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"The Finished MYSTERY" "The Finished MYSTERY"

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"The Finished MYSTERY"

Posted by: admin on Sun, Nov 1, 2020

a book by brother Ed Allen get your copy

Dear brother Jim,
Thank you for the reply. Regarding my book, if you want to just put my e-mail address: and tell them to just type "book" in the Subject: box, I will be happy to send them a copy immediately. Thanks for all of your assistance.
Yahuweh's blessings thru Yahushua OUR Lord,
Ed Allen


FORWARD from my book "The Finished MYSTERY"


OUR purpose is to PROMOTE SPIRITUALITY and the KNOWLEDGE of Father Yahweh and His Son Yahshua, “as the waters are covering the very seas.” Isaiah 11:9. For “this means eternal life, their taking in knowledge of you the only true God and of the one that you sent forth, Jesus Christ [Yahshua Mashiach].” John 17:3.



To promote any religion, or their doctrines, creeds or agendas.

To promote nationalism, of any kind, or any political viewpoint.

To promote any commercial enterprise or business venture.


WE are NEUTRAL to All of the above and this world. Why? We cling to scripture. OUR answer is in 1John 2:17, “. . . .the world is passing away and so is its desire, but he that does the will of God remains forever.”



The purpose of this book is to provide a scripturally truthful and understandable message of the consistent out-workings of Father Yahweh’s purposes for the earth and mankind. That those divine purposes, will be accomplished by Divine ruler-ship, directed by Yahshua and His “Bride” in heaven thru men selected in advance, sealed by angels, to rule as kings on this earth, by means of God’s Kingdom, during Yahshua’s thousand year reign of earth.

Also, that the reader may be able to finally see his part in the Divine Purpose and as an individual be able to experience true spirituality and by means of it have a close personal relationship with Father Yahweh, thru His wonderful Son, Yahshua Ha Mashiach. And that the reader may clearly “see” spiritually and have a personal part in the final out-workings of that Divine purpose of ruler-ship, himself. And that the reader may at long last, be able to personally realize and understand the way in which Yahweh’s Divine purpose, for earth’s governance, has been developed down thru the various Ages of history, until the present day.

Further, WE endeavor to show, that the Divine Purpose is the ultimate ruler-ship by God’s Kingdom over mankind and this earth for their benefit and the dissemination of the knowledge of Yahweh, “as the waters cover the very seas.” And that both the Divine Heavenly and Earthly rulership has been wrapped in a Divine MYSTERY that has here-to-fore only been partially revealed.

That this finished mystery has been long searched for and has been a source of wonderment, and earnest prayer among men of God since its introduction to Abraham and the faithful prophets from of old and those that came after them. See Mathew chapter eleven, verses sixteen and seventeen.That, those men of ancient times were trying to peer into the future,so as to see more clearly just when, how and by what means that Divine Mystery might be finished. And that the solution to that Divine Mystery, so long sought after, is now solved. And that, that MYSTERY, is NOW FINISHED and is contained within the pages of this book. And that NOW, the “time is at hand” to REVEAL just what PURPOSE that Divine MYSTERY, reveals.

A bold statement? Yes.---E-mail brother Ed Allen to read his book for information of God's soon coming Kingdom!

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