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The Importance Of The Unity Of The Body Of Christ Part 1 (continued) The Importance Of The Unity Of The Body Of Christ Part 1 (continued)

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The Importance Of The Unity Of The Body Of Christ Part 1 (continued)

Posted by: Minister Robert McConkey on Wed, Jul 21, 2021

Sectarianism divides the Body Of Christ, which the Enemy uses to weaken and make it ineffective

   Now I will continue, where I left of. Like I said before, Paul found out they formed their own exclusive Christian groups, of which I have mentioned to you in the previous part of this message.  And believe it or not this sort of this is going on in denominational churches in our time. In saying this, I am not attempting to "tear down" or "bask denominational churches.

 The problem arises, when any denomination becomes an ideology if you will, known as what can be called "ism" and "isms" always point to something being a ideology. When this happens, a denomination becomes denominationalism. This is all when Christians cease for all practical purposes cease from being so, and to being denominationalists--in their thinking and actions.

 The same thing that Paul witnessed in the Corinthian church, with some Christians forming these exclusive groups, where they were saying "I am of Paul, and "I am Apollos, and I of Cephas, etc, is occurring in many denominational churches, where Christians in the same are boasting about being  "Episcopalians, Catholics, etc.

 They are in their own way, also forming their exclusive Christians groups, to the point where a good number of them, will exclude other Christians from participating in their services, if they are not part of their denomination, as if "their" church was an exclusive religious club.

 The main problem is that it causes that denominational church to be divided, and then sooner or later the members will leave. This was the issue that Paul had to address in the Corinthian church in verse 13. Because they did this, they were becoming divided, which lead to, proverbially speaking, "dividing" Christ, since all Christians are spiritual members of His Body. This issue was indirectly addressed by his question, "Is Christ divided?"

  I will now stop here and continue later.



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