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Posted by: admin on Mon, Feb 28, 2022

Showing you what is happening in our world today and what is coming soon!

by Chaplain Jimmie Warren

 Beloved brethren as I am writing this to you I feel the urgent call to shout out We are running out of time.” The End Is Hear shout from the roof tops and sound the horns to warn the people before it is to late and we are swapped away like those in the tsunami in Japan.

Awhile back I was praying when a voice came to my mind, not an audible voice like a person talking but,a voice as clear as though someone was speaking directly to me in the room. Needless to say I was at first shocked but then it came again in a very soft voice so I listen as I continued to pray,sure as shooting,it came again "Running out of Time"? It was unnerving to say the least.

At first I thought it was only my mind trying to put off time of prayer, you know as our minds do when we get tired ,or when we want to quit praying and go do something else. Anyway as I kept asking for God to intervene in the life of a fellow brother in the faith, I heard the voice once again "Running out of time." At that moment I had to stop and think about what I was hearing and why?

I have written an article “ARE WE OUT OF TIME” and in it I explain more about this dream. Some of you may not have read this interesting article on our web site? If not then, please take the time to read it. It is under more articles at the bottom of the articles box to your right. I think you will find it most helpful in your hunt for end time issues.
I started asking myself “WHO IS RUNNING OUT OF TIME?” Is it me, Am I, or are we as people together running out of time? It still bothers me and to this day in the back of my mind I can still hear the words “RUNNING OUT OF TIME.” See ( Luke 12:39-40 )

I talk to a lot of people through the INTERNET, some in the body of Christ, and other’s seeking to be a part of Christ. I have talked to some people who don’t care about churches or religion at all; yet all of them talk about how this world is going to Hell in a hand basket. It seems everyone is having family problems,Money problems,health issues etc etc and that does not cover what's going on with the weather,Earth quakes tornadoes,firs,floods and as Jesus said these are just the beginning of our sorrows?

Have you asked your self "HOW BAD IS IT GOING TO GET "?

Am I and my family and friends even anywhere near ready for any kind of emergency? Do you have extra water,food blanks,Batteries,radios etc,etc? Even enough for two or three days much less two or the weeks worth,because you have seen our government show what kind of help we should expect, after Katrina ,REMEMBER?

People are scared to death about what’s going on in Iraq, Iran, China, North Korea, and all this talk about dirty bombs in our cities. How could you not be worried with all that is going on around us today? Food cost going up,gas is up, up, up and rents,and cars all going up but not our pay checks,where will it this all end? Better be asking yourself these and many other questions because it is your families life that will count on it!

Read ( Luke 12:54-56 ) Jesus was talking of his coming at that time. But I believe he is warning us of this time and age also, right now ,if not now,then soon! Some minister’s preach and believe that Matthew chapter 24 was only talking about the 70 AD destruction of the temple and all was completed back then,
 HOWEVER how do they explain verses 27- 31 Jesus did not return in 70 AD, did he? The Sun didn't grow dark or the Moon turn to Blood in color,or Giant earth quakes of 10 or more Thus it is to come,and we are not finished yet! 
 If even one of these events would have happened, the Astronomers of that time would have recorded those event would they have not? So, we are to assume that this is talking about another time, maybe our time right now are near a future date?

This means a new temple must be standing in the end time, well my sisters and brothers of the faith, I have good news for you! A new temple is being readied right now in Israel. Yes! Right now they are getting ready to put it together on the Holy Mount site.
You do know it does not have to be a full temple,all it has to be is the 4 corner stones which the Jews have had for over 15 years now to set up and start the sacrifices and boom,the Man of Sin talked about in the book in your Bible called Revaluation describes all these things.
Be on guard, get ready-please Read ( Luke 12:47-48 ) & (Revelation Chapter 17),are you the servant in verse 47?
"The servant who knows what his master wants him to do, but does not get himself ready and do what his master wants, will be punished with a heavy whipping.” Are you him or do you just wait for your minister to tell you when the end will come?

To all of you my fellow brethren, I say," we need to get busy, telling everyone we can, that we are running out of time. We are coming to the day of our Lord Jesus Christ' return." Are you doing your jobs? Are you ready to meet God and tell him what a good job you have tried to do for him?Are you getting out the message that the time of God's kingdom is at hand? Are you faithfully to God or just to your churches Ministers?

Do not be like the servants in Luke 12:45 don’t think “Yeah, I”ve heard all this before, I even heard my grandmother talk about the return of the Lord so, what? "Woe unto the men who say the Lord delays his return," remember that one"?
Well I am writing this to show you that the time of the end or as I prefer to say the time of a new beginning is upon us. (Matthew 24: 42 ) We do not have long! Maybe its not this Summer,Maybe we have Ten years but what if you die today,then the end is NOW FOR YOU! All I am saying here for sure is"BE READY " .

Do you know that in Israel about 44 months ago or so, the Sanhedrin (which is the religious court of the Jews) was reborn for the first time in over 2,000 years and that all their priests have all their Holy garments made and have been taught their duties for the temple, to preform all the duties, of the Mosaic laws of old? That These priests of the court have given their OK for a new temple to be pre-built,prefab and ready to go NOW?. The four corner stones have been made according to the rules set up by their old ways and have been ready to be moved to the temple mount anytime . KEEP YOUR EYES ON Jerusalem! Jesus told his disciples to watch for the signs of his return by doing just that. Amen

(Revelation 11:1-2 ) This is talking about the end time Temple, it will be a fact one day soon! AGAIN ARE YOU READY for what is about to happen to you and your family, well are you? ( Matthew 24:44-51 )

You see all the other times that people talked about the end coming ,the Jews had not come back home to their promised land of Israel.There was no land of Israel until 1948.The nation of Israel was born and now they are planing to rebuild their Holy Temple and start sacrificing to their God to ask for his protection on their nation. They are looking for their messiah Yeshua to save them and for him to return to his people.

Well Yeshua /Jesus Christ is on his way back and they will know him when they see the nail prints in his hands and feet. Amen and Amen!

As soon as the Jews build their Temple, then we are in the count down to ARMAGEDDON, You know, the end time war 111 just before the Jew’s messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ, returns! Hallelujah.

You See, if you know it or not, we are running out of time. Just look around you, you can see it happening all around, if you will only open your eyes and minds. Read (Matthew 24:14), then read Daniel chapter 11 then Revelation chapters 11&17 also read (Matthew 24:14) with (Luke 21:7-19).These are the end times we are living in today!

I know this is a lot of reading to do but, your life and all those you love may depend on you knowing this. Read more (Luke 21:20). Jesus was speaking of the 70 AD time here but ,also about the end time ,our time verses 25-28 How close do you think we are right now?
My brothers and sisters we must get out and do something to spread the news about Jesus and his soon appearance on this planet of ours. (Romans 10:11-13)
Everyone can be saved!
(Romans 10:14-15) this is what we all need to share with everyone who will listen, before it is too late.
Look at (Romans 12:1-2) Life in God’s Service, are you there yet? While reading this chapter of Romans, starting in verse 4&5 replace the word parts with the word churches, now read verses 6 - 21.
This is talking about all of us, so don’t play around anymore, because we are out of time.

READ your newspapers and watch the news on the INTERNET, pay very close attention to what is happening in the nation of Israel. Be praying all the time, not just at bed time or at church but, all the time. Our sisters and brothers of the world need to know what time it is and we have very little of it to tell them.

Ask yourself about things like these:
1) NATIONAL I.D. CARDS /CHIPS in our driver Licenses
2) NEW WORLD ORDER this is being pushed by both parties TODAY!!!
3) Jerusalem becoming a world capital city.
5) 1/3 of all mankind killed BY war, then 1/3 more by Famine , (THAT’S 4 BILLION 4,000,000,000 PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET, FOLKS! )
Some will be in the USA,we will not except unless we are the FEW called out by God Himself. Any of this sound familiar at all? If not, you need to pay more attention of what is going on around you. It is time to quit playing religion don’t you think?

Pick up your own Bibles and read it yourself,it is happening all around you,get ready for the return of the Lord.

Going to church every Sabbath (Saturday or Sunday) makes no difference if you are just playing church anyway?
Are you in church because you want to be with our Father God and his son Jesus Christ? or are you in church because you want to be apart of God’s everlasting kingdom? Maybe your one who are just going to church because it’s a tradition in your family?Maybe your really religious and you count on your church deacons to save you?

Maybe you’re in church because you did something wrong or are doing something wrong now, I don’t know but, you are running out of time my friends, better ask yourself some of these questions while you can.

How about this one," you are going to church for the family, or your mate says you will go or I’ll kill you?" What I am getting at is this, where are your heart and mind during most church services?
Are you trying to get closer to God to serve him or are you just in church for show?

I am telling you now ,you should be in church or starting a church to spread the Good News of the coming of the Lord. We are out of time to just go to church to please everyone except,the One who counts, Jesus is the only one who really counts. If you are in church for any other reason you are wasting Time, WAKE UP
It is time for all of us to quit playing religion, don’t you think?

At any time a Terrorist will set off a dirty bomb or spread germ warfare here in the US and the world as we know it will be in anarchy.

Just think what will happen when one or two Nukes goes off here in America? Remember what the people did during the hurricanes ? Shootings, robberies, Vandalizing, killing, roving gangs’ all this was happening only a short time ago, Remember?
Now think about millions dead and dying in the streets of a major US city.
What are people going to do? 
What are you going to do?
Are you and your family ready?

Where are you going to be when this happens?Where are you going to GO?
(Notice I did not say if this happens, I said WHEN)
Believe it or not, we are in the in time talked about in Matthew , Luke ,Daniel and Revelations. Better pick up that Bible and read about it before it is to late!

We are almost out of time to help save our fellow man, are you working hard for the Lord? Are you doing your job? OR are you just sitting on the side lines figuring someone else can tell them about this?
 If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, it is your duty to spread the word of Jesus to the world. Even if it is only in prayer every day, as long as you are doing something you are helping.

If you are one of those Christians sitting on the side lines waiting to be taken to a place of safety, ask yourselves this, " am I really ready for the Lord’s RETURN?"
Is Jesus coming back for you or to judge you?

Are you sure you are close enough to God to be protected from all that is coming soon?
Please take a long moment here and ask yourself honestly Am I ready, Am I doing all I can do to serve the Lord?”

How to get prepared for these times:

1) PRAYER ---------Are you praying every day?
2) Serving ----------Are you serving others’?
3) Sharing-----------Are you talking to all, who might hear the word of the Lord?
4) Giving-------------Give your time helping anyone in need.
5) Listening------Are you willing to listen to others’ when they tell you about the end time?
6) Seeking----- Are you truly seeking God’s kingdom every day, putting it first in your life?
7) Understanding---------Do you read Gods Holy word (the Bible) every day and most importantly do you understand what it is saying to you?

Forget all the religious garble others have told you, read it for your own peace of mind. Wisdom comes from God, God gives you faith and faith gives understanding ,which in turn ,gives you wisdom with the power of the Holy Ghost.

Here is a thought! draw a line on a piece of paper with zero at the beginning of the line and end with 85
now put an X where your age is right now? HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU HAVE LEFT?

Short LIFE isn't it, the day you die will be your day of the Lord— Are you ready?
Do you know the Lord Jesus/ Yeshua Messiah?

Just Look back 20 years. remember how fast it went?
What about the next 10-20 years ?
Baring any accident, do you see the short time you have left??

Please pray with me right now “
Heavenly Father we come before you in all your glory and understanding and ask by your mercy that you would walk with us in mind and spirit. Father God you know our hearts and minds and that there is no deceiving you. Open our minds and soul and abide within us in our time of need. Father God you made us, remember how weak we really are. Hold our hands and keep us on the right track as we run this race called life. Let us through your son Jesus to be like him that we too may be in your kingdom forever and ever Amen”

Now that you have prayed I employ you to, share this message " Jesus Christ is coming very soon and we all need to be ready. This way when time is up ,we will all be ready to start our new life in God’s everlasting kingdom."
Thank you for reading this message and may our Lord Jesus / Yeshua Messiah, be with you in all the time you have left. 
Amen and Amen



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