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Remembering 9/11 "ANOTHER DAY" Remembering 9/11 "ANOTHER DAY"

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Remembering 9/11 "ANOTHER DAY"

Posted by: admin on Thu, Sep 10, 2009

story I wrote a year after 9/11/2201

 by Jimmie Warren  

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz caused by  the annoying alarm beside my bed , I awake to another day.
A day filled with worry and hardship. I awake with another pounding headache. .If only I hadn’t had so much to drink last night.
Last night started as just another day at the office filled with problems at work, problems at home, problems with the wife, problems ,problems ,problems.

So I told myself why not stop by the bar and havie a few drinks before I head home.
I will havie just a couple of drinks to relievie all my woes. Next thing I know it’s 1 am in the morning.

“Man, I have to get to the train, it’s still an hour to get home, my wife is going to kill me”.
As I rise from the bar stool ,I stumble and almost fall but I study myself and head to the subway to catch the last train home.

My wife Marian is a good wife and understanding , but she’s not going to like me coming home this late on a Monday night. She was just preaching to me last night after she got back from church.
She was saying that I need to change my life and that I had better straighten out my life before it’s to late.
Too late for what I asked?

My wife Marian looks at me with that look woman get when they are going to tare into you.
All of a sudden she looks real firm at me and say’s “ Ralph you are running out of time. You need to change your way’s. You need to grow up and quit running around drinking and staying out all night. Do you ever stop to think what your doing to your life and our family’s lives?

I asked her what she meant “ I was running out of time”?
Was she talking about leaving me or what?
So I yelled out again  “What do you mean I’m running out of time”.
Marian get’s that look again and precedes to tell me what her minister was preaching about yesterday at her church.

Rev. Jim, as I called him ,was on one of his Jag’s about Jesus coming back soon.
The good reverend said that” we all needed to be ready to meet our Lord soon and that we where all running out of time.”
.I said Yeah I’ve heard all that before . So what’s so different today?
Marian say’s “ Ralph I want you to hear me out, so set down and listen.

“OK I say, let’s hurry this up, because my head is hurting and I’m going to be late for work.
After all this is going to be another one of those day’s to get through.
So Marian starts in again saying her minister gave a wonderful sermon on the return of Jesus.
 He gave a lot of scripture like Revelations and Matthew and Daniel.

I had read all those scriptures myself years ago so what was so different about them today?
She say’s if you will listen I’ll tell you.
Reverent Jim was showing how most of them where already filled today.

Yeah ,Yeah so, what’s your point?’
Well she continued to say, Ralph I felt afraid like something was going to happen to me or to you or the children. Honey, have you ever entertained the idea that you might die and where your going if you do?
You have quit going to church all together and I haven’t seen you pray in months.
Are you ready to meet the Lord if you where to pass away today or tomorrow or even next week?

Everyday is a little closer to God’s kingdom Reverend Jim was saying yesterday at church.
He also asked us all if we where ready? He kept saying over and over that “ we are all running out of time for repentance and salvation”.

It made me very upset to think about how you don’t seem to care Ralph.
Your staying out late all the time and spending more and more time at work, what is happening with you any how? You say you don’t want to go to church anymore and your hanging out with the guy’s at that bar more than you do with me and the kids, what’s up with that?

I had to think of what Marian was saying to me and she was right, but it made me mad to be reprimanded by my wife.  Beside’s I am an adult.
She kept on and on till I said “ I’ve heard enough ,Trust me I know what I’m doing.”
I know I’ve been out of it lately but you have to understand that I’m under a lot of stress at work. I need to have a few drinks to unwind and get through the day.

To answer your question or should I say Reverend Jim’s question about running out of time.
Preacher’s have been telling their congregations , that the end is near , all the time.
So what’s so different today ,it’s just another day isn’t it?
Why don’t we drop this for now because I need to get ready for work.

As I was turning around to wards the bathroom I heard Marian start to cry.
Oh Honey don’t start crying, if it means that much to you then we can talk about how you feel tonight when I get home O.K.?

Marian looked at me with big tears running down her face and smiled.
Oh Ralph do you mean it, as soon as you get home tonight?
Will you try to come home early so we can talk and pray about all our problems.

“Yes dear, I haft heartedly answered, now let me get dressed so I can get to work.
I am running out of time ,
I stopped short and said I mean I’m running late.

Marian looked at me and I looked back at her ,”Now quit being afraid, everything is going to be alright, trust me. As I hurried with my shower Rev, Jim’s words kept running through my head
“We are running out of time “ I stepped out of the shower to get dressed and as I was pulling on my tie I thought of those words again “We are all running out of time, are you ready to meet the Lord?

I kissed Marian goodbye and headed out the door to catch my train to work.
As the train kept making it’s clicking sounds it sounded like “ Running out of time ,running out of time”. Who was out of time, Was it me, or was it  Marian, or the whole wide world?
Why was this bothering me so much after all it is just another day.

As I got off the train to head to my office I keep saying to myself “ what if something happened to me or my family ? Are we ready ? More importantly am I ready ? I climbed aboard the elevator and pushed the button for the 75 TH floor where my office was.

This was going to be another day to get through so I went for coffee and a donut to get me started.
I came back and began my work, what could happen on such a beautiful day like today?
I looked out my window at the busy city below ,it was so clear and what a bright morning it had turned out to be.

As I turned to set my coffee down on my desk I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I could not believe my eyes. I stared out at a very big airplane coming straight at my office here in tower 1. I prayed out loud ‘Lord forgive me of all my sins-------------- Ralph was wrong Sept. 11 TH 2001 was not another day.

Dearly beloved today is not another day either ,but it is one day closer to God’s kingdom.
Read some of these scriptures to know where you are today, be prepared to meet Jesus because you never know when you are going to meet Him. We are all running out of time.

Please read these:  Rev.17, Matt. 24 , Dan.11, Colossians 4:2,  James 4:13-16,  Roms. 13: 11-14.

Beloved this is just a few scriptures for you to get ready so,  please read these and pray always.

 in  Jesus name Amen!

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