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The Two Nations Who Changed the World The Two Nations Who Changed the World

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The Two Nations Who Changed the World

Posted by: Michael Stevenson on Fri, Jun 10, 2011

“Behold, the nations are as a drop in a bucket, and are counted as the small dust on the scales; look, He lifts up the isles as a very little thing…To whom then will you liken God? Or what likeness will you compare to Him?”—Isaiah 40:15, 18

IT is a rather amazing and true story—the great rise of the English-speaking people to their very dominant positions of power and influence over the modern world. This rise did not take place over night—yet, it does seems as if overnight, it came to be! This amazing story is one of which is shocking and also is one of which is spoken of in biblical prophecy—a story that you need to know so that you can fully understand prophecy within the pages of your own Bible.

 History has shown to us that their rise to greatness started in the turmoil of the Protestant Reformation. Having had broken away from Rome and was faced with the combined hostility of both the continental church and that of imperial Spain, then the most powerful nation in the world, England had begun to look beyond the very seas for her own security and also for her trade—something that would have a great impact on her wealth and prosperity over the years that would follow.

 During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603), explorers were sent throughout the world. This had then led to the establishment of colonies that later would grow into what would become the United States of America and the nations of the British Commonwealth.

 Historians have often referred to these countries as “revolutionary empires.” They were not despotic tyrannies as were other countries or earlier empires in which everyone had been subjected to domineering autocrats and those who were dictators.

 Each colony had its own parliament or hose of assembly in which voters had elected those who would represent them. People then could own land, practice their own religion and even take their governments to court, while newspapers were also free to be critical of the authorities. Books also had freely been published. There were great new ideas which flourished in what became the most politically stable nations in all of modern history—something which helped these nations to develop into what they became today. Yet, people did not really consider something—they did not really consider that perhaps these nations were also found within their Bibles!

 These two new nations were formed with the help of new innovative ideas and those things which brought to light the new and awesome company of nations, the British Empire and Commonwealth and the world’s most successful republic of the United States of America.

 Why has history been so benevolent and economically generous to these two nations? Why have they been so greatly blessed over all the other nations which have been before them? The answer is found within one source—that is the biblical record—for here the answer is within prophecy!

 While it may seem very surprising, it is also true—biblical prophecy has spoken of the United States and Britain and here, we find recorded knowledge regarding perhaps the two most powerful super powers on the face of the earth. One was to precede the other to world domination. Both would come to dominate international affairs in their own time. They would even be called upon to go to the aid of other nations from the forces of despotism. Above all, they would further make way for great democratic and religious freedoms for all the English-speaking nations.

 In two world wars, the British and the Americans have saved almost the entire world from powers that desired to dominate the world. Without them, our whole world today would be greatly different in many various ways.

 The very real reason which has brought about freedom of expression has led to the Industrial Revolution, which has greatly changed the world as we know it. In the century between the end of the Napoleonic Wars and the beginning of WWI (1815-1914), the British capital and expertise had developed the economies of her colonies (one quarter of the world’s population) and contributed to the great development of the United States and newly independent nations of South America. After the second World War, America’s economic prosperity and generosity—through the Marshall Plan—got Europe and Japan on the fast track again.

 Today, we now see the decline of the British and the American societies which is leaving a great impact on the world. Already, the dissolution of the British Empire has brought to the surface the ethnic conflicts which had been in check under colonialism. Wars within the Middle East, Africa and South America and also within the Pacific are now the result of the decolonization and have made the world more complex and greatly more unstable—resulting in a great turmoil which could erupt at any given time.

 American power might seem to be successful in dealing with these problems—but yet; there are underlying problems which also exist here. The international standing of the United States itself is in decline—with the United States falling to a new low both economically and in affairs of the world. Long in the progress, Britain and the United States are greatly faced with more problems which could undermine their stability in large ways which would bring them to the brink of destruction. Meanwhile, there are other powers, in the East and the West, which are now showing their muscles—which are preparing to greatly challenge the American superpower status.

 For over 400 years, England and the nations which have come to be from her have had a great role to play in the world affairs. Together, Britain and the United States have both dominate the world scene for two centuries, both having a great impact on the prosperity of the world and greatly bringing civilization into a whole new world.

 Now we come to one vital question. Why are economic blessings—and democratic ideals—so greatly evident by the English-speaking nations? Just who are these people? How do these two great powers—the United States and the nations that make up the former British Empire—really fit into biblical prophecy?

 Are the British and Americans ignored in the pages of the Bible while all the lesser nations are mentioned and often more? Is it even logical to believe that God, in revealing the events of the last days, those things which will eventually lead to the return of the Messiah, even leave these two great powers out of the picture?

 Or, is it more possible that these nations have been mentioned within the pages of the Bible—being mentioned in prophecies which will greatly affect you and me?

 Reading through the pages of this book will shed great light on your way of thinking about these two powers—perhaps for the first time, you will come to greatly understand what these two powers really hold for the future—what prophecies will hold for these two superpowers. You will find that you have not known such great truth before which will unlock the very keys for understanding biblical prophecy which pertains to these modern days!

 This journey is going to also remind you that the God of the universe, to whom “the nations are as a drop in a bucket” and “as the small dust on the scales”—Isaiah 40:15, is always faithful to keeping His awesome promises!

 Therefore, you will now gain the most awesome knowledge ever in the pages to follow in this book! 

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