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Posted by: admin on Fri, May 1, 2015

We are near the time of the end and you need to know what your part is while in the you know?


By Chaplain Jimmie W. Warren



Do you go to church because it is the thing to do? Are you there because you were taught to be there whether you wanted to be or not? Maybe your mom or dad told you that you would go to hell if you did not attend church every Sunday. Just why are you in church anyway? Maybe it is because you remember grandma telling your parents that they needed to teach you kids the right thing to do. After all your grandparents couldn’t be wrong, or could they? Maybe you go to church out of a feeling of guilt because of the things you know that you do wrong. Maybe you go just in case you did something wrong that you didn’t even know you did wrong. Or just to be safe you thought, "I will make an attempt to go to church to do good and to make amends for those wrongs that I might have done."

Are you in a church right now that is preaching hell fire and damnation, and not love? Are you afraid not to attend church? Are you tired of dragging yourself out of bed to go listen to some boring minister telling you how bad you and your family are? Are you saying, "I am going to take my family to that darn church to set the right example even if I’m not sure of what they teach. After all, if it was good enough for my parents, it should be good enough for my family." Don’t you want to know for sure why you are going to church? WHY?

I knew this guy who went to church every week. He even went to Bible studies every Tuesday night. Then he started going to Thursday night Spokesman Club to learn to speak well in public. This went on for years; then one day he looked around at what he was doing and asked himself why? He looked around at his life, and all of a sudden he felt pressured in everything he was doing. He realized he did not get any feeling of accomplishment out of the time and effort of his work.

So he started asking questions (wrong thing to do in organized religion.) These were questions about some of the teachings of the church he was attending. The teachings did not seem quite right according to what he had read in the Bible. He wasn’t saying anyone was wrong, it’s just that he had some very important questions that no one wanted him to ask. After asking several ministers these same questions, he was then warned to stop! He pursued his questioning anyway because he needed answers. After he had talked to everyone he could think of, they all seemed like they were afraid to ask questions of these ministers. Some people were being asked to leave the church over these same questions. He finally talked to a former evangelist who had quit this church; the evangelist had found out a lot of things were wrong and told him the leaders of this church would not change any of their teaching. He made up his mind then and there to quit his church, to move on to more truth.

There are many things that happen to a lot of churches because they follow a man instead of God. Now don’t get me wrong here; there are many kinds of things wrong with all churches, and there always will be as long as a man runs the church.



Everything that is wrong may not be that bad. But when it conflicts with the Holy Bible then you had better ask questions and read that Bible yourself.

This friend and his wife wrote to me to tell me that they were thrown out of this church for asking too many questions, the same ones he was asking at the headquarters of this church. These friends wrote to everyone they knew to see if any of them had any of these same situations going on where they were. Their minister even went so far as to tell them that they had no right to ask questions about the Bible. This minister said that " the leader of the church could not have made such mistakes, and that the couple asking the questions should find another church to go to." The next week they were marked and where put out of the church, and anyone who talked to them or answered their letters would be put out of the church too.

At the time this happened, this church was world famous and had thousands of members in it who had given their hearts and time and monies (up to 30 percent) to the church. They were all loyal and faithful, but they all put too much faith in the leader; they didn’t put JESUS first. Is your church being put first or how about your minister? Is he so good that no matter what he says you follow? Are you afraid to ask questions about what’s being taught?

Start studying your Bible for yourself. Paul said "prove all things" [I Thessalonians 5:21]. The man I was speaking of earlier went to the highest ranking minister he could go to, to ask these questions. And he was told that "what he had for answers was correct," but if he wanted to stay in this church he would have to do it the church way, or do it both ways, or get out! My friend decided to leave his church after having given it all he had both body and soul. Within weeks he found out that three out of the five top ministers had quit or had been fired over some of these same issues. He felt bad and was very upset because he thought he was on his way to being lost after leaving the church that he had come to believe was the true church.

But you see beloved, he was in the church of the living GOD which is a spiritual church against which the gates of hell cannot stand. [Matthew 16:18] You don’t need a name on a big building to be saved. All you need is the truth. My friend wanted to know the truth and not wait until some guy gets around to fixing the truth. The real truth is not possible with men who tell you their interpretation of what the Bible says. We are all grown people, and it is time to quit playing church. Open your Bible; see what it says yourself, not what somebody tells you it says.

Churches have taught for years and years that the Bible is to hard to understand; this is just not true! Open your own Bible; start with the New Testament and read. Forget what you were told it says and read it for yourself with an open mind and with a lot of prayer. Then you will start to see, maybe for the first time, you will see being saved isn’t as hard as some would make it. You will see the word JESUS filled with nothing but love for God’s people. Nothing but grace, love, and simple salvation.





Go out, buy a good concordance (Strong’s/Young’s), and open your heart, and ask, "Jesus please show me your word without bias and bad religious teaching. Let me know you through your loving word; let me see clearly your way (not some church’s way), your grace, your love, your salvation plan for all mankind to be saved." [John 8:31-32] Read it in the book of [Hebrews.] Pray for the Lord to give you the wisdom of the ages so that you may be a true servant to him and your fellow Christians. Ask to hear those words from the Lord, "Well done my good and faithful servant." [Matthew 25:21]

If any of you feel this way about the church you are attending, go ask questions, but read your Bible first to know which questions to ask. Don’t keep going to church because you feel you have to. YOU are the church, and if he likes it or not, your minister is a servant there to help you. Remember where two or three are gathered in my name, THERE also will I be. [Matthew 18:20]

God is the same today as he was when he made man in the beginning. [Hebrews 13:8] He is the One who made each and every one of us. Why? He wants us to be in his family, to become sons and daughters. God and Jesus had you and me picked out before he made the world. [Ephesians 1:3-11] So hang in there, and don’t give up. Stand up for Jesus; ask whatsoever you want in the name of Jesus, and your almighty Father will answer you. It might take awhile, and the answer might not be what you asked for, but your prayers will be answered. God will give you what you need, when you need it.

If you are not happy with the church you are attending now, then get out and look for one that suits you. There is nothing wrong with visiting other churches, and if your church says it’s wrong, then you may be in the wrong church already? While visiting other churches, you should feel comfortable and loved. If you do not, then keep looking. If you are at a church that makes you feel welcome and they all seem to go the extra mile at greeting you and you can just feel the love, then you have found a good church. Does the preacher speak about love? Does he speak about JESUS? Is he reading the Bible from the pulpit and not condemning everyone and every thing? Then you have found a branch of God’s true church. Be happy with your church. Don’t feel you have to put on a show when you are in services. Let your heart feel free. You have to love yourself before you can love others. So when you go to church this next time, go with an open heart and with lot’s of questions.

I pray that this article will help some and that it will free up others to get to the truth. It will set you free!! God’s word is not in a building with a tall steeple or a TV evangelist or any other man. Amen. Where is your Bible? Go get it out, read it, study it, ask for help from God, and you will find the truth. Read every day as the end draws near. Don’t play church. You are the church, so share it with others. Start showing it around by example; you’ll be surprised how fast real love and truth will come back to you if you are not afraid to ask questions from God’s word. Show all those around you that you are God’s people and that you’re in God’s church no matter what building you are in. KEEP THE FAITH! Amen.

Your brother in Christ Jesus/ Yeshua

Chaplain Jimmie Warren

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