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Posted by: admin on Mon, Dec 12, 2016

Know for sure where you are going to be if you keep the faith!

by Jimmie Warren

During a quiet moment or late at night, have you ever thought about death and what might be in the after life and who will be there with you?

 No time is a good time to think about death, is it? We would all rather not think or talk about our own demise? Unless we are alive when Christ comes with the kingdom of God we will be dead for a blink of an eye -THEN WHAT?

On our earlier television show, I did a special about death and what happens afterwards. The title was called “The Resurrection.” I started by walking around tombstones in a graveyard and as my cameraman pans toward a blank tombstone, I ask, “One day, you, and all those you know, will have their names put on one of these grave markers; then what happens?” What is going to be in the after life, nothing or heaven or maybe HELL, which one do you think you’ll be in? DO YOU KNOW OR CARE WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNAL LIFE?

Have you ever seen your last name engraved on a tombstone or grave marker? Maybe it was your mom or dad or someone else that your know and loved? How about your grandparents who have passed? Next time you go to visit a loved one who has passed away, stop and ask yourself, “What happens to them now ?” What do you believe, or what were you told would happen to those who have died were they good people or bad people maybe that way you know where they are going according to what you have heard but DON’T YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW FOR SURE WHERE YOUR GOING? THINK “Did Jesus really die and rise from his grave, or is there nothing left except worm meat and darkness?” Let me assure you that JESUS the CHRIST /YESHUA The MESSIAH DID RISE FROM HIS GRAVE! HE WILL BE BACK SOON, YOU BETTER BE GETTING READY? “TODAY YOU ARE ONE DAY CLOSER TO GODS KINGDOM”.

Now would be the time to examine the resurrection of Christ because. if Jesus wasn’t resurrected, then you and all your loved ones won’t be either! [I Corinthians 15:12-19]

Christ died for ALL our sins, then rose from his grave after three days and three nights. He did this to atone for all our sins, that we might live forever with him and our Almighty God. 
[I Corinthians 15:19-26] Think about that!

Now let’s see when Christ died, and then where and when he was raised from his grave or tomb. Despite popular opinion, Jesus did not, repeat did not, die on Friday afternoon and rise on Sunday morning!! Count it for yourself. You can not get 3 days and 3 nights from Jesus dying on Friday afternoon and rise from the tomb Sunday morning –no matter which way you count ? JESUS died and was in his grave three full days and three full nights; then he was raised on the morning of the first day of the week, Sunday. [Mark 16:1-6,9]

If you have been paying attention, count backwards from Sunday morning to see what day Jesus was killed. You see, the confusion is that the Jews count the weekly Sabbath from sunset to sunset. Then to make matters more confusing they called all their holy days “Sabbaths” as well.

Now for a lot of you brethren who don’t know it, the fourth Commandment is to keep the Sabbath holy. [Genesis 2:3] [Exodus 20:8-11] [Hebrews 4:4] God made the seventh day holy for himself and His people(the 12 tribes of Israel) to keep as a sign between him and his covent.

So, if you look at your calendar and count days like the Jewish people do, you will see that Friday night starts the seventh day. That’s right, Friday night to Saturday night is the seventh day of the week of the Jewish Calendar. However, this would be another article.

 I’m just getting a focal point to show you. Unlike we have been taught, Jesus did not die Friday afternoon. When Jesus prepared to keep his last Passover, he sent some of the Disciples ahead to prepare for the occasion a full day ahead of the Jewish Passover. The Passover was to be celebrated on what we would count as Wednesday ( a High Sabbath) night but, what the Jews would consider as Thursday. See sunset Wednesday sunset would officially start Thursday then Thursday evening would become Friday and so forth as observed by the Israelites and the Jewish peoples.

Jesus was betrayed by Judas that same night after they all had dinner and the foot washing service it was the first night of the Days Of Unleaven-bread so, Jesus keep this new night the day before the Passover, for He was to be the Lamb for that Passover day the night before is renamed “The Lords Supper” or “The Last Supper” and went before the court and to his crucifixion the next day--Thursday.

Read about Christ’s last Passover in Matthew 26 or Luke 22. These will tell about Jesus’ last night before his betrayal and capture.

Now, if you understand how the Jews count days and that Christ was crucified on a Thursday, you can see how he would be raised on the first day of the week, Sunday. [Mark 16:2-6]

Now that we have the days straight, do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that he was born of a virgin birth by the Holy Spirit, and that he died like all of us have to? The big difference is that he was raised up out of his grave after three days and ascended to the Father’s right hand. If you believe this, then what about you? Will you be raised or what? [I Corinthians 15:12-28]

We will be raised to meet Jesus at his coming and be with him one thousand years. [Revelation 20:4-6] Then God the Father will come to this earth with the heavenly host to raise all the dead to be judged. [Revelation 20:11-15] [Revelation 21:1-3]

If you truly believe this, then you will be raised out of your grave and be brought back to live forever with an incorruptible body like Jesus---forever and ever. [I Corinthians 15:42-58] Amen and hallelujah!!

This is the greatest news you will ever read!

The greatest thing you will ever see or hear is the sound and sight of Jesus Christ descending with his angels and saying, “Rise!” This is the first resurrection promised to all who believe.

Be ready! Don’t be sorry or afraid the next time you see a grave. Know for sure that Jesus overcame death! Before you die, believe, no know for sure, you will be raised from the dead in the first resurrection. The best thing is that all men will come back from their graves to meet our all-loving God, the Father. [Revelation 21:1-7] Amen.

Your brother in Christ waiting just like you and ready!
Chaplain Jimmie


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