. on October 4th 1999. I was given the title Evangelist in Nov. 2000. I quit the ULC because they recognize Pagans and Satan ministers the same as Christian ministers. The Holy Spirit had me start Simple Salvation Church of God which became a charter church Feb. 08, 2006.


We have 50 ordained ministers of Simple Salvation Church of God all around this country with 4 other independent chartered churches added as churches of God, sharing this calling.I also became a Chaplain with the United States Corps of Chaplains back in Nov. 22, 2005 to better serve my fellow man.

As Evangelist/Pastor/Chaplain/Bishop I humbly still teach that if you BELIEVE IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, repent of your sins, and confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and Master, YOU ARE SAVED BY GRACE! (THIS is a sign of your new life in Christ Jesus), and by Living by the Bible and acting like Christ YOU WILL BE FILLED by the Holy Spirit. This is being saved! Yes, You are saved when you accept Jesus and change your ways! This is all you need, the rest is pure religion."

Here is Abp. Jimmie Warren's church link:

Simple Salvation Church of God

Email Jimmie Warren

Tom Cargill

Tom Cargill lives in England and has for many years been called to reach those Christians who have dropped out of churches for any reason. He particularly calls Anglican Christians to join our community if they no longer feel able to support the way the Anglican communion has gone. The many Christians who have been shaken out of established churches is in the thousands. He was called by God to reach these and restore and rebuild their wrecked faith. He presented himself to the leadership of the Celtic Anabaptist Communion and invited them to recognize his calling. They did so and he came out of retirement to take up his ministry and anointing.

Tom now has a ministry called The New Celtic Church UK and Ireland. We welcome him warmly into the CAC family.

Tom's ministry website can be found at:

The New Celtic Church UK and Ireland

Email Tom Cargill

Note: This list is in no particular order.

CAC bishops listed here: - if you would like your information updated - please click here.

   Discussion: Order of the Celtic Anabaptist Way-now affiliated minister.
Thomas Gilbert Cole (anon) · 12 years ago
Celtic Anabaptist Communion is now in the Byrnedale Union Anabaptist Church: 155 Madison Street, Byrnedale, Pennsylvania 15827 1-(814)- 787-4034
Thomas Gilbert Cole (anon) · 12 years ago

A MINISTER OF ALMIGHTY GOD(THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY GHOST), WHICH ART IN HEAVEN-THE HEAD OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!! Archbishop Thomas G. Cole, D.D., Pastor/Priest/Chaplain Gwen Iris Cole, Minister His Helpmet, Gwen Cole, Archbishop Thomas G. Cole resides with Help met Byrnedale, Pennsylvania. He was born April 9, 1939, Easter Sunday, and was called to the ministry shortly after his conversion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, March 31, 1972, Good Friday. He has preached and written about being born again in the Spirit and being saved by Grace. Thomas studied under Pastor Deglar and Pastor Miller at Calvary Heights Baptist Temple and was ordained February 15, 1989, by Victory Baptist Church; is Founder and Chaplain of Arrow of The Lord Ministries; was ordained by Harvest Time Ministries Fellowship, a Southern Baptist/Pentecostal Ministry with Perpetual Ordination on September 1, 1994; was licensed and ordained by Gateway Anabaptist Church June 20, 2000; ordained and licensed. --By the authority of the Faculity Council and Board of Directors of International Faith Seminary College The Degree of an Honorary Doctor Of Divinity has been conferred upon Monsignor Thomas Gilbert Cole, the 16th February in the year of our Lord two thousand eight---also April Faculty founded Unified Christian Gospel Association, chartered by Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries; licensed as a Chaplain/Bishop by the Celtic Anabaptist Communion. Thomas is pastor of the Byrnedale Union Bible Anabaptist Church and has chaplaincies at the local hospital and nursing homes. He is active in radio and newspaper--spreading the Good News. Gwen has recently been ordained as a minister in the CAC. Chaplain and founder The Pennsylvania Longbow Association, The Pennsylvania Traditional Archery Association(Co founder/chaplain), Chaplain(Col) PCM/Colonial Marines, Chaplain(Officer) {Regemental} United Kingdom Corps of Chaplains The Black Regiment Chuck Baldwin The New Black Robed Regiment Larry Johnson Chaplain to: United States Corps Of Chaplains America First Party Bennetts Valley News Unified Sportsmen Of Pennsylvania United States Of America The Pennsylvania Commonwealth The Churches And Ministries Of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ETC. The Byrnedale Union Bible Anabaptist Church, The Christian Missionary Anglican Communion(USA-EUROPE-GERMANY,ETC.), The Pennsylvania Chaplain's Corps, Institute For Christian And College Works The Emergency Medical Chaplains Association Thomas Gilbert Cole is now Archbishop of Chaplains, a position he uses to ordain and counsel other chaplains. INTERCOMMUNION (CELTIC ANABAPTIST COMMUNION/MINISTRIES).....American Association Of Bible Churches Byrnedale Union Anabaptist Church Unified Christian Gospel Association National Eccesiastical Council Archbishop Thomas Gilbert Cole(Chaplain Tom) Search the web:

Thomas Gilbert Cole (anon) · 12 years ago
A STATEMENT OF FAITH CELTIC ANABAPTIST COMMUNION THE HOLY BIBLE We believe the Holy Bible, consisting of 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, are the revelation of Almighty God to mankind, and is verbally and fully inspired by Him, is fully and totally sufficient for the complete knowledge of Almighty God, and His will; and the eternal welfare of {ALL} mankind. Is infallible, preserved without error in the King James Bible(Almighty God’s preserved word from the Sixteenth Century through the Twenty First Century); and is the supreme authority for all Christian conduct, faith, and practice. II Timothy 3:16, II Peter 1:21, I Corinthians 2:13, Deuteronomy 29:29, II Timothy 3:15, John 10:35 ALMIGHTY GOD We believe there is but One God(The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost), eternally existing in Three Persons, that these are equal in every divine perfection, they execute distinct and harmonious offices in the work of Creation, Providence, and Redemption. Deuteronomy 6:4, II Corinthians 13:14 OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST We believe Jesus Christ is the true God, and true man, He is fully Divine and also fully human, He preexisted eternally with the Father. Was conceived of The Holy Ghost, and born of the Virgin Mary, lived a perfect sinless life, and died(Rose Again) substitutionary(DEATH/BURIAL/RESURECTION) for the sins of mankind. He arose bodily from the grave, ascended to Heaven. He is the High Priest, and only Advocate for His people. He will return personally and bodily to earth. He is the world’s only Saviour. I Corinthians 8:4, I Corinthians 15:1-10, John 1:1, Mathew 1:23-25, Genesis 1:1, Colossians 1: l6-17, Mathew 28-19, John 14:3, Acts 4:12, I Timothy 2:6, John 14:6, Hebrews 4:14-16, Romans 10:13 THE HOLY GHOST We believe that the Holy Ghost is a Divine Person of the Godhead(Trinity). He is sent from The Father by The Son to convict the world, to regenerate(repent), and to indwell those who trust in Christ Jesus, to baptize them into the Body of Christ, to seal them to the day of Redemption, to guide them into Truth, to fill them for a life of Holiness, and Victory. To empower the Redeemed for/to witness and service. He gives spiritual gifts to believers for the proper functioning in the Body of Christ, which is the Church. Acts 1:8-16, Ephesians 1:13-14, I Corinthians 2:9-12, I Corinthians 3:16, I Corinthians 12:3-13 & 27-31. MAN We believe that mankind was created by Almighty God, in His own image, and is therefore accountable to his Creator. It was through sinful rebellion that the first man fell from his original state of moral perfection. Because of this he brought upon himself, and the whole human race the penalty for sin, which is spiritual and physical death. Since Adam every person is born with an inherently sinful natured, and therefore is a sinner in deed, though, and word. Every person individually, therefore, stands under the just condemnation of Almighty God; and is unable to save himself, or to present deeds(works) worthy of any merit whatsoever before the Creator. Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 2:7, Mathew 5:20-48, John 3:36, Romans 2:6-16, Romans 5:12-21, Romans 6:23 SALVATION We believe that a person is Saved by Almighty God’s Grace alone, made possible by the Shed Blood of Jesus Christ(we must believe in a Virgin Birth, Sinless life, and the Death, Burial and Resurrection), and through faith realize that we are sinners, then call on the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ trusting in His Shed Blood for the remission of our sins, and Eternal Life. The Holy Ghost then witness of our spirit that we are His children. The promises of this Salvation include the forgiveness of sins, a new standing before Almighty God; the impartation of new life, and all the Blessings that accompany a wonderful family relationship Our Father, Which Art In Heaven. The assurance of Salvation is the Blessed Hope of every true believer in Christ Jesus. Acts, 3:19, Acts 4:12 Acts 16: 31, Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 3:28, Romans 10:9-13, John 1:12, John 3: 15-18, John 10:28, Philippians 1:6 CHRISTIAN WALK We believe that Almighty God expects every true believer to live a holy and consecrated life of obedience, in which every area is brought under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and the fruit of The Holy Ghost becomes increasingly evident in their lives. The goal of the Christian life is to be conformed to the very image of Christ Jesus. This image is unfolded by self-giving and love for Almighty God, our neighbors, our enemies, and one another(The Church. The life and character of Jesus Christ, which grows through the Holy Ghost, is a very noticeable difference from the life of this world. And true Christians will suffer persecution. A believer who resist the gracious working of the Holy Ghost, and therefore fails to grow in obedience will be chastened in infinite love by their Heavenly Father, they can learn Holy and Consecrated obedience to the word of Almighty God. If not please examine yourself, that you personally are in the faith once delivered unto the Saints! John 14:2l, 1 John 2:l5-17, Galatians 5:22-23, II Corinthians 3:17-18, II Corinthians 10: 4-5, Mathew 22:37-40, Hebrews 10:25-26, Hebrews 12:5-14 THE CHURCH(THE HOUSE OF AMIGHTY GOD, A PLACE OF PRAYER FOR ALL PEOPLE) We believe that the Church of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the Universal company of Almighty God’s redeemed people, His Body, of which He is the Head, His Bride, whom He loves infinitely, and Hid Temple, in which He dwells. This Universal Body of Jesus Christ is visibly expressed in local assemblies, whose purpose is to Glorify Almighty God through fellowship, worship, instruction in Almighty God’s preserved word, observing all the ordinances, and Biblical teaching in service to the world. The most important task for His Church is to make disciples for Christ Jesus, in all nations through the proclamation and teaching of the Saving Gospel. And the Church must show its love and compassion of the Redeemer of mankind through word and deed to an alienated world. The Church of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ builds people. The Church is about people, and therefore can not be connected to any area of government. It the Church is an Organism. It cannot be a corporation, or tax exempt organization. The Church therefore is a Free Church. Ephesians 1:22-23, Ephesians 2:19-25, Ephesians 3: 6-10,Ephesians 4:11-13, Ephesians 5: 19-27, Matthew 26:26-29, Matthew 28:18-20, I Peter 2:9-10, I Titus 2:11-14, I Thessalonians 2:14, II Thessalonians 13-17, Hebrews 10:25 THE PASTOR Must be born again, saved by Grace, anointed, called and sent by the Holy Ghost. He must preach and teach from the preserved word, the Holy Bible. The Pastor must be the husband of one wife. He must truly place Almighty God(The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost) first and foremost in his actions, and his very life. His Head and Cornerstone is the Redeemer of “{ALL}” mankind our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.- Women are of great value to the Church of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and must be used according to the gifts given them. (What about Galatians 3:28 this verse pertains to Salvation. I Corinthians ll:3?)- Ephesians 3:7, Ephesians 4:11, I Timothy 2, 10-15, -- I Timothy 3:1-8, John 6:38, Titus 1:4-9, THE LAST DAYS We believe in the personal and visible return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to the earth, and the establishment of His Kingdom. We believe in the resurrection of the body of Christ Jesus(individual to be judged at the Judgment Seat Of Christ), and the final Judgment at the White Throne Judgment(the final judgment for the eternal joy of the righteous, and endless suffering of the wicked. II Corinthians 4:1-14,5:1-11, Luke 16:22-25, I Thessalonians 4:16-18, Revelation 22:1-21. SATAN AND HELL We believe in the personality of Satan, the prince and power of this world, and his ultimate defeat by our Precious Lord the Redeemer of mankind Jesus Christ. We believe in a literal Hell, a place prepared for Satan, his devils, and his human followers. - Matthew 25:41, I Peter 5:6-11, Ephesians 2:1-10, CREATION We believe Almighty God(The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost), Which Art In Heaven. Created the Universe and the Planet Earth as a beautiful habitation for mankind. This special creation was given to humankind to have dominion over. Genesis 1:23, 9:2-3, l0:9, 27:3. John 1:1-4
admin · 12 years ago

We at Simple Salvation believe in most of your statement of beliefs.We also have the right and agree in the Spirit, to disagree in some but ,in the spirit and Love of God and are one in Christ Jesus,Yeshua.

Thank you for placing this on our site

Your humble servant n brother in our Lord Yeshua Messiah--Jesus the Christ

Chaplain Jimmie

Thomas Gilbert Cole (anon) · 12 years ago
Brother: If you disagree with any of the Statement Of faith you are free to call me at 814-787-4034 or email In the Spirit Of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Celtic Anabaptist Communion You Humble Servant Chaplain Of Chaplains(Servant Of Servants) Chaplain Tom
Thomas Gilbert Cole (anon) · 11 years, 11 months ago
--- On Wed, 3/5/08, Michael Wrenn wrote: From: Michael Wrenn Subject: Re: ADDITIONS OF MINISTRY!!!!!!! To: "Chaplain Thomas G. Cole" Date: Wednesday, March 5, 2008, 4:47 AM Hi, Brother Tom, I have finally been able to add your ministry update to the website; I placed it on the page linked to by "More on Tom Cole (now ordained a bishop ) and Wife, Gwen (now ordained a minister/priestess) , on the main CAC Bishops 2 page. I put it just above your chaplain's pictures on that page, as that seemed an appropriate place. I appreciate your prayers; I'm feeling much better now. God bless you and Gwen in your life and ministry, and I'll be praying for your good health. Brother Michael Chaplain Thomas G. Cole wrote: > Brother Michael > > Please let me known when you are sick, I can pray for your recovery! This is good preaching, but I constantly ignore it myself-I try to do to much, to early. > > Your Chaplain Tom > > */Michael Wrenn /* wrote: > > Tom, > > I've been sick since the day after we took our granddaughter home -- > some kind of virus, I believe; I'm just now getting some strength > back. > I will try to post the additions to the site later today. I apologize > for the delay. > > God bless, > > Michael > > > Chaplain Thomas G. Cole wrote: > > Dear Brother Michael > > > > Wish to add the following: > > > > The Byrnedale Union Bible Anabaptist Church > > The Christian Missionary Anglican Communion(USA-EUROPE-GERMANY,ETC.) > > The Pennsylvania Chaplain's Corps > > Saint Philip Neri Christian Catholic(Anglican) Archdiocese > > In Christ: > > > > Chaplain Tom Cole > > > > > > > > May the Most High God always come first in our lives!!!!!!! > > > > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------ > May the Most High God always come first in our lives!!!!!!! > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Thomas Gilbert Cole (anon) · 11 years, 11 months ago
The Celtic Anabaptist Communion is pleased to announce that Most Reverend Father William Garrison is the Head of The North America Anglican Communion Archdiocese House Of Bishops. Brother William is the founder of THE EMERGENCY MEDICAL CHAPLAINS ASSOCIATION(TEMCA). Of interest the CAC founded CMAC, which founded TEMCA.
Thomas Gilbert Cole (anon) · 11 years, 11 months ago
TEMCA The Emergency Medical Chaplains Association Thursday, March 3, 2011 Home * Home * Question? * Guestbook * Catholic Home Study Serv * Gospel Lighthouse Prison * Mercy Street University * The Cathedral University * Pocket Testament League * interfaithchristians * St. Philip Neri * Are You being Called * Financial Help * Headquarters * ink jet & cell phones * Our Partners * About The Founder * forms/publications News About TEMCA TEMCA is a non profit organization that assists chaplains and the general public within the fire, ems and police services. We are here for support, fellowship and to help with further training opportunities. We have a membership base from all across the US and other countries. We are excepting new members daily and do not charge for membership. We are served by St. Philip Neri Archdiocese as our religious head. Also, we are affiliated with The Christian Missionary Anglican Communion. The Church of Interfaith Christians, USA. © 2006 All Rights Reserved. AddThis
Thomas Gilbert Cole (anon) · 11 years, 11 months ago

Most Reverend William Garrison

Christian Missionary Anglican Communion


House Of Bishops

Thomas Gilbert Cole (anon) · 11 years, 10 months ago

THE EMERGENCY MEDICAL CHAPLAINS ASSOCIATION: "I personally feel that you Rev. Thomas Cole and Rev. James Jarvis hereby have my permission to use, and have and market: "The Emergency Medical Chaplains Association" aka "TEMCA" AKA "TEMCCA"  I give me explicited permission to you both that these names can be used in such advertising you see fit"  Signed and  sealed Rev. William J. Garrison, Jr.{Emeritus).


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