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Posted by: admin on Fri, Sep 11, 2020

Scriptures showing Woman are called to Speak the Word of God

Chaplain for all Bishop Jimmie Warren

My fellow Christians I am writing this article because of some old bias which are still prevalent in our churches today, I believe women have the same rights to preach as men do. The Spirit moves ALL to speak the word of the Lord. A lot of Bible passages are male dominated because they were written in a sociality dominated by men of that time. The woman of that time where subjugated as servants to serve men and had no public life. I was raised by a Godly women who preached and laid hands and people where healed before my own eyes.Amen

This woman was my grandmother who had the gift to interpret those who spoke in tongues and she also spoke in tongues so please read with and open bible and mind where you will see new truth which is of the Holy Spirit.

Some ministers believe that (1 Tim.2: 12) give them the right to keep women from their rightful place in church today! These men need to wake up to the scriptural reading of the Bible which tells us that there is no difference to God who He uses to spread His word. Some churches use their religion to suppress their women and lose much of what the Holy spirit is speaking to women to tell others’ what God is saying to them?

(Roms.2: 11) God is no respecter of persons. (Acts 2:17) sons’ and daughter’s shall prophecy! ALL(doesn’t this mean men and women) as the Lord calls?
Read it again (Acts 2:17-18)

  1. " 'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all peopleYour sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, our old men will dream dreams. 
  2. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy
    Who are we to say whom God is calling?
    Who was first to witness that the Lord had risen? It was the two Mary’s that ran to tell the Disciples that Jesus had been raised from the tomb wasn’t it?

    Some ministers use (1Tim 2:12) over and over to show women are not to be ministers , that is not what it states let’s see what it does says “ I do not allow women to have authority over men they must keep quite.” This is Paul’s personal option where he is telling Timothy what He (Paul) wanted Timothy to do until he returned to that Church in Ephesus.

    Now let’s take a look at other scriptures showing where Paul did use women. Where he told of women and the great job’s they were doing when prophesy was given to them? 

    First and far most a minister is nothing but a servant of God.
    There are some who who need to remember this.
    Jesus, who is our spiritual leader, called Himself a servant. He even humbled himself and washed his disciple’s feet. Jesus then told them that they should be willing to do this for each other, to serve one another.

    (John 13: 5)  Jesus says to serve each other as he served them. Ministers’ are servants for the People of God, not rulers of Gods people. There are some men who think they are rulers by the way they act toward their congregations and especially to their women of their churches. I think they should take a better look at what the word of God really says and forget what their religion told them from years gone by.
    (Act 10:34-35) God is NO Respecter of persons (men or women) (Vs. 35) goes on to say worketh righteousness is accepted by Him. There have been many women who have served God in righteousness (1 Pet 3:1)  talks of husbands being saved by their wives conversion.

    It absolutely amazes me to look around and see the stupidity of some men, who think God only works with them , and only them, or other men. All down throughout the ages many women where used by God to save others, women like Ester who was used to save a whole nation.

    (Acts 2:18) “ handmaidens were used by God to get His message out. 
    The Lord Jesus Christ calls whom he wants to serve. (Acts 2:39) “All as the Lord calls”
    This includes women! After all , women are in all aren’t they. You see women of God in our time are being called and used to get people saved. There are many out there doing the job that God called them to do, some even better than other men preaching.

    There have been great women used to call God’s people to Him, like Amy McPherson back in the 1940's or how about Joyce Meyers of today? How about Billy Grahmn’s wife, who goes all around the world preaching Jesus Christ or his daughter who does the same. Maybe you have heard of Kathy Deplantis from New Orleans, there are many more out there doing a great job for God, who are we to say they can’t do the job of being a minister (SERVANT) serving people?

    Look in your Bible , in your own Bible, many females where used by God Almighty.
    How any minister of God, could not know of these examples , I don’t understand their logic?
    There are many scriptures where Paul used women to set examples of righteousness
    (Acts 14:15) we see Lydia was saved and attended to what Paul says.

    (Acts 17:12)  speaks of honorable women. Vs.34 we see a woman named Demris a believer, (Acts 18:16) Priscilla “helped expound the way of God and taught Apollo’s on how to teach (preach) to people of God.
    (Acts 21:10)  four-daughter’s which had prophesied
    (Acts 10:34,Roms.2:11)  Apostle Paul writes “God is no respecter of persons (men/woman) from the book of Acts till the end of Paul’s ministry in Rome, Paul clearly used women all through his ministry, women prophesied and taught others’.

    (1 Peter 4:10-11)  “all men (this includes women doesn’t it) as they received the gift’s even of the ministry the same to another as good steward’s.”
    (2 Peter 1:10)- talking to all brethren
    (2 Peter 4:4) Men/women are God’s children therefore this pertains to all women also doesn’t it?
    (Gal.3: 28) Neither male nor female or Jew or Gentile all one in Christ?
    (Eph.4: 1-7) We read in Vs. 6 “one God in all and through all.”
    Yes both men and women Vs.7 GIFT OF CHRIST
    (Phil.4: 3) -women which labored with me in the gospel. Looks like women where not quite here! Again this time in (Col.3: 11) ‘Christ is in all”  men are you telling us that all does not mean or include women?

    My dearest Pastors and Elders of the church, wake up. Jesus is in all who love him and obeys His word. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit out as a gift to whoever believes and serves God is called by God (John 3:16-18,21)  Anyone can serve God.
    Jesus Christ sent the Holy Spirit to us all who love Him and obey His word, the Holy Spirit gives out gifts; some to preach, some to be Evangelist, teachers, some with the gift of tongues, aren’t these for women also?

    Do you minister’s want to impede these Gifts from God to women?
    I say “do not impede the Holy Spirit.”
    Do not limit these gifts for just men in your churches. When it is clear there are many women who already have these gifts and are using them better than a lot of men who claim to have them? Let the Lord use whom He wants to use. Do not stop your women from speaking if they have the gift.
    (1 Tim 2:12) does not say, “ let women not be ministers or prophets.” It is just talking about women being over men. Ministers are not over men but servants of men. Ministers of God are the servants of God over all his sheep or flock and as servants can’t there be any women who serve as good as any man?
    Come on it is time to understand that a male dominate world is over.

    Jesus made NO difference between male and female when it comes to being saved!
    So beloved, in closing let’s read (John 14:21) “whoever accepts my commandments and obeys them is the one who loves me. My Father will love him who loves me I too will love him and revile myself to him.” This is talking to all who will listen both men and women. Yes, all mankind includes women of God who serve their, and our master -God the Father, We are all children of God in Heaven! .

    In Jesus Name I say "let women be ministers as servants of God THE SAME AS ANY MEN". 
    Jesus said himself that He was a servant to his disciples and that WE should follow His example in everything He did. Ministers are to be servants for Gods people, women and men alike.
    Let women serve their God Amen


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