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Posted by: admin on Fri, Oct 1, 2010

Sometimes you can wait to long

by Jimmie W. Warren

This story begins with two small kids named bob and Ted, they were brothers and did everything together. They went everywhere, rode their bicycles, went to school, camping, swimming everything together! They were only one year apart so you can imagine how close they were.

As they grew older the two boys joined little league together, they ran and played all kinds of games and their bound of love for each other was unbreakable. One day as they grew older, something started to split this bond. Bob started to hang with the in- crowd! You know, the ones who smoke and drink and party all the time. The ones who are always saying how board they are, unless they are doing something stupid. Now the other brother Ted could not understand why the so called in- crowd seemed so cool to his brother bob?

They always called Ted boring and stupid because he was cautious and careful about what he did and said. This caused him and his brother to have fights all the time. One day his brother bob joined a motorcycle gang and started down the road to destruction. Ted was sadden that his brother had take the attitude that life sucked, and knew bob was going no where fast. So Ted started off asking himself what exactly caused his loving brother to pick these friends over the relation that they had had from birth?

What was the big deal about drinking and smoking dope all the time? Needless to say he decided to try some of this party life his self. He started to hang with some of the same people, but soon got tired of the hang overs and felling bad all the time. Ted soon quit this fast living and started to look for another way?

One day at school a girl told Ted about Jesus Christ, Oh! He had heard about Jesus from the time he was little, but not quit like this time. The young lady was a freshman from high school and man was she pretty. He being an all American boy listened to every word she said, and she was on fire with the LORD. Ted tried to tell his brother bob about what great news this young girl had to say about Jesus Christ, but his brother only seemed to withdraw future away and become almost remote.

After he started to try to push Jesus on his older brother God called him and converted him in the spirit. Ted began his life in the LORD and started to preach the Bible even at school.




The older brother just couldn't understand how this Jesus stuff could do any good for anybody, so he kept drinking and doping it up with his so called friends. The reason I call them so called friends is because anyone who would let you drink and drive is not, repeat, is not your friend? These other associates would let the bob out far from home in the cold of winter with no coat sometimes, to walk home at four or five in the morning, some friends wouldn't you say?

The younger brother would tell bob, "Those guys that do those kind of things to you all the time, they don't care for you like your family does, or like I do." He tried to persuade his older to come to church with him to experience the LORD the way he had. But try as he may his brother just would not listen to him. He would say come with me to church, give your problems to the LORD Jesus Christ HE will change your whole life. Come to church with me, meet some of the people there, they will help change your ways, please before something terrible happens to you!

He wasn't saying that God was going to do something to him but that his life with those other people was going down hill. You know some people say that who you hang out with doesn't matter, but it does! If the people you hang out with only know to drink or smoke, then chances are the don't know anything about God or His son Jesus.

His brother would say to him all the time come on brother give up this way of life, don't you know that one day we will all have to answer for the things we do wrong? Don't you want to do something with your life besides party, and party? You have to make a choose before it is to late he would say to bob.

One night on a cold December highway, his brother dropped his motorcycle on a slick curve and slide about 50 feet. This accident scared bob into going to church for a while. He would listen to the sermons but it made no sense to him. WHAT did a man who lived two thousand years ago have to do with him now? He did not believe that this JESUS was real. He had not seen anyone healed or cured of anything in his life. So he quit going to church and slowly allowed himself to get back to "I don't care attitude."

How many people have that attitude his brother would say? How many times had Ted heard those who partied with his brother say there is no God, so let's live fast, love hard, die young and leave a beautiful memory. How foolish can one be? After a few more years of talking and trying to help his brother bob to change, Ted was ready to give up hope, but the Holy Spirit came to his mind and told him "go and talk to your brother one more time." He was troubled because of the way the Holy Spirit had said "one more time."

 The next morning he went to his brother and told him what had happened the night before, how this voice came to him while he was praying and told him "to come to him one more time to tell him about salvation." His older brother only laughed and put him off, but Ted kept telling bob about Jesus. You know brother "we don't always get more than one chance to come to our LORD, you better listen before it is to late"?

Oh! O.K. I will come tomorrow night I promise, but tonight there is this big kegger and all my friends will be expecting me to show up. Bob saw how painful his brother looked and felt a little guilty so he told Ted "I promise I will go tomorrow night."

That night at a train crossing lay a broken cycle with the broken body of his loving brother. The next two days his brothers voice rang in his ears "I'll come tomorrow night" and in his other ear he heard the Holy Spirit saying "go tell your brother one more time to come to the LORD!"

At the funeral as he stepped up to gaze at his older brother bob one last time, with tears in his eyes, Ted said Why did you not listen to what I told you? I told you that the Holy Spirit had said "go tell your brother one more time." Why did you not listen?

We all may have asked this question about someone we know and love haven't we? Go tell others about these two brothers and this story. Don't put it off! Don't play games all the time because you may not have a tomorrow night either.
Ask GOD to forgive your sinful life and to change your ways before it's to late! Aman



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