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Posted by: admin on Sat, Mar 3, 2012

A look at how we as families and our nation are doing and heading

by Jimmie W.Warren 
We are in a time right now where those words are being tested to the max. 
 I know many people who are fighting to hold their families together because, Satan is on the attack more today than ever to destroy everyone he can get before Jesus returns. Yes, the old serpent is out to devour those whom He may. 

Brethren you need to watch out for everyone you know and love because Satan is running out of time and he’s staking everyone he can take down with him. 
Dearly beloved pray for your family now! while your reading this. Let me tell you why. A few years ago while I was in prayer, a voice came to my mind, a voice as clear as if someone was standing in the room with me . This voice said “ go stand by your family because Satan is out to get your family to destroy it. He wants to break up all families, to get each of us alone, and then in despair, he will make His attack”. 

I know this sounds strange to many but, over these past few years, I have seen many people lose the ones they love to divorce, death, separation, even infighting of most churches. Beloved we need to love each other more now than ever before. Don’t let little things grow into bigger fights, work things out . Tell each other how you feel . Don’t hold things in till they can’t be worked out . 

We as grown people need to stop playing games with each other .Don’t You know, that we are running out of time? Jesus is on His way back and our enemy Satan is just waiting for those who have given up or ready to. Are you on your way down or have you not even started yet? What are you waiting for, an A-Bomb to drop in your city? Satan will move in for the kill if you are down and out, and not watching ! Take a LOOK around yourself , who is hurting the most in your family? If it is you then tell someone near to you, don’t let pride stop you, call a family member to talk to , call a minister. “Ask and you shall receive,” if you don’t ask someone, then how is anyone to know that you are in trouble? PRIDE CAN KILL YOU OR SOMEONE WHO YOU LOVE.. STOP HERE ! 

Your saying to yourself “wait a minute, what is this guy saying to me and who is he to tell me what I should or should not do?” This is a good time to ask “Is something wrong with my family?” Have I talked to my wife lately on how she is doing, how about my children? How is that aunt or uncle doing, or how about grandma and grandpa, are they O.K.? If you care, ask them and see what is going on in their hearts and minds, you might be surprised! Take a short time to think of every family member you can think of and pray for them all , NOW. 

I FEEL VERY COMPELLED TO write about this subject . I feel moved by the Holy Spirit to warn everyone of expanding doom! PLEASE take this message to heart right now. Your families very lives could depend on it! Jesus told his disciples ”to love one another”for . Love covers all sin! 

Blessed ones, don’t take this lightly, hold tightly to the ones you love . Right now, go into prayer today, do not wait and put it off ! This is one of Satan’s big weapons putting off things then forgetting about them. Because we just don’t know about tomorrow or what bad thing could happen? 

Friends I admonish you to talk to each other before today runs out. Try to find out what is going on with your mate, your children, your parents, even your friends. Tell them you are happy to know them and that you want to get them to know you better, don’t be shy. People will open up to you if you will revile yourself to them and show you care for their feeling. 
Tell the ones close to you what you are feeling. We have to all, quit playing games, with the people we are supposed to love? 

When was the last time you and your wife prayed together? How about those kids of yours? When did you last tuck them in bed and tell them you loved them or took time out to let them talk to you about what is happening in their lives? Come on people we as Christians need to show our love for one another, are we not ? Why is it so hard for us to talk to each other? Too many electricity devises ,taking up our kids time, or our time on computers or cell phones today to even think to ask about how our lives are going, just what the enemy what’s folks, take the time to stop ,to see what is happening in you lives? 

Husbands it’s your duty to take the lead , so ask, your wife what is bothering her ,or ask the children, are you guys alright? Quit watching so much TV most people watch it all night. GO take your family to church or to a bowling alley or a movie. Have you tried playing a game lately? Remember monopoly, risk, card games etc..?. these type of games let people talk while playing to find how things are going with everyone. Make sure to take time at the dinner table to use as family time while eating drop in a few questions about God and how your feeling at the time, Men take this lead and you will be surprised how your family replies, maybe at first it won’t work but keep doing it. Show your family you really care about their feeling before it is to late! 

Blessed ones ,I beseech you, in the name of our lord JESUS to take the time to talk ,pray and love your family. If your reading this and you know your having problems then ask Jesus “Lord please help my loved ones to stick together and to love each other no matter what happens. Please don’t let the Evil one come between me and the ones that I love. Please God, help me be a better father ,mother ,brother ,sister, friend ,and Christian to all that know me”. 

 People we have but a short time on this earth, we need to spend more time thinking of others instead of ourselves all the time. Do You know to truly love someone is to put them first in life. Are you doing that with your family? Pray all the time that you will be counted worthy to escape all the things about to happen to this world? One of those things is that the love of many shall wax cold. Look around more and more people only care what is happening to them, some won’t even come to your aid while others are beating you to death, watch the news, you will see it happen every other day or so! What does this mean to all of us? Many will stop loving the way they should, then our long time enemy Satan, moves on them and they just don’t care anymore. 

How many people do you know who seems like they just don’t care anymore, or at least don’t seem to care like they use to ? Look at all the hate in this Christian country today. When did most of the people stop caring?? 
If most of us think back it all stared in the 60's, Funny the 60's, was supposed to be the era of love? Remember what happen to President John Kennedy and his brother Bobby KENNEDY, or Martin L. King or even Malcolm X when he started to talk about peace? Where did all the love and caring go back then? Has it gotten any better today .at all? You see, it was when we stopped caring back then, when we lost hope we as a lost generation lost our love , we as a nation let Satan in the back door to take down our national pride. He is now feeding off our children even more and the mistakes we all made back then is a lot worse today while tempting our children with more sex, drugs, rock n roll. Remember that motto with all the free love or was it? 

The churches let us down, our leaders let us down, but the biggest let down was us. We as a people need to take back our pride and love and show the whole world that we really do care and are One Nation Under God. with Liberty and Justice for All. People who do not like our Christian God should leave this country, they are helping to bring all of us down, with the Pagan Gods trying to take control of our country? We can’t use the name of JESUS but other names are OK???

Not what our Bibles says, Our Forefather’s knew who made this country and it is written on all the building around this great country America! 
We as a Christian nation need to show again that God should be back in our schools, in our meeting places, in our families, with prayer. We as followers of JESUS /YESHUA MESSIAH NEED TO PRAY EVERYDAY! We need to stand up and fight evil on every front .

This is not the time to just quit, so don’t sit down and give up ! Instead standup for Jesus, Ask HIM TO KEEP YOUR FAMILY AND NATION TOGETHER. AGAIN OUR TIME IS RUNNING OUT FAST, YES FOR ALL OF US! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? AMEN 
Your Servant of the Lord
Chaplain Jimmie W. Warren


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