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The Importance Of The Unity Of The Body Of Christ (Part 1) The Importance Of The Unity Of The Body Of Christ (Part 1)

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The Importance Of The Unity Of The Body Of Christ (Part 1)

Posted by: Minister Robert McConkey on Sat, Jul 31, 2021

Sectarianism divides the Body Of Christ, which the Enemy uses to weaken and make it ineffective

 I pointed out to you before, that the only One we are to be "partisans" of, is Christ, and not any particular denomination. When people who are supposed to be Christians, choose to identity themselves according to what denominational church they are a part of, then they lose their true identity in Him.

 We can't claim the title Christian, if we fall into the trap of denominationalism or as it was called in Paul's time, sectarianism and begin to call ourselves as Episcopalians, Lutherans, Methodists, etc. If we do this, we are no different than some of the Corinthian Christians, declaring to be "of Paul, ""of Cephas (Peter)," and of  "of Apollos."

 We are either are followers of Christ, or we are nothing. We can't claim to be members of His Body, if we no longer identify ourselves with Him.  This goes for you too, Baptists, and Anabaptists. Because, by calling yourselves as such, you are saying that you are "of John The Baptist," and "of the founder of the Anabaptist movement," not "of Christ." We were all called to be members of Jesus Christ, period--nothing more.

 To identify ourselves with anyone but Him, is futile. This will eventually lead to strife and division in the Body Of Christ. This is because we are not as Paul put it, "saying the same thing, and having the same judgement," if we do so. By that, I mean that there is then no longer any agreement--doctrinally in regard to the Christian faith., especially on the subject of salvation. Then we each end creating doctrine that pertain to the denomination we belong to.

 As to that, it will subject on another message in the future, of which I will get into more detail later.  I end part 1 of this message, with some thing that Paul asked these Corinthian Christians afterward. He asked them "Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptized into the name of Paul?" He asked this question of them, in verse 13.

 I apologize, to any of you, that may have wondered why I didn't add this verse in my message earlier, but at the time there was no need. But I do so now, as the clinching part of this half of part 1 of this message. The reason I am using this verse now, was because in our vernacular, "Why are some of you have, who declared that you are of Paul, choosing to follow me, as if I was Christ Himself, and was the one who died on the cross to pay for your sins, rose,  and are now baptized into my name, if you are indeed members of the Body Of Christ?"

 So in conclusion of this part of this message, I ask you something similar. "Who died on the cross and paid for you sins, and rose again, giving you the free gift salvation? John Wesley or for that matter a denominational leader, or Christ? Also were you baptized into the name of a denominational leader or Christ?  Who is your Lord And Savior? A denominational leader or Christ?"

 This ends part 1 of this message. In part 2, we will discover source behind this nonsense, as Paul did with the Corinthian Christians. Thank and God Bless all of you.

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