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Posted by: admin on Mon, Jun 18, 2018

Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk.” are you doing all you can for Christ our Lord?


by Jimmie Warren

Beloved in Christ, you have heard the cliché, “Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk.”  Well, we all need to examine our lives to see if we are doing these two things or not. Most people that go to church like to be called Christians, but most don’t have a clue what the word Christian even means. Christian means to be like Christ.

Just going to church every Sunday or Saturday and warming a seat does not make you a Christian.
Being like Christ means to become like Jesus, live like Jesus, feel like Jesus, and love like Jesus.
What do you think Jesus meant when He said, “Take up my cross and follow me.”(Mark 10:21)  
Being a Christian is the hardest part of following Christ Jesus.

How many people do you know who are like Jesus or even act like Him? How many give their hearts to serve others, even in their own families much less in their churches or other places around them.

When Jesus told people to love their enemies, most didn'’t understand what He meant. (Matthew 5:44)  

Helping those who have hurt us or who have hurt someone we love is impossible for most of us to do. In this world, too many people say things like,  “Those people will get theirs someday.”  I’ve heard people scream out of the pulpit even,  “They are all going to burn in hell and get their just reward someday.”

What kind of attitude did Jesus have concerning sinners?  Look at what he said in John 8:11.  “Go and sin no more, I forgive you.’

Even when Jesus was dying on the cross He said, “ Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  ( Luke 23:34)  Talk about love. There it was and still is, thank you Jesus.

In another scripture Jesus teaches,  “If you even look on a woman and lust, you have committed adultery.’ (Matthew 5:28)  Yet he forgave an adulteress even when she was caught first-handed.
 He said to her, “Go and sin no more.”  (John 8:11)

We have too many men going around judging other people instead of loving them.  Jesus told us to love everyone, not condemn them. 

I heard a famous  preacher  say right after 9/11 that all those who didn’t know the Lord were on their way to hell. What a loving statement that was. I’m sure God will hold that so-called preacher accountable unless he repents.

We don’t know what’s in people’s hearts for us to go around judging them.
“Judge not less you be judged.”  (Luke 6:17)  “As you judge so, shall you be judged.”(Matthew 7:1) 

We are not to judge, but to LOVE our fellow man.  Again walking with Jesus is a lot harder than we think, isn’t it?

It’s not easy and this might be a big surprise to all of you, but we were not promised an easy life. In fact, Jesus said, “ If they hated me, then they will hate and persecute you.”  (John 15:18 )  
Yes, the world hated Jesus. And people will take advantage of good people because they hate so-called goodie-two-shoes who love doing what’s right.  This world where cheating on your taxes or your mate is acceptable. If everyone does it, it must be OK, right? Well for those who don’t follow Christ it is, but if you want to walk with Jesus, you must do what is right.  Most of the time this isn’t what everyone else does.

To really walk with our Lord Jesus, we must read the Bible to see what He was saying and doing all the time.  Jesus said that one of the greatest commandments to do was to love one another. (John 15:12 , 17)  

Well what exactly is LOVE? Love is putting others’ needs above your own, going the extra mile for them. (Matthew 25:34-40)  Helping feed those in need, giving a blanket when they are cold, loan money when in need etc.,etc.

Yes, to walk with Jesus, we have to be willing to serve others, not have others serve us. We Americans are so used to having what we want when we want. We want a God to be right here right now, and if we don’t get our way, well, there must not be a God, right?

I hear it  all the time, “Where was God on 9/11?
Where was God when little Willy was sick and dying?
Where was God when my wife left and took the kids?
Where was God when my Mother died of cancer in all her pain?

Well beloved, where were you in your walk with God, when the last bad thing happened? Were you walking with Jesus, talking with Him, asking Him for protection?

Do you really follow Jesus as His disciple?  Do you serve others; do you share the good news of the gospel with all who may listen?   Would you lay down your life for a friend, or better yet a stranger? (John 15: 13)  

You can see now that to walk with Jesus, you must get up and do what He did. First, you must do more than just go to church every week, although this is a good place to start.  You must find a way to serve in your church like singing, ushering, greeting others as they come to church each week, especially new people. Ask people to come to church with you, tell them about your walk with Jesus, ask them over to a Bible study. 

Go that extra mile for anyone who needs you to. Spend time giving to others what ever you have, time, money, work, whatever it takes. Then you will be walking with Jesus.  Read: Matthew,  Mark,  Luke,  John. See all the wonderful things Jesus did for others and for you and me. 

Did you know the first miracle Jesus performed was to turn water into wine so the people at the wedding could have a better time. (John 2 : 8-11)  Another story was when Jesus told Peter, who was complaining about someone stealing his coat, “Peter if you find the person who stole your coat, go and give him your other clothes to, for he is a weak person.” (paraphrased)

Be loving and kind to all those who are in need.  If you can do it without anyone knowing you did it, the better, because you are doing it out of love not out of show.

We can all walk with Jesus better by thinking, “What can I do to be better at being like Christ.”
Giving of yourself is laying down your life, and there is no greater love than to do that.(John 15 : 13)  

Finally my fellow believers, read in your own Bibles the examples of Jesus, what He did, what He said, and follow His ways, not some big minister’s ways or church’s ways. Live like Jesus Christ, and you will walk with HIM!



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