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Problems Because of High Expectations Problems Because of High Expectations

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Problems Because of High Expectations

Posted by: admin on Tue, May 5, 2009

from our friend Bible Lover Bill

Problems Because of High Expectations
“Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” (Philippians 4:11)
Note: Are you satisfied with how you lived your life so far? While seeing news reports about famous people who recently died, have you wondered what would be said after you died and how long you would be remembered? Has it made you mad when very good things have been said in the news about those who did mostly wickedness in their lives or bad things said about those who have lived mostly unselfishly for others? Have you ever felt inadequate, unconfident, and skeptical?
 The following short essay came to my mind again on May 3, 2009, because I had been feeling inadequate mostly because of a cold. Yes, at 62 years of age, I have felt inadequate, unconfident, and skeptical. I have also felt that way because of other happenings in my life. Have you? 
 I used to battle colds with no medicine; I prayed a lot for healing. I don’t remember any of them lasting as long as my most recent two. They and the heart challenges have discouraged me. Also recently when I have seen evangelism reports I have felt that I have been so inadequate in living my life and that no one would grieve if I died. But many times the Holy Spirit has given me assurances, divine peace, and divine joy in response to my spiritual and secular accomplishments. He has reminded me of individuals whom I have encouraged or/and taught. I think that most of the time my self-expectations were too high. Maybe that is also the reason that the Apostle Paul had to learn to be content in all states.
Adequacy, Confidence, and Skepticism
(by William L. Stevenson)
The following are words and phrases which came to my mind during the first two weeks of July '76:
1) feeling acceptable and understood;
2) fulfilling responsibilities;
3) encouragement required;
4) fulfilling potential;
5) striving for uniqueness;
6) meeting goals;
7) tapping time, energy, brain, and body;
8) feeling of hope required;
9) deserve chances or opportunities;
10) to feel satisfied with effort.
Have you ever thought the following: “Can I really show them?” “No, I don't want to do it.'” “You mean little old me???” “No, I just can't!”
The above common thought or oral responses indicate a possible lack of confidence based on feeling inadequate. I would also venture to say that many who seem to be very confident are doing so because they don't want anyone to discover the areas where they feel inadequate. Everyone feels insecure or unsure in at least a few areas of speaking or action. Do we continue to just stress our good points to others, do we go to only places that we know we are safe in, and do we relate honestly only with friends? No you say. Look around and see what happens when people relate, deal, or work with each other.
What are possible reasons for these insecure feelings? Sure, there is a lot of skepticism, criticism, and condemnation which causes social pressure. The following reactions are very common: “No, not him!” “Are you sure about them?” “Well, she's nice, but...” “You shouldn't socialize with them!”
Now go and reread the list of 10 above and think about how Jesus Christ would help.
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