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Posted by: Michael Stevenson on Mon, Sep 7, 2009


Michael W. Stevenson

ILLIONS of people in the United States are about to find out just exactly what it means to witness the rise of a "Communist" state right here in this very nation! In fact, the very plans now being worked on in Congress are prelude to the foundation of a real Communist society and yet, most people in the United States are blind to that very fact.

One way that we know that this is the very case is a look at the healthcare plan that is proposed by Obama. Obama’s healthcare plan would eliminate the elderly by not paying for their essential medicines!

Already, we have seen Obama taking over America for a whole new era of something that is not going to help us—but will rather turn us over to the powers of Communism!

The biggest and most important step thus far on this move toward Socialism is the health care plan that is now going through Congress. That is exactly what is now happening and it is going to be affecting you and I both!

The consequences of what is going to be happening in this nation’s health care system under the control of our government cannot be stated too much! It is going to be a disaster for America!

You need to know what is taking place and how it is going to actually AFFECT you because it is real and it is going to affect you in ways that you never before thought!

It needs to be pointed out that the Constitution of the United States was created to LIMIT the powers of Congress and ultimately government! Yet, Congress is stripping the Constitution out from under us—they are turning it into a document that has no effect upon the United States, but rather, a remnant of our history as a nation and unless we open our eyes as to what is going on, we are going to be blinded as to what will happen after the health care is taken over! The next step will be to strip the nation from that very Constitution that was formed and framed by our founding fathers!

Government was not to have a hand in our healthcare and religion—yet, the truth is this, reality is now beginning to take place where our government is taking all things into its very power! Congress is taking away our rights and we seen this from the moment of September 11.

Free health care is actually the opposite! What is going to take place is that our health care will cause taxes to be raised, driving up the cost of health care. When costs of health care driven up, then it will further be passed on to us—the tax payers and the tax payers will have no rights to say what they get for the money that they put out.

Further, it is also going to cost lives as most people will have to sacrifice services that they need and that would help them to live.

Already we are seeing this take place as Medicaid and Medicare cuts are taking place all over the nation. For example, in Utah, dental care has been restricted to pregnant women. Medicines such as Levemir, which is a type of long-acting insulin that is taken every 24 hours has been cut as a non-preferred medicine. Cuts are taking place in more and more areas of health care in the Medicaid and Medicare realm and we are not finished yet!

Americans want to turn their health care over to the government and they don’t realize the effects that it will have.

We need to become realistic and see what the effects are going to be! We need to open up our eyes and see that the effects of medical services are going to be sacrificed in procedures as well as medicines. For example, it will be proving that a lot of various surgeries will be forgone such as the possible need for a gal bladder removal. All of these things are just the beginning.

We are told by Obama and his people that control us, that there are already 45 million Americans without health insurance. It’s just not true that this is the case! A quarter of that total earn $75,000 or more per year and would actually be able to afford medical coverage of some sort. Another quarter of that total are those who are illegal aliens who have come into this country illegally. Then we get a third who are young people that are just now starting out in life and probably not putting health care at the top of the list. Further, hospitals do not turn away those who are considered indigent. In fact, it is actually illegal to turn away people who are indigent! So then, we see that no one actually is going without health care. There is no excuse for going without health care—so then, what is going on?

So then, what is the truth?

To actually understand why our government is turning on us like they are, we need to understand who actually controls the governments of this present world! We need to understand why the governments are doing like they are and see that there is a bright future coming for America and ultimately for the whole world when they are forced to live real world peace—ultimate world peace!

Let us see what the Bible tells us of the one who really is in control of this age in which we are now living—in other words, let us examine just who is really in control of this present world!

Remember that Satan has always wanted to try to get God to give up and give everything to him. Paul referred to Satan saying "Remember them: (those who are not of God’s Church) the god of this age has blinded the minds of the unbelievers so they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God."–2 Corinthians 4:4 HCSB

Again, John the Revelator put it this way about Satan: "the one who deceives the whole world."–Revelation 12:9

Satan is deceiving all people regardless and he is has most certainly blinded the governments of this world. No wonder Paul was inspired to say that he is the "god of this world" who is controlling what the governments do.

Is it then any wonder that God’s people do not participate in government in this present age?

Each day, we see what Satan does. We see broken homes, we see divorce, murder, corruption, war, sickness, death and all manner of things which have come about because of Satan and his evil influences. Yet, we do not understand that the whole reason that our government is moving in the direction that it is rests upon Satan.

Satan knows that his time is now limited and getting shorter each day so he is working harder and harder until we move into the Great Tribulation when he really works hard against the Church of God. Let’s keep the whole armor of God and keep watching out for the Devil and for what he is doing! He is cunning and he will do whatever he can to lead us astray! [MT]



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