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Posted by: admin on Fri, Oct 22, 2010

by Bob Chapman

Spare Not!

Isaiah the prophet writes “spare not” in chapter 54:2; two powerful words that should stir us into action. He could have also written, “do not restrict”, “do not restrain”, “do not hold back”, “do not hinder” or simply, “do not limit”. Yet “limit” is what we so often indeed do.

We limit God, we limit Jesus and we limit the Holy Spirit as we read in 1 Thess. 5:19. In other words, the fullness of the Godhead cannot be experienced in us. Not because they do not want it to be, but rather we limit their participation in our lives, Col. 2:9-10. We just do not let God be God in our lives. He wants to live out His fullness in us. Jesus wants to live out His fullness in us. The Holy Spirit wants to live out His fullness in us, but we “limit” them by our unwillingness to participate outside our parameters of perception – in other words, the limits of our faith.  

Abraham did not begin to experience the fullness of the limitless presence and power of God in His life until he surrendered his parameters of perception and let God be God in His life, Gen. 17:7. Jacob didn’t experience such fullness until he also wrestled with God all night, Gen. 32. Moses also took his time to let God be God in his life, refusing to obey God’s request for him to speak on His behalf, Ex. 4:1-17. Joshua also had to learn not to “limit” God through human perception when he was confronted by the angel of the Lord who told him that he was for God and not for Joshua and then instructed Joshua to destroy Jericho with the blast of trumpets, Joshua 5:13-15. These are but a few of those who had to let God be God in their lives and not “limit” Him by their lack of faith.

I don’t see anything different today, no matter where I preach. We all “limit” God from doing what He wants to do in our lives. Some limit Him because of their fear of failure. Some limit Him out of their fear of success. Some limit Him out of ignorance of His promises, and others limit Him because they believe He and the other two members of the Godhead retired and withdrew their fullness when the last apostle died.

All I know is that when I personally “spare not” and look beyond what I perceive to be the limit the fullness of the Godhead indeed works in my life and my ministry. Souls are saved, sick are healed, the secrets of peoples’ hearts are revealed and things are suddenly as they were when the kingdom of God came into the world 2000 years ago. There is nothing special about this – it is just a matter of refusing to be limited by the fear and disbelief of others, the fears of oneself, the bondage of denominational doctrines and then letting God be God in your life.


Bob Chapman

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