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You are a Gentil if your not a Jew! You are a Gentil if your not a Jew!

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You are a Gentil if your not a Jew!

Posted by: admin on Fri, Jul 27, 2012

a short subject showing that if your not one of the tribes of Israel then you are Gentiles of the world!

Before the nation of Israel came to be we were all the same except for the special people called his own.The children of God are all called by God himself ,no one can go to God without God opening their minds to know him. You cannot come to the Father except through the son and you cannot come to the son unless the Father calls you.This happens over time so God calls those who are or will be the First born then the rest of the world will be shown who God and His son are for you to except them as your Masters and Lord.

The whole world is blind even Gods own the Jews until the times of the Gentiles are over then the end will come and brothers we are almost there. This is the time when there is no difference among men,women,Jews,gentiles to repent for the bed times are here upon us. Pray everyday you are accounted to be worthy to escape all the harrows that is about to hit,are you ready if night pray day and night to be called to see the end.Jesus said to keep your eyes on Jererusalem for when the man of sin appears then will the end come.

With what is happening there now we are closer than most think.BE READY,DON'T WAIT,to many think they have to be good to come before the Lord but Jesus said "come to me the way you are while it is still today". Live and have fun during the holidays but remember the holidays are man made not ordered by God if you keep Christmas remember Christ is what Christmas is all about not buying presents for everybody and forgetting who's day you are trying to keep? Thanksgiving is a ho;holiday our forefathers made to give Thanks to God for all we have,too many people drink and get high instead of giving thanks to our Lord God.STOP THIS YEAR AND THANK GOD FOR ALL YOU HAVE! AMEN


When they [the Jewish Christians] heard this, they had no further objections and praised God, saying, "So then, God has granted even the Gentiles repentance unto life."

Acts 11:18/NIV
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