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Posted by: admin on Wed, Jul 6, 2022

Do not judge others

written by JIMMIE W. WARREN

This is a story about an unknown person, but it might be true,it is just a story for you to think about? Now let's get started,It is a warm summer day and your mind is drifting all around, your thinking about all the mistakes you've made in your life. You are thinking if I had done this or if I had chosen better, thing's might have be bettet?

All of a sudden the sound of a car with lots of young people pull up to the house next door which brings you back to reality. One of the young girls steps out of the car, she has long blond hair and she is wearing a short, and I mean, short dress.

you hear yourself saying " I would not let a daughter of mine wear something like that". Where did she get clothes like that, anyway? Doesn't her parents know what she looks like,she is dressed like some hooker or street walker? Why, I would never, and did ever, get to wear that kind of stuff when I went out and I lived in the 60's with the summer of love, people would have called me a tramp, or trash, or worse in the church we went to.

After all, you, had a Christian up bringing. Your parents would have never let you have a dress that short.. Your keep thinking " Doesn't that girl have any shame or moral conscience"? You say it over and over to yourself " that girl next door is such a hussy, a tramp, a no good for nothing. "God should do something to people like that, they are all no good".

So you close your blinds and start your daily chores of cleaning house, washing dishes, and picking up the mess everyone leaves around this pig pin of a house.How does it so messed up with only the 4 of us?

Later as you start getting dinner ready for your husband Mike , you get angry about how unfair life is. "What happened to all the fun you use to have when you where as young as the girl next door"? Then some sound makes you snap out of the day dream you where having again, " It must be ? My loving husband Mike getting home from work, oh! I better hurry before he starts to complain about his dinner being late.

You and Mike have been married for over ten years now and everything has gone pretty much different then you had visualized it being . You had been told that same old story about prince charming, and all the other lies about how everything was going to be a bed of roses when you get married and have kids."So far you have found the thorns but not to many roses?

Your mind slips back to the seventeen year old girl next door and it makes you mad to think that "I might or could have been something like her. If only my parents hadn't made me go to church all the time .Why is a girl like that, having fun all the time, while I'm stuck with two kids and a husband in a dull boring life like the one I am in now?"

I am always cleaning house , cooking ,going to church every weekend, being a so called good person and having absolutely no fun? Life just isn't fair to you, you deserve more out of life. I wish I could go back and change things, I sure would have done a lot of things different than the ones I choose to do."

Just then you hear Mike calling from the driveway and the door of his car slams shut. Mike is home now so, he can help with these kids of ours with cleaning up the messes around here, then he won't have time to yell about supper not being on the stove yet, at least you hope anyway's ?.

You run to the door to meet Mike, and you throw your arms around him and greet him with a little warm kiss, before you tell him about supper being late," Mike honey, I'm sorry that supper is a little late, will you be a pet and clean up the patio so, we can have a barbeque ? It is so warm out, I thought you would like a fresh out door meal and some cold beer huh"?

Mike says Gee! honey ,that sounds like a great idea, where is the charcoal? I'll start it up now before it gets any darker outside.

When you step out the back door to give Mike the steaks to grill, you notice him looking over towards the next door neighbors yard .There is the seventeen year old blond ,wearing a bright red string bathing suit. She is laying out in the open with more than half her butt cheeks hanging out for the whole world to see . " Why that little sex tramp" you say under your breath, Boy does that ever make you madder You hear your self yelling at Mike " what are you looking at, she is young enough to be your daughter, quit staring at her and start the dang steaks before I hit you up side of your head so, you won't be looking where your eyes should not be looking, you dirty old man?.

Here is this beautiful young girl, who has a body so firm and shapely, that you could just spit.. To make matters worse you see Mike with his eyes bulging and he has slobber almost coming out of his mouth, So you yell at him " get your dirty mind of that no good for nothing girl and start dinner for your family, right now." "What is it about that girl next door anyway you ask yourself"? Why does she make you so mad?

After all you are only twenty-five and your body isn't that bad. You work out everyday , you eat right, you go to church all the time , then why does your husband look at her that way, the way he used to looked at you a long time ago? In your mind you are the same as when you got married but Mike doesn't act like he used to toward you and some of that is what makes you so mad and have sinful thoughts towards the girl nest door who you do not even know about?

As you start to talk to Mike, you ask him "Honey, why do you find that young girl so sexy , you know she is a tramp running around half naked all the time She is always running around with a lot of boys to you add, Well good old Mike says the only thing a man can say while in this spot acting all innocent " honey I was just looking, you know I only have eyes for you ,don't you"?So you give him a big hug and forgive him as you all finish dinner together as a normal little family should . "O.K. it's time to clean up kids", then you start handing the plates to little Jimmie and his younger sister Mary to take into the house.

Little Jimmie is going on eight years old now and his sister Mary is almost seven . "My how they have grown you think to yourself". Jimmie and Mary hurry to clean off the table because, they know that look on your face. They both know Mom is mad about something and they want no part of what ever it is.

While they finish up cleaning the table off , you start talking to yourself again , "Mary is really growing up fast, she is almost as big as Jimmie, makes you wonder ," will she grow up like that girl next door"? Not my little girl, I won't let her run with trash like that, No clothes like what she is wearing, not my little girl you say to yourself, I'll make sure of that ! Boy, life is just not fair."

The next day starts off pretty much the same old way, you put the kids on the school bus and off they go, out of your way for awhile , so now you can start cleaning the darn house again how does it get so messes? We live clean lives I pick up stuff al the time but the mess keeps getting worse what I am doing wrong you ask yourself?.

As you head back into the house the teen from next door looks over your way and says "good morning and waves to you, You try to throw her that smile, you know, that little self-righteous smile and wave back as you mumble to yourself "that little bit... then catch yourself about to curse and stop yourself from saying the B word. The one anyone can read through, oh well, so you wave to her as a good Christian should and head back into the house before she can ask anything from you, after all, you don't want to talk to a little tramp like her, It might rub off or something you say to yourself ?

As the day drags on you start wondering again " why has God has been so unfair to you? Your life doesn't seem to be going any where lately? Life seems like just a big drag and totally unfair in everything you do? Why do the neighbors always have more than Mike and me ? We do all the right things ,we go to the right church ,we even volunteer to help other's "what is wrong with us? "Where are all the blessing the church teaches us that we are supposed to have? Where are you Lord? I sure need you more in my lifer?

About 3 PM you hear the school bus pull up. and the sound of kids hurrying to get off, Then you hear the sound of screeching tires. Your mind reels to the NEXT sound of a thud. Oh my God! somebody must have gotten hit by a car, Your blood runs cold as you rush to the front door. .Suddenly you see people running from every house toward the school bus. You run screaming " not one of my kids, you say under your breath, oh! God , not one of my kids please"? As you come closer to the bus you see a car mangled and bent, so you hurry to see what it had hit? Because you know in your heart of hearts that the thud sound was someone getting hit?

Little Jimmie runs up to you crying and then here comes Mary, she is also crying and your thinking, "thank you God for saving my babies". After calming down a little, you hear people talking and asking who was the girl who just saved those two kids over there? You swing around and see a pretty short pink dress with red spots all over it. It is at that moment that you realize someone from the houses near by had saved your kids lives. As you look around the bus you are horror-stricken to see the girl from next door laying on the street under the wrecked car.

You can't believe it , it just can't be" . When you hurry over to the hurt girl , you notice the glazed look in her eyes So, you speak softly to her " just lay still, everything is going to be alright" just don't move, everything will to be O.K. OH! GOD Please Help this girl! Why this girl? Then your earlier words come back to hunt you " God should do something to punish people like that girl next door".

The girl turns and looks up at you and tries to smile , you hear her ask "are the kids alright ,did they make it"? " Yes, thanks to you now just lie still, help is on the way you hold her hand and it is getting cold and you feel sick to your stomach but, keep that smile on your face, as you tell her she is a good person to sacrifice herself to save others.

Then you hear her make a little moaning sound as her beautiful blue eyes close for the last time. As you move back from her broken body in shock, you run to your two kids and hug them with relief. Then little Mary ask you " " mommy who was that girl that helped us"? With tears in your eyes you say " it was that nice girl from next door". Then you hang your head in shame and take your sweet kids back into you house.

You start to cry "why GOD ? , why? why would she of all the people, why her, I always thought she was no good? She gave her life to save my kids, I had judged her all wrong, GOD forgive me I am ashamed of my thoughts, forgive me ,help me to sacrifice my life in helping other from now on and never judge other's as I have so often done.

The moral to this story is not to judge someone else. If you don't like your life and your jealous of theirs, don't judge them. We don't know what people are really like on the inside? We think we do, but we don't really know what is in peoples hearts, do we? We don't have a clue to what causes others to do what they do, We must be loving at all times and willing to forgive others and not judge all the time. God is the only righteous Judge, let him do the judging?

It might be to late to be sorry for some and to make friends with them. You may have made error's in judgment calls, but Saints I beg you all to pray for those around you, Ask for love and forgiveness for everybody! Then pray that God, who gave His only begotten Son CHRIST JESUS, and He forgives you of all your sins and does not judge you now for the ways you are behaving..

The way you judge others is the way GOD will judge you. " Please saints Keep yourself pure at heart. Try the very best you can not to judge people by what you see. They may be closer to God than you are? Try to look pass peoples short coming. You never know which person might be the one who helps you the most? Maybe It will be the girl from next door? Amen!

I pray this story helps you to grow closer to God for we do not know how much time we have in life like the 17 year old girl who dies, saving two kids ,or maybe you are grand-parent with not long to live, but take every moment to look around to see who you might help save from falling under a bus? She might be the girl from next door or the guy who lives up the street but, look and do not judge, life is to short, ask God to help you see your own sins then help others to get closer to him!

A faithful servant of Yeshua Messiah / Christ Jesus Chaplain Jimmie W. Warren


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