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Posted by: admin on Sun, Jan 16, 2011

by Brother Ed Allen

Jesus Messiah/Yahshua Mashiach is God’s “only begotten son.”
Being the "son of God", the "bread from heaven", having the "sayings of everlasting life", being "the way and the truth and the life", and scores of other wonderful statements about him, it should be obvious to ALL that what Yahshua Mashiach (Jesus Messiah) says is of the utmost of importance to this earth and all of mankind. None of the other men guided by holy spirit could say these things. 
Therefore, it is apparent that HIS WORDS are the most truthful and the most important WORDS ever spoken by any man. All others were either, speaking about what he would do, when he would do it, or what he had done, and what WORDS HE said. 
After his being raised from the dead and just before ascending to his Father in heaven, Jesus gave his disciples their last instructions for them to obey during his absence and until he came again.
In Mathew 28:18-20 Jesus said, “All power [authority] has been given me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit: teaching them to observe [obey] all the things what-so-ever I commanded you; and lo [look, remember] I am with you always, even unto the end of the world [age].” ASV.
There is little, if any evidence, of any group, organization or religion that have ever fully obeyed the Lord’s commands in the above quoted text. They only emphasize what THEY WANT the Lord’s sheep to do. That is to further their religious bias, ideas, dogmas, dues, tithes, membership, organizations and/or building programs. 
They say to THEIR members: “go and make disciples,” baptizing them”, teaching them”, their OWN RIGID doctrines creeds, religious propaganda, etc., then “baptizing them” into THEIR religious organizations name. They thinly disguise this and try to cover it over by saying, “in the name of the Father, the son and the holy ghost.”
They have never understood verse 18 where Jesus said that ALL POWER “in heaven and on the earth” had been given to HIM, alone. HIS POWER was not divided with any intermediary man, woman, organization, church, group of twelve, seventy, faithful and wise servant, pope, cosmopolitan, mufti, bishop, vice-regent, CEO, share holders, president, chairman, party, general, senator, bishop, worldly ruler or anyone or anything else. He said that ALL POWER was invested in HE, HIMSELF ALONE.
They also forget, or never considered, verse 20, where he says for them “to teach and observe all the things I have commanded you,” NO ONE ELSES. The only ones that HE would eventually share His authority and power with was His INDIVIDUAL footstep followers, His “bride”, and only by means of HOLY SPIRIT, poured out from His Father. NOT any temporal earthly power, at any time, anywhere, be it political, religious or commercial.
If one does not read His words, how can one know what he has commanded? Therefore, WE need to keep on reading the Lord’s WORDS OF TRUTH to one another. For, HIS WORDS, are the "sayings of eternal life." By knowing HIS WORDS, we can then compare OUR ideas with HIS, to correct ourselves of wrong ideas, wrong thinking and thus wrong doing. Therefore, the need to keep on comparing OUR pet doctrines and beliefs with HIS spiritual words of truth, praying for the FULL and COMPLETE truth, by means of the Holy Spirit, for ourselves and for everyone else. By doing so we will easily “see” What we must LET GO OF, to be one of HIS TRUE FOLLOWERS.
The “religious organizations” DO NOT TEACH YOU THIS MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION. They make many “claims” about being “footstep followers” of the Lord, but do not do so. Why? Because they “teach commands of men”, traditions, and emphasize their great building programs, converts for Jesus, church attendance, tithing to continue THEIR IDEAS, pay THEIR WAGES, build THEIR CHURCHES, and promote THEIR PROGRAMS, NOT HIS. HE does not need them. HE deals with US as INDIVIDUALS.  
The religions claiming to represent  HIM, give NO attention to TEACHING JESUS WORDS ONLY. They “feed off of one another’s ideas” and church programs and their church politics. These religious organizations are still hung up on the "old law" covenant given to Moses and the Israelites at Mount Sinai. They continue to quote Moses, as their Messiah, as the Jews do. They also lavishly quote the other ancient prophets, but never exclusively quote OUR Messiah!!.
They NEVER TALK ABOUT the CHRISTIAN MESSIAH, YAHSHUA MASHIACH AND HIS LAW, giving little attention to what OUR Messiah really said. There are at least 189 differences where Jesus has either expanded on or contradicted Moses, the Old Law and the others before him.
Why don’t’ YOU see if YOU can locate them yourself, rather than letting someone else “tell YOU what YOU believe?” Get a study bible or red letter edition and under-line the differences you see. Aren’t YOU sick and tired of being “force fed” the same OLD TIRED, 1700 year old Catholic DOCTRINES, taught by the Protestans for the last 400 years? YOU are better than that.  
YOU owe it to yourself and family to get to REALLY KNOW YAHSHUA, by knowing what HE REALLY SAID. HE wants YOU to better YOURSELF. LEARN what Jesus/Yahshua would have YOU believe, by reading HIS WORDS. YOU will be amazed at how much better you feel and HOW REALLY DIFFERENT HIS COMMANDS REALLY ARE from what you presently think!!
Very few people have really READ them for what they are=AS HIS COMMANDS. Who will you OBEY? The LORD or your religion, church, minister, common beliefs, what you were taught as a child? Or, JESUS MESSIAH/YAHSHUA MASHIACH WORDS OF TRUTH AND LIFE? Read them for your-self in Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, and the Revelation account. These are HIS  WORDS SPOKEN  DIRECTLY TO YOU!! Don’t’ wait, START READ-ING HIS WORDS FOR YOURSELF, NOW……. You will never regret it. “Take life’s waters free.”
Just a cursory reading of the "sermon on the mount" gives many instances where Jesus said, "you have heard it said, SO & SO—but, “I SAY TO YOU," SUCH & SUCH. By using the term "I SAY TO YOU", Jesus/Yahshua established his own authority as God's Son and Spokesman, thus supplanting Moses negative commands and establishing positive preventative commands based on love from the heart, thus fulfilling the old law covenant. For some quick examples, see Matt. 5: 20, 22, 28, 32, 34, 39, 44. These are all NEW teachings, from Jesus, that had never been taught before!!
The entire OT law and the Prophets is summed up in Matt. 22:37-40. How do we know? Read it for yourselves and you will find out! Jesus /Yahshua himself says so. Then look up brother Paul’s information on Yahshua’s words in Rom. 13:8-10. As you read, look up more of what the apostles wrote about Yahshua’s words. NOT SOME CHURCH OR DOCTRINE.
You will be happy and astounded, for YOU will finally be getting the TRUTH about what Yahshua really said. YOU will finally be able to OBEY HIM, like never before!! Why? Because it is NOT SECOND HAND or biased information from a church, religion or another man. It will YOURS ALONE WITH HIM.
As YOU read about HIM, he gives greater even startling new ideas and commands in John chapter thirteen. Therein HE shows the value of heart traits that were, and still are looked down on, by the world in general and religions in particular. They are some-times referred to, but rarely taught and almost never lived. 
By reading, memorizing and using Jesus/Yahshua’s words in our minds, homes, meetings and services we can get "the mind of Messiah [Christ]". 1Cor. 2:16 In doing so we will be fulfilling the "LAW OF THE CHRIST", in his "new commandment" to "love one another” just as He loved us. HE said, this is how “all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love among yourselves." John 13:34,35. Keep reading, Read the lwhole chapter, its wonderful.
This is how we show that we love the SON OF GOD, by obeying his commands. So, it is imperative to know what HIS commands are, for US to obey them. This is why WE MUST READ JESUS/Yahshua’s words and obey them. 
The religious organizations do not want people to fully understand HIS WORDS, as IT would diminish THEIR AUTHORITY over the people. They have “adulterated” and “watered down” His words so as to have YOU OBEY THEM AND THE RELIGIOUS SYSTEM THEY ARE PROMOTING.
Do YOU have the courage to be really Free? You can be. How? Jesus Messiah/Yahshua Mashiach answers:
“If you continue in MY WORD, [then] YOU are my disciples indeed; And you shall KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE.” John 10:31, 32. 
ONLY by READING HIS WORDS can WE, “know the truth”, achieve real “freedom”, and get “eternal life”. ALL of these wonderful things ONLY FROM HIM,…!!!
Your servant and brother, Ed Allen
Telephone: 626 -629-8385
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