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To Cast Out Demon Alcohol To Cast Out Demon Alcohol

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To Cast Out Demon Alcohol

Posted by: admin on Fri, Nov 1, 2019

for all who have loved ones with drinking problems

To Cast Out Demon Alcohol

Note: When you read this prayer, try to imagine hearing my voice as I speak it to you. In this way, the prayer is reactivated, and it is the same as if I were actually praying for you at that moment. (Just like television prayers are reactivated when you watch them, although the videotape may have been shot years before.)

"To Cast Out Demon Alcohol" Demon Alcohol rarely lives alone. He usually keeps various of his demon friends with him, such as Drugs, Tobac (tobacco), Sexual Promiscuity, Masturbation. He also frequently attracts and lives with other harmful spirits (not exactly demons, but harmful nevertheless) such as Chronic Failure, Confusion, Deception, Unreliability, Low Self-Esteem. The disease called "alcoholism" is very difficult to treat successfully, because Demon Alcohol is always ready to jump back in after he has somehow been kicked out. His friends are waiting for him, and they keep drawing him back in.

Therefore, when we cast out Demon Alcohol, we must also cast out all his friends, and this is a very big job. Frequently the person has come to think of himself as an "alcoholic," someone with an incurable disease worthy of sympathy. His friends are mostly fellow alcoholics, and he spends much of his life participating in activities designed especially for alcoholics.

Once this happens, it is almost impossible to cure, because the person doesn't want to be cured. If he weren't an alcoholic, he fears he would be a mere "nobody." So if Demon Alcohol is somehow kicked out, the person slyly keeps inviting him back in! Sometimes, however, persons with Demon Alcohol deny that there is really any problem. They think of themselves not as alcoholics, but merely as people who like to drink a lot. These cases are far easier to treat because when you cast out Demon Alcohol you have gotten rid of most of the problem. The person himself is not nearly so crippled as those who define themselves as alcoholics.

Demon Alcohol is less likely to return. NOTE: For this to work, you must first be a Christian, that is, you must first have invited Christ to enter your life and be your Lord. If you want to do that now, please go to "Gateway To Jesus" at . . . Also, you must first have granted your forgiveness to all who have ever hurt you or aroused feelings of anger in you. If you want to do that now, please go to " Granting Your Forgiveness," at . . .

"To Cast Out Demon Alcohol" Attention evil spirits dwelling here: Know ye that I am working for the Lord! His power and His glory fill my heart; His love directs me here to you today. I know that all of you will want to leave, As day-by-day the Lord more fully grows, And daily you are more-and-more distressed. But now I speak to Demon Alcohol, (And all his evil friends may listen in.) O Demon Alcohol, now hear my voice! In Jesus' holy name, I cast you out! No longer may you stay within this place, No longer may you tamper with this life! The Lord is dwelling here, you must be gone! And in His holy name, I cast you out! I plead the blood of Jesus, you must go! The holy blood of Jesus, you must go! So go, and take your evil friends with you! And nevermore return unto this place. * * * O Lord, I pray that you will grow in strength Within this heart where you are dwelling now. And as you gain in power day-by-day, I pray the evil spirits all will leave. In Jesus' holy name I pray, Amen.

by Rev. Bill McGinnis - Public Domain

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Blessings to you in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director -


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