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Tithing in its truest maeaning Tithing in its truest maeaning

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Tithing in its truest maeaning

Posted by: admin on Sun, Nov 6, 2011

by Dr.Rivera

Chaplain / Evangelist Jimmie Warren
My Dear friend and Co-worker in Christ,
Normally, I would simply post but because I exercise reflective equilibrium and respect other peoples viewpoint, for this particular post, I prefer to have you look at it and because it is your web-site in service to Christ and the people, before posting it. Whichever way you choose to post or not to post, I will understand and have no enmity in the least. Some will and have taken offense to my speaking this but others well sometimes you can really know what they're thinking because they rather not comment; in either case, God bless you as always my friend.
I am very careful not to offend others to the best of my abilities.
Your Friend
Dr. R. G. Rivera
Here It Is:

My Statute of Liberty is not the Laws of slavery to work
but the work to free your minds and lives with your God the Lord
of heaven and earth mightily working within.

Listen closely as you read these words:

I've heard the Lord speak of true wealth:

Tithing, I will tell you what My tithing is
[confuse it not with what the Treasury of the United States print

because once you have it
it stays outside you and
you cannot take it with you],
the thoughts you have and contribute will determine your worth
the writings you give will enrich your souls and that of others;
I will form to dwell in your storehouse until

there is no room within: I will encircle you.

Think of tithing to me in any other form and
poverty will hand you over to the hunger of
ignorance and thirst while surrounded by economic collapse.
I will take your impoverished Inner person away from you
before He's ever born; know this,
I've already taken Him from you
saved Him from you and

I will fill you with treasures Myself
even now He will save you from yourself and

Free you from this.

Be lazy no more, work, and bring my tithes
into your minds and hearts,

the bread of life: the issues of your hearts and

I will heal your worth and

your value has increased.
I told you before and I tell you again now
bring My tithes to me.
For I Am the Lord who forms: your thoughts.
Bring them back to me.


The only work I will impose upon you is
learn from me by giving each other spiritual gifts.
There is no other God on earth doing these things and
commanding: you must learn from me
what is right and wrong and God your creator.

When I heard this I thought to myself:

In the material realm we have money made of matter: metals and
In the Spiritual realm: the Inner-person;
we have the wealth He uses and that is,
thought which we exchange through written form and
back to thought again when service rendered.

One is external wealth and the other is internal wealth.

We can’t confuse the two.

To hurry to the result of this defining of tithes, we will say,
God will not accept any of this external wealth

Because it is not what He is looking for from us;

however, the internal wealth of a renewed mind

that is what He is looking for from us and is our inheritance.
In addition, as stated by the prophets:
"I, the Lord, 'form' your thoughts" and
"the Lord is my inheritance."

Tithing in its truest meaning.
Dr. Rivera

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