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Posted by: admin on Wed, Sep 8, 2010

Are You Doing Work For God?

by Bishop Jimmie Warren D.D

Here are some of the questions you need to be asking yourself and finding the answers will be hard, but if you want to grow spiritually then seek and you shall find, as out Lord said.


I know most of you have asked these questions or you are asking them of yourself right now?
This article woke me up as these words where filling my mind and I knew it is from the Lord God and that I needed to put all this in an article for someone, or some people, who need to read this.

I wrote an article a couple of years ago called “WHY DO YOU GO TO CHURCH?” (on our site here)
In it I tried to show why we should be in church, and wanting God closer in our lives.
So many people go to church for all the wrong reasons, some go because they are made to go, like little children or rebellious teens, other’s come out of  loyalty to their spouse or parents or other friends who talked them into it, or some go seeking friends because they are lonely. All these are good reasons to start to go to church but you should be coming because you want to be with the Lord Jesus. YOU want to be right with God Almighty to be his child and wanting to be closer to God as a real Father of love and grace! It should be because you want to, not because someone else wants you to!

Some example like Mom and Dad’s who drag their children to church so the kids can learn about God, God of our Pentecostal church, or, maybe that Baptist church Grandmother goes to. Or wait a Catholic, or a Lutheran Church, or a Jewish church, I forget which boxed church has their God in it that makes it a better church? Maybe it was that Mormon church, the one down the street or those Jehovah Witnesses from across town ,You know one of those churches who say they are the only true church or one church????

 I keep forgetting because they all say they are the one true church> People,People, we need to get past church names, it is all about Jesus and God’s kingdom  folks!
It is not about you or me it is about GOD!!!

How many of you have dragged your kids off to a church you thought was right only to quit that certain church because after going for a while you found it not to preach from the Bible but from some church doctrines taught from some great leader who later you found to be just a man with.  His own ideas? Maybe he had many, many  booklets written telling you what the Bible say’s or if you caught him being wrong he blamed a Headquarters back somewhere, who give the orders and things to feed the flock with. Does this sound like your church or one you used to go to?

There are many, many churches out there and good Christians people in all of them. There are God fearing obedient servants of the Lord Jesus in almost every church but, that does not make their church the only right church to be in, does it? Church just means a group of people coming to worship and expound on the word (Bible) of the Lord to please Him. Church isn’t about you or me, but it is all about finding meaning and being closer to our God. We are to meet to build up each other, yet I am sad to say most churches try to tear down other churches and people because their church is the only true church which makes all the rest of the millions of Gods people wrong
Isn’t there something wrong with this way of thinking?
Do you see anywhere in the new testament of Jesus doing something like that?

My friends and fellow servants check to see what your church is teaching your kids, ask your children what they learned from their church teacher last week? While you were being told how bad you are and could you put your money in the church funds-all of it, what are your children being taught? Most people have no idea what their church teaches, doctrines either of men or from the Holy Bible, or maybe some pamphlet that was published to teach doctrines of your church that isn’t even in the Bible?

Which kind of teaching are you yourself receiving?
 If your church doesn’t ever open the Bible to teach then what are you getting out of your church? You all have to wake up and ask questions. If you’re in a church no matter what the name is on it and you can’t ask question’s or are afraid to ask questions of the minister, then you’re in the wrong church. Look for an open church, one where you can ask questions, one that has Bible study and by Bible study I mean one where you can ask questions about the Bible and not a Bible class where the church tells you what the Bible says.

The Bible is very clear it is religion that makes everything so confusing. It is religion that teaches hate and starts wars. It is religion that separates you from the guy in the next church because he goes to a different church on Saturday or some other special day. Just because another church is not doing what your church is doing, That  doesn’t automatically make them wrong does it?
 Maybe God is working with them in a different way to get them to understand Him and His kingdom. Again it is not about you or the name on your church, it’s about JESUS, for by NO OTHER way can we come unto The Father, except through the name Jesus-Yashua the Christ! NO OTHER WAY!

Read it for yourself, take out your Bible and read the book of John from chapter one to the end. Don’t take my word for it and don’t just take your minister’s word either because he may have been taught wrong by His church doctrines!!!

Just because some men go to Seminar school of their own religion does not make them right if they were taught by Dogma and religion made by men who made doctrine for their church, be it a Catholic doctrine or whatever it doesn’t make  them right. As for you and me, we need to read the Bible our self then ask questions and seek the Lord for truth. Once we get past religion we find GOD waiting with open arms to accept us as growing children seeking their Father with open minds and hearts. As we grow, we find our purpose in life and start loving everyone like JESUS told us to do, yes even our enemies. The hardest part of being a Christian is walking with Jesus and becoming like Him. Again it is all about Jesus, not us. We are to become like Christ to be a Christian, how you doing so far?

Check out what your church is teaching, are they teaching from the word of God or from doctrines they have been told by some headquarters or board of elders which copy what headquarters told them to teach? Is the Bible studies at your church from the Bible or are you studying some booklet telling you what your church leaders say the Bible says?

Man-made doctrines are killing the true Faith because it is from men and not from God.
READ YOUR OWN BIBLES, STUDY IT WITH A  CONCORDANCE LIKE STRONG’S  CONCORDANCE! Use two different Bible’s like KING JAMES and a good Amplified Bible these will answer almost all your questions, then check around like St Paul said, “look here a little and there a little, hold on to what is true” After all it is between you and God ALMIGHTY!

Do you know what your church camps are teaching your children or do you just pack them off to good old summer teaching camp to get them off you hands for a while and their minds are being feed bad religion and man’s wrong teachings because your church doesn’t use the Holy Bible for anything?

Now there are some very good churches out there, but you have to visit these other churches to find one that uses the Bible to prove all things! One that doesn’t spout doctrine from booklets printed by some organization somewhere else that tells you what their Bible says and that your Bible is the wrong Bible? Do you know any of these?

There are some fine churches out there, even some, with really big name preachers but, do they teach from the Bible or do they teach the sayings of old, or worse yet some new age saying?
 They say “We are all fine and everything is going to be OK just keep coming here and give all the money you can give and you’ll be all right.”  WELL WILL YOU, BE ARIGHT?

Do you read your own Bible every day or is it gathering dust over in some corner somewhere?
Are you one of the millions that say “it is up to my minister to save me” or “My church says I don’t need to read the Bible after all it is full of hard to understand things and I am better off just going along with whatever comes from the pulpit because this church has all the truth” RIGHT?

My dear fellow child of God we are all held accountable for what we know and understand and like school, we advance to the upper classes when we are held to a higher standard. We better know our Bible.

Your minister may be teaching you mans doctrines he learned from some church school where they didn’t need the old testament so they threw in a little different teaching which got passed down as God’s word and your following a MAN’s word – NOT GODS WORD - you better check because it is your soul not his that will be standing in front of JESUS on Judgment day.
 What are your answers going to be? “ WELL OLD SO AND SO TOLD ME......”
Don’t you have a Bible to learn from? Are you hearing MY WORDS.....maybe this is what you’ll hear from the Lord, “WHY DIDN’T YOU READ IT YOURSELF TO KNOW MY TRUTH?”

Many, many people believe they don’t have to study the Bible, that’s for the minister to do, and he is responsible for me and my family . . . well he isn’t responsible for you—YOU ARE!
And you are responsible for your family and friends by studying your Bible and sharing Gods word with everyone who will hear what you have to say!. This is what your called for my friends. We are all to love one another as our self and to do that, we have to study to know what to do next–are you studying the Bible or reading the newspaper or worse yet just watching TV and letting  your life just goes by? These are some serious questions only you can answer for yourself and it is time to be doing something about it,before you run out of time.Don’t waste your time reading what someone tells you what the Bible says–READ IT YOURSELF! IT IS BETWEEN GOD AND YOU!

Many people go to church for years and years and do not know the first four books of the new testament! Many have no idea about what.  God wants each of us to do or that God has given each of us a gift to help love others as ourselves because they are waiting for their minister to tell them how to pray, how to share, how to wear their cloths, how to speak, what music to listen to, how long their hair should be, or how their clothes should look, or what make up to wear, and so on and so on, WAKE UP PEOPLE, Church isn’t there to tell you these things in particular but it should be telling you more about who and what your God wants for your life and only through the Holy Bible can anyone learn.
People hear story after story about what their Grand parents told them and everyone knows, good old Grandma and Grandpa are in heaven, right? How about this one “My pastor said; If I don’t come to church every week Satan is going to get you and if you don’t keep coming and giving money then you’re on your way to hell forever and ever, right?

Now surly this must be right, after all the ministers wouldn’t lie to you would they? Not unless they were lied to also during their training from the seminary(cemetery) school where they went too for their training!
Read my article “YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE” on our web site at another article titled “ HELL THE BIGGEST LIE” by Erik Stetson about the whole subject on Hell. You might find some new scriptures in your Bible and learn that many churches teach doctrines of men and not the Bible when it comes to Hell, by the way the word Hell, means hole in the grand or covered hole with dirt, so the grave is hell. How’s that for some new teaching?

Let’s get back to some of the questions asked at the beginning of this article and what the Bible actually teaches about them.

“WHY DO You Go to Church?
See our article by this title for scriptures about the why’s!

Are you in a church because someone made you come?
Are you going to church to save yourself from Hell fire and Damnation told to you from birth?
Are you going because you feel guilty about sins you did or are doing?
Are you going to look good to your family or friends?
Are you going because some big TV Evangelist told you if you don’t get into a church right now you will be lost when the Lord comes back?

Maybe your church is the one that Mom and Dad went to or maybe they helped build the building so you feel obligated to go to that church?

Maybe you go to one of those big churches with a tall cross sitting on top or a glass chapel with big named preaches speaking in it?

Maybe all the above are good churches, then maybe not!
Too many churches teach men’s doctrines and not what their own Bible says about the true Jesus and God’s saving Grace and Salvation!

Too many ministers, Pastor’s, Evangelists etc. preach what has been passed down to them from their seminary schools or church doctrine because they were taught by the same old doctrines from the beginning with religions and myths mixed in with Christian teaching and Catholic teaching, which all modern church came out of in some way or other. Most of these ministers’ and pastor’s only say what they have been told or learned from all kinds of books except their own Bibles.

:They teach about EASTER with colored egg hunts and bunny rabbits which has nothing to do with the resurrected Christ on Sunday morning? They talk about the EASTER bunny and fertile eggs which are from the goddess Ester but I degree–back to important questions. They teach that we will become Angels with wings and fly around heaven---not even in the Bible folks!

#2 WHAT am I doing with my life?
Do you just go to work, come home, eat, watch TV, Sleep and go back to work to pay the bills day in and day out? Is this your work week and on you go till the week end when you want to rest by cutting the, cut fire wood for winter, gardens, take out the trash etc. until Sunday morning, then you have to get up rush to get all prettier up for church, when you could be out fishing? But now you have to get the wife and kids off to church to listen to the same old same old sermon about how bad you are? Is this the weeks of your life?
Is it Going faster and faster to no where and for no reason? I know you have asked this question a million times. What about the Spiritual Part of your life is it growing or just siting there?  
What are you doing here on this planet anyway?

#3 Want to know your place in life?
Here are a few hints that will get you some answers!
I want you to try praying every day, at least for ten minutes or so?
I want you to open and study your Bible every night for twenty minutes or so.
I want you to try turning off your TV and Video games for one night a week!
I want you to Try reading the Bible to your kids, at least one night a week!

Are you talking with you mate about God? Are you telling them what you really believe in or asking what they really believe in? Husband and wives This is your role together, to know about God and His word then teaching your children, before they get caught up in today’s world and their pear pressure starts?
If your doing your best in these things and are you planting seeds by talking to others or better yet setting the example of the how and what a Christian does and says then your being a good and faithful servant.

Now I don’t mean you have to go around preaching to everyone all the time. I’m just saying talk about the Lord here and there by saying how good he is in your life and mean it!
Each person has a gift from God to help others, some of you are teachers’, some are poets, and some are called to minister to others just by saying good things and being examples for Christ.
Some of you are maybe good talkers but can’t stand in front of people but can talk to two or three at a time? That is your calling to talk to two or three people at a time! Try Having people over to your home and have a small group Bible study, there are all kinds of ways to reach people we just have to open up and try. Above all things ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit to lead you to what your gift is. It doesn’t come fast or easy so, ask God to show you your gift and the power to use it for His Glory. It isn’t about you or me or Billy Graham. or any other big minister or church, it is all about JESUS! Amen

Maybe you are called by God to speak but don’t know where or when?
Ask and it shall be given unto you, remember? It doesn’t matter unless you are moved by the Holy Spirit of God who is calling us all to be with Him in His soon coming Kingdom. So no matter what, keep doing the best you know how to do and most importantly read your Bibles every day and pray every day for you and those you love!

Many people want to speak about what the Lord did in their lives to change them but are afraid to stand up or afraid they don’t have the schooling, that doesn’t matter, A Jesus/Yashua-called fisherman to speak to the world, yes he used common men to tell of his glory and the Elders and leaders didn’t like it, just like today. Most churches think if you do not go to their schools and learn from their church you can’t speak for the Lord–well they are wrong!
For the Lord will choose who God has called to His son to preach about Him and His great love for us all.

Those ministers’ who say most Christian’s today will not make it because they are in the wrong church are dead wrong. I have news for these men “watch out when you think you stand you are about to fall” God is our Judge, not a man, or a church, Or a religion!
Do you think those fishermen back during Jesus time like Matthew, Mark, John knew how to write or speak when they were called by Jesus Himself? They knew how to fish that’s why Jesus said to them “Come with me and I will make you fisher of men” If you feel called to open a soup kitchen or give out food for street people or open a church, then pray and ask and it will be given you.

These men wrote down the story of Jesus and now more than 2,000 years later we still read what the Lord told them to write down for US!  Is God telling you something?  Then write it down, have someone read it and see what they think? This could be your calling, you won’t know unless you try. Take that first step of faith and God will provide the rest!

Maybe you’re a singer then your ministry is to sing to people and make them happy with your voice.
Maybe you play a music instrument, than play for the Lord, that is your ministry.
Maybe you like to cook, then cook and take food to church, or a friend, or the people next door and share your gift of cooking!
Maybe you raise Chickens-give eggs to those around you and share your ministry of giving and praise God for what you are given.

Do you Remember school when you went from grade to grade 1- 8 th grade?  Bible studies are like that, the more you study it the more you learn about it. As you study it you grow spiritually and become more Spiritual by the Holy Spirit of God Himself, who teach you.

A calls is like learning in school, remember when you went to first grade, you didn’t know much and everything was scary, then you passed through to the next grade, then the next grade until you came to High school. You start learning more and more after studying books. Spiritual gifts are the same way, you start off slowly and grow with learning from the word, the Bible, until soon your doing more for the Lord.
What I’m getting at, is your calling, it is God’s school, you start off slow and as you learn more and more you will do more in your calling. The milk of the Gospel is God’s grace by giving His only begotten son for you to have a chance to be part of His family.
( John 3:16 )
Receiving and confessing Jesus as your personal savior is not religion but a personal call by God Himself to you!
You see here we all, have a calling, to do unto other’s as you would have them do to you. Sound familiar, this is all our callings ‘Love others’ as I have Loved you”the Lord Jesus said this Himself. Read it in your Bible.

When you confess Jesus is your Lord, your in first grade now to do more you must learn, learning comes by reading your Bible to see what the Lord God wants you to do. Like school, some of us learn fast, while others have to work their brains out but, all who endures to the end will receive their rewards.

Now what happens to students when they don’t study their books at home or in the classroom poor grades or failing is the answer!  If your not reading the books of the Bible and not studying or asking for understanding then your doing the same thing as you did in school. Want to pass? Then read your Bible and study the word of God and ask questions.

I know some Christians who have been in the same church for 30 years who are still in the first grade or maybe the second but are not studying because they don’t want to put their self out, it’s to hard and besides it is up to the minister to save me they say--- NO ITS NOT–
It is between you and God, not your church or your minister, don’t count on either, read for yourself and know who God is!

Some people go to church every week end, put their $10.00 in the tray. sing Amazing Grace and think they have it made—sorry not enough. We all have to do more than that. God wants us to learn about Him and why he called each of us to be in His kingdom–ARE YOU STUDYING YOUR BIBLES??
Are you growing with your schooling or are you sitting around waiting for someone else to do your home work for you? Do you remember when you got an “ F” at school because you didn’t understand or didn’t study and failed, is that how you want to meet you Savior when He comes back down here to judge your works? You remember getting an “A” and how good you felt because you studied your home work and understood what school was all about?
Maybe your one of those that no matter how hard you studied you still got and F or a D- and thought you would never get done with school?
Well with God there is No F’s for He gives us all A’s because of the blood of Jesus just call on Him and you pass with flying colors Amen

Look for Jesus for he said ‘WHERE I AM ,THERE YOU WILL BE ALSO”

Can You see your calling yet?
 SO, go tell others’ in anyway you can. YOU are saved! You are called!
Jesus said “come just as you are ”DO NOT WAIT TILL YOU’RE PERFECT.
Look for your redeemer for He is closer than you think. yes, CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!
I pray this article has helped some and lifted others up to keep going forward for the time is at hand and we are closer than ever!

In Jesus- Y’shua’s Name – BLESSING TO YOU ALL!
Your humble servant
Chaplain/Evangelist Jimmie Warren


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