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Simple Salvation Church of God Simple Salvation Church of God

Simple Salvation Church of God Statement: Simple Salvation Church of God Statement:

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Simple Salvation Church of God Statement:

Posted by: admin on Wed, Mar 9, 2011

more about what we are and what we teach to help others

Simple Salvation Church of God Statement:
from the desk of Bishop Jimmie Warren

Many of you want to know more about me and what this church has that is different from all the others?

First we preach everything is thought YESHUA MESSIAH also called in English Jesus Christ both of these names mean messiah ,I prefer YESHUA as it is closer to the only begotten son of Gods spoken name.
I am a spirit lead YESHUA follower and serve Him anyway he shows me to help others,especially those who have no church or who are sick of their dying churches or who asked to many questions and where ordered to leave their church,this is the church of the living GOD and we do not teach words or doctrines of men! We do not teach their personal Dogmas either. Biblical truth given by the Holy Spirit to anyone who asks for , will under stand God's word that are in the Bible for all to read and not some booklet which some use to teach you their views of religion..

We are a non denominational Bible study Church and we believe people should have the right to believe as they see fit. Both men and women, Jew and Gentile are equal in the site of our Lord God and should be treated as such. We are not trying to convert others away from the churches they attend but, take a second look at what your church is teaching and ask, is it following the Bible or doctrines coming from some church printing press?Ae they teaching you their church doctrines which they each have learned from the same church doctrines taught to them? Most church schools teach each of their new minister's them same old doctrines and so the same old errors so check them out?

Simple Salvation Church of God has associate Pastors’ who provide their way of presenting the gospel here at our church site. As we are a open-minded church ,we believe in sharing different ways of explaining this gospel, as long as scripture is used to prove what is being taught.

People have different personalities, they see things in variant ways so, we try to share in those different points of views. Thus we have a great many pastors’ who write in their own style and bring out the many views the Bible brings to people. We may at times disagree with some points that are made but, as long as it can be backed up with the Bible we will post articles’ that we can at least study.

This is why we are different from most organized religions. We try to stay away from Dogma and theory of Biblical theologies because there is too much arguing over the word. As the Apostle Paul preached, we keep our message about JESUS CHRIST and his soon coming kingdom.

We may agree or disagree with what is presented here for your spiritual growth. If you read anything that is contrary to your belief, all that we ask is that you check it out with your own Bible, then if you still disagree, Then please try another pastor’s article.

As in most of our articles we expect you to glean from them as you grow spiritually. We have preached many times "Don’t just take what ANYONE say’s, check it out with your own Bible. Study the word (Bible) then make up your own mind."

Simple Salvation Church of God is founded on these principles and we stand by the word of God through FAITH. Do not take everything you hear or see unless you study and pray about it first. As Paul said " here a little and there a little, hold on to that which is good and discard the rest. (Paraphrased)

Yes, I said do not take everything you see or hear as gospel. There are a lot of people who teach false religion because they were taught falsely. They never checked to see if what they themselves were taught through their Bible schools, as if it was truth or just religion.

My beloved brethren, there is a BIG difference between religious teaching and Biblical teaching. Here in our church we try to stay away from Dogma (teaching a certain belief system) We want to offer all different facets of Christian teaching and try to keep it true to what the Bible says. However, where we find wrong doctrinal teachings, we will change or remove the article.

We will disagree with most tradition and most religious churches. All we want for you our fellow brothers and sisters is to have a place to come to church and share in the wondrous grace of our all loving God. We hope you find something here in our posting of faith articles and poems? They are to be up lifting of your spirit. We want to inspire you to read and study the word of God for yourself and not have to depend on some minister or church tell you what they think the Bible is saying when most do not take the time to read it themselves. We want you to find out what your Bible really say’s without all the religion being involved. The truth is not in any one church but, in the WORD of God!

See, Read, and understand God’s word (the Holy Bible) for the first time with open eyes ask God for His spirit for understanding which comes from Him Only!.

I guarantee you, You will be amazed by what you find !
Forget all the religion you have had crammed down your throat or have been feed the wrong teaching of some religion , and just read the Bible clearly as it was meant for you to understand Amen!.

Some of our other writer’s may express teachings here on our site that you won’t be able to agree with but, at least it will make you think, and it should! Brethren we encourage all to write what the spirit put’s upon their minds and hearts, as a way to share their experience’s with you in hopes, it will help inspire you in growing toward the Lord Jesus.

As Simple Salvation Church of God continues to grow as a church and body of people we pray that only good comes to those who visit us here. If you have found any hope or faith growth after reading an article please tell others’ about our web site church. Share what we offer, use our writing’s to teach others’ about the freedom of Christ and the word of God. Everything we teach we give all praise and honor to the Lord,for it is all about YESHUA and what he did for you and me.Amen

We thank you for coming and for reading what we have to offer. May God Almighty and his son Jesus Christ be in your hearts. Hope to see you all in the kingdom of God soon.

Bless all of you in Jesus name.

Pastor/Founder Jimmie W. Warren

Simple Salvation Church of God

P O Box 8585

Spokane WA. 99203-8585

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