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The Importance Of The Unity Of The Body Of Christ Part 2 (continued) The Importance Of The Unity Of The Body Of Christ Part 2 (continued)

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The Importance Of The Unity Of The Body Of Christ Part 2 (continued)

Posted by: Minister Robert McConkey on Fri, Aug 6, 2021

The root casuse of Sectarianism Is spiritual immaturity

 Previously, I said, whenever someone who is mature in their faith in Christ or a pastor, attempts to give them the "meat" of Christian doctrine, so they can "feed" themselves from His word and mature, they still act like they need the "milk," because they are spiritual "infants" or "little children," that whine and complain about, "not being fed." 

 I also pointed out, that they want still be either "bottle fed" spiritual milk--the basics of Christian doctrine, or they need some more mature Christian to make the "meat of Christian doctrine to be that which is  ABC (already been chewed) so it palatable for them. And doesn't it appear to be the case, with a lot of these Christians?  They either think that, the "milk"--the basics of Christian doctrine, is all that they need, because, it is comfortable for them to remain as Christian "infants, or they insist, that a mature Christian "chew" or do something to "soften up" the "meat"--that which goes beyond, the basics, in regard to Christian doctrine, so that they don't have to "chew" it themselves with their spiritual "teeth."

 Which is Paul, for the most part of, had difficulty getting through to some of the Corinthian Christians, in what he had said in the remaining part of chapter 1 and all of chapter 2 in his 1st letter to the Corinthians.  Because when he attempted to explain to them why it was important for them to stop divisive in the last part of chapter 1 and all of chapter, they were acting like what he had said in them was to difficult to "digest."

 This of course, led to what Paul discerned afterward. in verse 3, jealousies, strife, and divisions, among them, to the point that they were acting and behaving like those of the secular world, as if they weren't new creations in Christ. This is exactly pretty much what heard from those that Chloe sent to him, that "strifes among them."  Why? Because it was clear to him, that they hadn't matured in their faith.

 This is, I would like to point again, why most Christians of denominational churches, fall into denominationalism. Because of spiritual immaturity. They are stuck, either in spiritual "infancy," or sometimes in the stage of being spiritual "young and women," to where they haven't grown into spiritual "parenthood,"-where they are fully matured Christians.

 They either as spiritual "infants" cry that they need to continue be given "milk" or "softened" to become  spiritual "baby food," or even when they have become spiritual "young men and women," they think that they don't have to progress any further.  But that leads to, not just jealousy, strife, and divisions, but also to what Paul also discerned in verse 4, doing the same thing, in the beginning of chapter, declaring who they now follow, and forming exclusive Christian sects.

 I will continue with this part of the message later, by what I mean, but now it is time for a break.


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