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The Importance Of The Unity Of The Body Of Christ Part 1 (continued) The Importance Of The Unity Of The Body Of Christ Part 1 (continued)

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The Importance Of The Unity Of The Body Of Christ Part 1 (continued)

Posted by: Minister Robert McConkey on Fri, Jul 30, 2021

Sectarianism divides the Body Of Christ, which the Enemy uses to weaken and make it ineffective

  I pointed out in a previous that Paul indirectly addressed the issue of the fact that the Christians of the Corinthian church were becoming divided, which lead to, proverbially speaking, "dividing" Christ, when they began to form their exclusive sects within the church, by asking the question" Is Christ divided?"

 In our own vernacular, he was saying, "Don't realize, by that choosing to divide into sects, where you each decide who you will follow, that you are for all practical purposes, causing Christ to become divided, since you are the spiritual members of His Body?"

 This issue he was addressing, is no different than the one that needs to be addressed and confronted in a good deal of denominational churches today. Because what we call denominationalism, was called in Paul's sectarianism.  This is because it is simply sectarianism called by another name.

 People who are supposed to be Christians, who become denominationalists, are simply doing the same thing that these Corinthian Christians that Paul confronted were doing, dividing themselves into separate sects within the Body of Christ, much like secular people forming into different political parities today or in the time of the New Testament, where there were Herodians, (partisans of Herod), Caesareans (partisan whoever was Caesar--the given title for the emperor, etc.), declaring who they are partisans of.

 Brothers and sisters, the only One we are to be "partisans" of is Christ, not in some cases, of the founder of a particular denomination, or even that of a denominational movement, like Catholicism.

 I am going to stop here, and continue later

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